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  1. Frannie, I don't know how you did that siggy, but it is beautiful and so is he. I love that face... Linda
  2. Thanks for the info Moria. I am so glad our boy made it there safely. Go Gerry...
  3. I have to say he is at his perfection....
  4. I'm his friend, too. I sometimes wonder if he can feel our loving thoughts and prayers surrounding him and lifting him up. I don't know where he is now, but I pray he if safe with all that is going on with the volcanic ash.
  5. Gerry is so busy living his life that he doesn't know of a lot of things that do go on - he is probably better off. I think he is such a special person. Congratulations and God Bless You Mr. Butler. You deserve the best the World has to offer you - you have worked hard for all you have obtained and have not taken the easy road. Love you and support you.... Linda
  6. Oh since it is a woman, she can bite my bu... I still don't like this review, but I know Gerry will prove her wrong ... get the crow pie ready.
  7. I don't know if some critics are so harsh with Gerry's movie choices because they expect more from him because he is capable of so much more or if they are just a bunch of jealous idiots. They really know how to push our buttons and they really have pushed mine. Gerry is the most versatile actor out there and can do any gendre with expertise and there are not too many like him out there, if any. Other actors will try different types of movies & some of theirs fail big time,but you do not hear this type of critical remark. I have enjoyed every movie he has done because he has brought something different in each of them and some I would never have seen if it had not been for Gerry. As far as LAC, this was one of Gerry's finest performances...this guy can bite my......bu..
  8. Loved this interview...Gerry is just so good at interviews...he never seems to be at a loss..He is an amazing man. He would have been an amazing lawyer..but I am glad he is not.. He also looked beautiful..
  9. I celebrate with you Libby - it is always good to get some good news with so much bad around. The Lord is good.. Have a great day.. Linda
  10. I knew it the first time I saw him. I am glad the rest of the world is catching up... He is one of a kind and no one comes close.....he is the man.....
  11. Thanks Steph for your story. It really did move me to tears. He is such a special man and I am so glad you had your time with him. I hope one day I will be able to go to one of the premiers. I had hoped that I would be able to for BH in New York, but it didn't work out. I have been a fan 2 years now and it has only gotten stronger. Thanks again for your story for those of us that haven't had our Gerry moment yet. Linda
  12. Gerry was quite sexy and handsome in B&G - also in the Wrath of Gods video - just can't take your eyes off of him...
  13. He looks great in that hat...Hope he gets some rest before going to Serbia.. It is going to be a long hot summer. I'm glad we have a lot of interviews and picture of Gerry to watch. I think I am going to go in dt's of (gerry withdrawal).
  14. No, but he is a pretty face (as he said in the out-takes of TUT) - I will try to list 5 favorite in order, but like the rest of you said, it is hard, because he is wonderful in all of them. 1. PS I Love You (because it is special, it is where I discovered this beautiful man). 2. Law Abiding Citizen (he broke my heart-Clyde was so lost) 3. 300 - just amazing(so strong, but so loving and sensitive with his Queen) 4. TUT - so downright charming ,sexy and funny....the dance to die for.. 5. Dear Frankie - the stranger wasn't in there long, but what a special performance. Linda
  15. Well, whoever this Paul Harris is, he did put a lot of thought and research into this article, unlike most. Gerry is a success because he is talented and a hard worker. He saw what he wanted and he went after it. Gerry is who he is and he has never forgotten where he came from and has never pretended to be anything but what he is. That is why people respond to him. He grew up in hard times, probably like most of us and he appreciates everything that he has been able to do and he appreciates his fans. I love him for who he is and I hope he never changes. He is a beautiful man inside and out. As long as he keeps making movies, I will be there to watch them and support him. Love you Mr. Butler...
  16. He is beautiful inside and out, but I see a bit of melancholy in his eyes that breaks my heart...I wish I could put my arms around his neck and tell him it was going to be o.k. But, since I can't, I guess Jen will have to do it..I am glad she is there with him-I think he has a good friend in her. Love you Gerry, through thick and thin. Linda
  17. It was really hard for me to watch and listen to all the yelling at him for the photos..It looked painful for him. I will be glad when all this promoting is over for him. I think it is starting to take its toll on him. This is just my opinion, I could be wrong..at least I hope I am.Love you Gerry..Thank you for all you do for us fans...Linda
  18. The song did last a long time....longer than on Jimmy Fallon last year. It was really good and he did look like he was enjoying himself..He did look really good...
  19. I just watched it and re-watched it twice...oh be still my beating heart...That was the best ever...I love it when he sings, such an added bonus..It is now l:30 am and I am wide awake. He is such a special person....He is always so honest and upfront...That is what we all love about him. How many actors would be so upfront about their shortcomings (his ears)..How can we love him more each time we see him, but some how ....I love him more.... Linda
  20. O.K.. just got back after my 3rd. -oh, I l loved it..Gerry's New York accent was really good. Sunday night -7:30 p.m. over 40 or 50- people - mixed - men and women, all ages.. Actually more women, I think. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and laugh throughout. I know why there wasn't a lot of hysterical laughter... this was not really the typical romatic comedy.. not even a comedy, there was alot of action, chasing (and Gerry did run a lot)... there was a lot going on. One lady in the bathroom said to her friend "that was a cute movie" "it was different". I asked her if she liked it and she said she really did. I told her I was a member of Gerard Butler's fan club and if she liked it to tell her friends about it. I told her the critics had been rough on it. She said she did not listen to critics.... she also said Gerry was a cutie..... she said it several times and I agreed with her... I think those that like it will tell others and that will help. Of course the few out there that thrash it, will keep some away that listen to them.. Oh well, I enjoyed it and will go again this week. I do like Milo and he did love his girl.. Linda
  21. As I said before, I have seen it 2 times and enjoyed it more the 2nd. time. I am going again tonight or tomorrow, or both. I love watching Gerry and I thought he and Jen were great together and great chemistry - Everyone is different and love different things. I am still reading that LAC and TUT were awful movies (not on this board), but I loved these movies and they did great at the box office, so someone must have liked them. I believe LAC may be one of my favorite movies of all time. It just had everything. So when I hear critics say it was an awful movie, it hurts my feelings... I don't get that unless it is jealousy.. I just love Gerry and want him to be happy at what he does. I wish the critics hadn't been so hard on him or the movie, because he does not deserve that, but I think he will bounce back fine. Just look at the review of Something About Steve with Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper - it didn't hurt them. How many movies of George Clooney have they panned - Batman....remember when they didn't think he could make it from t.v. to the movies, because he had several box office duds????? I think Gerry is a gifted actor, and to me like none I ever have seen. I hope it won't be long, that others in movieland will know this.. I degress... TBH made me laugh and looking at those beautiful eyes and that beautiful face made me happy...nuff said....Linda
  22. Went to see a 2nd time today. I enjoyed it more the 2nd time. There we ladies in their 60's and 70's, guys of different ages and even girls in their teens. Gerry reaches all ages ...Everyone seemed to enjoy it - a lot of laughs. Facebook fans are also enjoying it.... so go figure, it may do o.k. despite the critics... I hope so... even the sountrack sounded better... Love The Big Guy.... Linda
  23. Delene, you didn't like his outfit later - ha, ha, - well at least we got to see those beautiful legs....he is quite perrrrrrrrrfect...... I thought all of the supporting cast were good - I can't wait to go back tomorrow.. Linda
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