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  1. Thanks for sharing. I just bought it from Amazon and now can hardly wait to read it!
  2. I too am unable to bid but admire the fact that they are putting it up for bid. Like so many of you have sent a donation at the preacher's site and also at the soccer site. They weren't large donations but it made me feel better. Hope that the response would be the same if something like that happened here.
  3. That's one heck of a trailer!! Wasn't too excited about seeing MGP but now I can't wait. He's so good in it. Showing his acting expertise and looking good. I can hardly wait to see this movie. Please let it be in theaters all across U.S.
  4. Congrats to you and your Bill. Gr.children are such a blessing! Welcome Emmeline to the world! Your folks have been waiting and watching for you.
  5. Just finished reading The Bricklayer! That has Gerard Butler written all over it! No I've never said that before nor thought it but this is him. I hope that he has a good script because it almost has to be, because the book is great. I'll leave it all up to you to pick the woman but I know the qualities she has to have. I am truly excited over this book. The ending is also great and that's all I see is Gerry. Good grief, I think I'm gushing. P.S. But it's true.
  6. I watched the whole game too! It was great. I woke up this a.m. feeling happy.Isn't it great when you see someone realize a childhood dream? I thought he did well also with all that continuous running. I've always thought that soccer requires the most stamina of the sports. I also was surprised at how easy it was to make a donation. That game will make a difference in many lives, I hope. Lord knows those people need it. Thank you so much for the pictures. Can you believe those abs? Schwartzenegger needs to see them ! As you can see I don't know how to spell his name! Sorry. Pat
  7. GB also had a bad sinus infection when he was making TUT. Said he had to take 3 cycles of antibiotics then. Hope he feels better soon.
  8. Love the description of Gerard Butler's searing performance!! Looking good. I pray they show this nation wide.
  9. I agree!! He doesn't owe anyone anything except a good performance. As I read the interpretation, I was appalled. I questioned if that's what we're doing to him i.e. stalking him like he is an animal or the enemy. He has always been fair (overly so) with his fans but he doesn't owe us every part of his life. He isn't able to have a personal life or down time or anything. Hope he has what's left of his vacation.
  10. You're very welcome, I meant it. Many years ago I lived a year with my in-laws in Calgary Alberta. I learned alot from people in the neighborhood and I respect your country. It's also beautiful. Pat
  11. Enjoy your special day. It's a great country!
  12. It is indeed on the DVD. Watched it yesterday in DVD from Netflix. In my (never to be) humble opinion, Gerard Butler is the only good thing on the whole DVD.
  13. Oh, - I truly want this one, - he broke my heart in a million pieces but that's talent for you.... Hugs from naughty Eva Mari As much as I have wanted Please, after viewing the rest of the movie I decided to cancel my order. I refuse to pay the price for this ??? movie. It ( in my opinion) is very bad.I will watch and see if the price comes down. Mr. GB has been in so many good movies and they are being sold so cheaply (much to my dismay) but this collection of short films is pathetic. (Except for Please. )
  14. Hi: Just received my Guilty Hearts DVD and "Please" with Gerard Butler is on this first! Amazon, here I come.
  15. Oh Andrea: What wonderful news!!! What a blessing and a miracle! Now you can just rejoice and not worry anymore. It makes one want to shout and thank the Lord. Take care little one. P.S. Faith opened the door and found no one there. Pat
  16. I have sent my payment via Paypal for Silent auction 4- earrings and necklace. Hope I did it right. Anyway, hope you all had fun as I'm pretty sure you did. Thanks for all your work. Pat
  17. In looking at this list of characters that GB has played, one can see his acting versatility and his inclination to challenge himself. It was difficult to choose a favorite character because they are so very different and well done! Hard to wait to see his new ones.
  18. No guilt necessary. It's called a rejuvenation day! You should have one regularly scheduled. Enjoy.
  19. Thank you Jentry!! You two make a very cute couple!
  20. Andrea, prayers will be going out tonight with all the others. Praying that the repeat tests will be normal as they usually are. I know it's really easy to tell someone else not to worry but when it happens to you it is mind boggling! I try to remember the old saying, "Fear knocked at the door. Faith opened it and found no-one there." Sometimes I have been known to say it over and over but it usually helps me. Take care and hope all goes well. Much love being sent to you. Pat P.S. Remember, you can't keep a good Gal down!!
  21. Melodie: It's hard to find words that express how sad I am and how I pray to say the right words to comfort you. When you've found someone to share and receive love, it's unfair to lose the person you love. It's tragic. Although, things get better there will still be that one little place in your heart that grieves for what might have been. Your little nephew had a very short time on the earth and that is unfair. It is wonderful that he was surrounded by love while he was here. You mentioned that you lost 3 children as well as the other tragedies. You have had more than your share of tragedies and sorrow. I truely believe that things will get much better for you. You have faced the sadness and the darkness and you have survived. You are a survivor and you have been brave. The worst is over and it will only get better! Take care little one, Affectionately, Pat
  22. This sounds like the best thing I've heard in a long time! Of course, it all depends on the writing. They can have their actors but if the writing is poor, it's no good. (As we've all seen examples of poor writing lately.)
  23. My favorite movies of E. Taylor were Giant and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman. My favorite movie of Taylor/Burton was the Taming of the Shrew. They both seemed as if they enjoyed making it. Just read the book "Furious Love" re: their lives together. Their relationship was volatile but they truly loved each other. Elizabeth still kept one of his letters next to her bedstand after all those years. The author had several interviews with E.T. before writing the book. So glad that he did before she passed. She was a grand, beautiful and unique lady and will be missed. Richard Burton was right when he said "You never get to be a great actor until you're dead."
  24. Just voted for Gerard Butler. He's still ahead by a small margin. I don't know how he would feel about being a favorite boneworthy Brit but he's deserving of it.
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