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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. :: THank you for posting the videos and pictures so quickly. They are fabulous and its great to see Gerry again. I notice the American accent is still sneaking in when he talks, I really hope he can get back to his gorgeous Scots soon, after just watching Beowulf it was lovely to listen to. He is a real comedian, I love to watch him in interviews, he tells a great story. Thanks again. Sue x
  3. :: Thanks Karenb for posting the picture. It is sooo good to see him again, and he looks lovely as usual. I love the bearded look :wub: Sue x
  4. :: THank you so much for posting the transcript. For those of us unable to be there, it is lovely to know what Gerry said to you all. What a fantastic evening.
  5. :inlove: THank you for those gorgeous new pictures.
  6. :: Thank you so much for sharing all these fantastic videos with us. What a fabulous experience for all who were there. Gerry is such a great talker, so relaxed and funny to listen to. I have really enjoyed watching them and appreciate the opportunity. Sue x
  7. :thankyou2: Swansong, What a beautiful story. I am so thrilled for you getting to meet Gerard like that. What a very special moment. Sue x
  8. Hi Bethy, I remember reading about your Christmas phone call with Gerry and hearing about it in Glasgow in January. Thank you so much for sharing your meeting with Gerry with us. I am so happy that he got to meet you in person and you could tell him what his phone call meant to you. What a wonderful moment for you both to share. God Bless You. Sue x
  9. :: THank you so much for sharing the wonderful news and pictures with us. You Vegas girls were soooooo lucky. What a Guy!! Sue x
  10. Excellent!!! Please spread the word amongst friends and family who might be interested too!! :: Cheers Sue x
  11. Hi everyone :: An online petition has been started in the hope that it will encourage The Spice Factory to release Beowulf & Grendel in the UK. Sturla advised us that these were the people we would need to contact! The petition can be found here http://www.petitiononline.com/BEOWULF/petition.html We are asking any UK residents who would be interested in seeing this movie, or any overseas residents who would be able to visit the UK to attend a viewing to sign up please. There must be an audience in the UK for this film, the petition lists many valid reasons why we feel the UK shou
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