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  1. He is handsome indeed. Good to see him looking relaxed and happy!
  2. Do you think that perhaps these two could have pulled a fast one on the press? (& us also? ) They look very loving together.! I'm so glad if they are still loving each other! They would have beautiful children and they look so happy together.
  3. GB vote is at 1371 and Buble's is at 1425. One instruction says you can vote every 15 minutes and below that it says you can vote every 10 min. !? So far these 2 or the only close race. You know GBs Gals can help him beat that easily. (I think. ) We can try and see. Let's give it a go. Mmmm
  4. I agree. I don't need to say anything because you said it all! It's so good to see them caring for each other. About time for Mr. Butler. If they had babies, they would be very pretty.
  5. Just went to see OHF for the 2nd time and as I was leaving, I asked a man what he thought of it. He said "That was a dang good movie and the best I've seen in a long time!" I also spoke with a woman later and she said,"That was really suspenseful but I liked it". Of course I suggested that they should tell others about it.
  6. I agree!! Saw OHF yesterday accompanied by a teacher and a policeman. He loves action movies and said it was one of the best! All 3 of us were in agreement that it was excellent. P.S. Gerry did look very handsome.
  7. Just saw Olympus Has Fallen and it was WOW! My son in law a retired policeman and my daughter thought it was great! In fact, my son in law thought it was one of the best!! Congrats to GB and all the rest. :drink:/>
  8. Dear Delene: I have not lost 3 dogs but I did have to put down my 16 1/2 year old Jack Russell terrier last year. She had been my traveling companion, my protection, my love and part of my fun. It was sobbing sad! After time though, I realized that I had been her companion, love,fun, playmate and her protection too. This comforted me and sometimes when I'm between awake and asleep, I feel her put her head under my right hand. I'm saying this because so many animals have none of these things but you provided ALL these things to your three dogs for years. Whether you were there or not when one passed away, they knew they were loved and even a person can't as for more than that! Take care, little love. Pat
  9. Just saw the new poster. It is so verrry good. Good feeling about this movie and the lovely group of stars that are in it. Bless him, he's about due! My daughter's husband is looking forward to it! (My son-in-law can't remember Gerry's name) The conversation at breakfast, went something like this. He said "Saw that movie Playing ?something with that guy you like. Do you know when the DVD is coming out? Saw a preview that he's in about the Capital. I want to see it. Looks like a good one" This is from a retired policeman! P.S. He's never talked like this before. He usually makes fun of me.
  10. I think that's a great plan re: the tickets! He needs a little fan support now. I think that I'll do that too. Looking forward to the movie.
  11. Congrats to him and to you. He met his goal!! (and yours) He must be one heck of a young man and he has one heck of a Mommy. Many blessings to you both.
  12. GB's girlfriend is so pretty! They make a good couple. It seems so good to see him with a woman. Hope (but don't believe) they can have some private time sight seeing.
  13. Certainly I agree. There are very few that can compare to GB.
  14. Thank you so very much! I finally got to see the video and I'm grateful. It's a keeper.
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