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  1. I'll be back on the 31st, so maybe he'll still be around. Not that that'd do me much good... I'm sure I have a 1 in a million chance of bumping into him. And if I did, what would I say? LOL. But at least I could breathe the Butler air! Steph
  2. This project sounds really cool. I'm a lot more optimistic about this film than some of the others I've heard he's attached himself to lately. Let it happen! And I wonder if they'll actually be filming in NC...? Steph
  3. Well, the interviewer stated that it's a 75 page script with ALMOST no dialogue. The idea was a sort of "silent" movie, but I expect they've added in a bit. Action movies are light on the dialogue in general, but an action movie wouldn't work as a pure "silent" movie. I'm sure that the producers realize this. We've seen stoic or completely silent characters in other action movies and never blinked an eye (anyone remember Sphinx from Gone in 60 Seconds?). I think this sounds like an awesome project. Gerry needs to do more action movies. He's gotten bogged down in two types of movies lately that haven't brought him much success: 1) light-hearted romantic comedies that not even Gerry takes seriously, and 2) heavy dramas seeking critical acclaim that they don't get. I crave a return to good ol' action Gerry, and the round of films he's signed on to and/or considering seems to show that's where he's leaning as well. Steph
  4. 'S not fair!! Why does Gerry always plan his trips to the UK when I already have a ticket back to the US?! I suppose this time he didn't exactly pick the date, but still! You'd think being here for a year I'd catch him on this island just ONCE! Steph
  5. That was awesome!! And I much preferred the rugged outdoorsy Gerry to the fancypants city Gerry. LOL. Thanks for finding and sharing, Cheryl!! Steph
  6. I wonder if Coriolanus is going being given more emphasis in Europe. Here in Glasgow I've seen it advertised at the theatres. Steph
  7. I hope that this is a rational decision to try to get better box office numbers, and not an indication that this film is being back-burnered. With all the talent that signed onto it, I thought it had potential. I was hoping to make it out to LA for the March premiere, so I'm a bit disappointed with this delay. Steph
  8. I'm surprised it's taken this long for someone to compare Gerry to Tigger. That seems spot on to me!! Steph
  9. It sounds like they were taking what they thought was every precaution, and that it was, overall, a calm day. True, they could have insisted that the stunt double be in for the distance shots and filmed Gerry at a tamer location for the closeups, but I don't blame Gerry if he wanted authenticity. From this article, it seems like this was an event that nobody was expecting. Steph
  10. This is scary, but it's totally Gerry. He always pushes the envelope. I believe it's the same instinct that causes him to be a bit reckless in filming (and in life, for that matter!) that has also helped him to become such a success. I think the fact that he's had a number of close calls but has walked away from them insists that he's walking the right side of that fine line. He's a thrill-seeker and does some crazy things sometimes, but I trust his judgment and I would never wish him to change. He just wouldn't be Gerry then. Steph
  11. So gorgeous! Though I have to say I wish Dennis Quaid were on there in the background somewhere. I can't wait to see this one!!! Steph
  12. Thanks for sharing this Cheryl. I'm so jealous. California gets all the fun! Steph
  13. This was a fabulous article, and Gerry seemed really positive during it. Even when the interviewer asked him things about whether 300 has negatively affected his career and how he balances his public and private life, he was still very sunny about it all. That's very good to see. We know he works himself to the bone, but it's great to be reminded that he's doing what he loves and has no regrets. This is the Gerry I know and love! Steph
  14. Crap. I missed this! I walk past Big Issue vendors nearly everyday. I wish I'd known sooner that he was in it! I'll have to see tomorrow if they happen to have any from last week left. Steph
  15. Thanks everyone. It's been so hard. Much harder than I expected, even though I knew full-well how much I loved Milo and what a big part of my life he was. Things are slowly normalizing, but I definitely still have moments where I miss him and get sad. Or, I'll see a photo of him and just have a hard time believing that he's really gone. I'm still mad that that was all the life he got. I have to believe that there's an afterlife for him, and that he's found a group of nice puppies up there that he's having a ball with. Hope he knows how much I love him and still think of him. Steph
  16. Hi Gals, Through various topics, posts, pictures, and facebook updates, many of you are familiar with my sweet puppy, an Australian Shepherd mix named Milo. Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my baby late last week. His human aggression and separation anxiety got to the point where it was no longer manageable. Ever since a few months after I adopted him, Milo has had troubles around humans. First, he had issues with some men, and then it became some men and some women, and then all strangers when they got near or tried to touch him. Last week, I had a friend come to visit me here in Glasgow. I hadn't anticipated a problem since she was one of the first people he met with me and one person he'd never had a problem with because, as she wasn't a dog person, she never tried to touch him. After living with her just fine for a few days, he went after her and bit her without warning one morning (luckily, although the bite did break the skin, it wasn't much more than a scratch and a bruise). I then realized that he had become a danger to anyone but me. At the same time, his separation anxiety had become worse than it ever had before. I don't think it was the move to Glasgow that caused the problem, but the fact that he learned how to break out of his kennel. When he knew he was trapped inside, he would eventually give up and lie down, waiting for me to come home. Once he figured out how to get out of it any way I tried to rig it (I used 8 zip ties all around the door at one point), his anxiety went out of control. Once out of the kennel he would scratch at the living room door and bark until I returned. The reality was this: I couldn't leave him alone and I couldn't have anyone visit. As much as I loved Milo, that was not a healthy way for either of us to live. I used to speak to Milo, wishing he could understand my words. I would tell him that even if people had hurt him in the past, that no one would ever hurt him again because I was there to protect him. I told him that he didn't need to be on guard all the time; that he was safe with me. I would also tell him that whenever I left, no matter how long I was gone, I would always return. I wished he could have understood me. I used to say to him: "It's me and you. Forever." I feel like I've broken my promise. I tried everything I could for my sweet dog. I followed the Dog Whisperer's tenets religiously, and walked or ran Milo for several miles a day in order to remove nervous energy. I worked with a behaviorist to control his human aggression. I used all manner of homeopathic remedies to try to ease his anxiety when I would have to leave. I would forgo nights out with friends, and try to minimize my absences to only a few hours at a time. I put him on anti-anxiety meds when he still had trouble. I believed in him, and believed that he could change. He made a lot of improvement through these efforts. There was a point when he would lunge and bark at ANY human that we passed while on our walks. Through months of diligent work and behavioral training, he got to the point where he could walk along on a leash, ignoring any humans in the vicinity. In fact, about a month ago I took Milo to run in a fenced-in area in one of the parks nearby, where he played with a Border Collie and let the Collie's owner feed and pet him with a smile on his face. I thought he was finally getting past his troubles. But with this recent incident I realized that he would never be "fixed," and the unpredictable nature of his outbursts made it that much more dangerous. As much as I would seek to keep him under control, I would eventually become complacent, and there would be the possibility that he would hurt somebody--perhaps seriously. So, I made the decision. I took him to the park and let him run and explore. I fed him a zillion treats, and gave him loads of hugs. He was such a good boy at the vet. Though he was nervous about the needle, he just looked at me and did as he was told. He trusted me. He thought that since I was there, nothing bad could happen. I looked into his eyes and I held him tight and stroked him as he went to sleep in my lap. I'm truly heartbroken. When it was just the two of us, Milo was the perfect dog. He didn't get into mischief--didn't chew, didn't bark but a few times a day when he'd hear an odd sound, didn't have accidents in the house--he was good on car trips, and he was easily trainable and learned a number of tricks. Most important of all though, he was devoted to me. Never have I felt such pure, unconditional love than when he would gaze up at me with his sweet brown eyes. He loved to climb in bed or on the couch and snuggle with me, and stroking his soft fur could make almost any problem better. He was more than my dog... he was my best friend, and my companion as I crossed this ocean alone to start a new life in a strange place. I'm angry too. I'm mad at the world that allowed this to happen. I don't know why Milo was the way he was, but I know that he was abused and then abandoned in his first home. Although it's possible that he could've developed these issues even absent that past, I have to assume that his early years had something to do with it. Therefore, because of the cruelty of a human who has less right to live than my sweet dog, Milo only had three years on this Earth. It's just wrong. I want to thank all of you who have followed Milo and my adventures, in New Orleans and now here in Scotland. Life will not be quite the same without my sweet puppy. Stephanie Kennerley This was one of the last photos taken of Milo, just three days before he left this Earth forever.
  17. Frannie- Truly sorry for you and your family's loss. Peggy was a wonderful lady. Hugs, Stephanie
  18. Well, I guess it's easy to be blazé now that the storm has passed and wasn't bad in my area, but hurricanes are another thing that don't scare me. We had a direct hit by a Category 3 here in Raleigh in 1996. Call me crazy (again Cat!), but I found it fun rather than scary. The less fun part was the 2 weeks without power when we had to work to clear the 20 trees that fell down in our yard. LOL. I was hoping for a bit more from Irene. We only lost power for like an hour. *Sigh* Steph
  19. Elissa, my car doesn't take 4 hours to get to Houston. Ren That's because you have that hot little sports car, Ren! Steph
  20. He might be able to control her verbally but what about another, bigger animal that might be on the loose or a jogger or someone on a bike? Not only could she get in someone elses way and cause them injury but be injured or worse herself and Gerry would be held liable. At least if she's on a leash and another dog, jogger or cyclist approaches, he has control to reel her in out of harms way. And it looks like he's walking her along where there is a roadway too, the numpty! That's very dangerous! Dogs, even well trained, can bolt out in to the street after squirrels. Any dog, especially her size, just makes me nervous to be off leash in a public area. It's just too easy to clip one on and go! But thanks for agreeing with me on RTS! Delene Well, there are voice commands that can reel a dog in close just as effectively as a leash, like the one I use on my Milo... "close"! Anytime a car passes us by I just say this one word and he comes up tight to my leg. And sure, it's possible for a well-trained dog to get distracted and lose focus, but he knows her. If he thinks there's such a small chance of that then I'm going to trust him. I mean, c'mon... dog or not... who's going to leave Gerry Butler's side? Steph
  21. Eh, if he can control her with just voice commands, I don't mind him not using a leash on her. Just as long as he always has one with him so that if anything unexpected happened (or if a cop came around to write him a ticket) he can clip it on her fast. OMG Lisa, Romancing the Stone was an AWESOME movie! I can't believe you don't like it! Still, I don't want it remade. But if they had to remake it, I can think of no one better to fill Michael Douglas's shoes than Gerry. Katherine Heigl would not be my choice though. Steph
  22. We felt it at intensity 5 in Raleigh, NC. It was neat; I've always wanted to be in an earthquake! At first I thought my Dad was jumping up and down on the stairs. Steph
  23. SOOOOO many places were ignored on this list! Like... the east coast! It's only showing in NY, MD, and GA. So that means for someone like me in NC (if I were still going to be here at that time... yay!), I'd have to travel at least 6 hours just for a friggin' movie? This better not be all there is. And I'll scream if it doesn't get a UK release. Steph p.s.- Okay, well I also missed PA and Mass on the list of east coast release, but that still provides no help for those of us from VA to SC!
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