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  1. Well Done Moira Go girl first of two articles read this morning in Daily Record & the Sun how popular r U!!! You'll be knocking Subo of the no 1 spot shortly!!! Angela xx
  2. Great news knew it along along anyway!!!!!! Also great to see another fellow Glaswegian there too James McAvoy who is from my neck of the woods in Glasgow!
  3. Had to leave for work @ 8:40 this morning but have recorded GMTV Lorraine Kelly was so funny this morning she was really looking forward to seeing him again. She was trying to get into the dressing room to see him just to see if he was wearing his kilt again!!!!! Gerry was on all news channels in Scotland last night it was great I'm still recovering from Sunday!!! Looking forward to going home not long now Cheerio from Glasgow
  4. I was really lucky last night that I finally met Gerry I was at the back of the line got talking to the security guys whi said that Gerry would stop here but I didn't really think that he was serious boy was he right!! His car stopeed right at us and I was so overwelmed by him that I was lost for words!!(not like me at all) He was absolutely gorgeous charming and he suited his kilt to a tee and also going the traditional way (commando) of wearing nothing underneath!!!! I was totally blown away with how really down to earth he is and I think that he was blown away by the reception that he got by everyone theat turned up. He even managed to stop the traffic!!! thank you for last night Gerry wish I could have gone to after show party @29 A great nite for everyone in Glasgow Love you loads
  5. Dear Gerry Happy 40th Birthday have a great day & weekend hoping to see you in Glasgow on Sunday that will make my day have fun Lots of Love
  6. OMG have just found out about the premiere being here in Glasgow I just work up the road from Cineworld I think both my colleagues and i will be working some overtime Sunday then we'll head down. We're so excited Gerry will receive a huge Glasgow welcome Also looking forward to seeing him on TV on Friday night wot a weekend we have in store Hopefully I'll get a chance to say a big happy birthday Gerry Will let you all know how it went on Monday morning!!!!!!
  7. Wow hubba hubba in a nice lovely suit and big camera!!!!! Some of you might be interested to see pick of a young Gerry at School it's part of an article in Glasgow Daily Record re his growing up in Paisley. (It has improved honestly) Details at l.mackinnon@dailyrecord.co.uk
  8. I'm going to Sanfrancisco on 6 June so begining of June would have suited me. Was in Las Vegas at that time this year and boy was it hot!!!!!! Mind you anything above 66 degrees is hot for us Glaswegians!!!!
  9. Great Interview Gerry a Scotch Beef Man Wow!!! hubba hubba The interviewer was well hot and bothered re doing the interview naked!!! I can just imagine his cheeky face!!
  10. How great is that photo that has just made my day and what a bad day i've had!
  11. Gerry will never truly lose his accent it will always be there and when he comes home it will come back to the fore. As for Sheena Easton that's another story we scots( especially Glasgwegians) dont like it when ex pats put on phoney accents another eg is the singer Lulu
  12. Glad to hear that you r all thinking of Gerry & fish n chips how delicious. Paulo Nutini's dads chippy is fab!!!!! Just wish Gerry had paid another visit when he was here
  13. Hi stuart thanks for adding me to your friend list and greetings from sunny glasgow not!!!!

    Rained just as gerry predicted

  14. Hi managed to see Gerry on GMTV he was absolutley gorgeous.Carla Romano was fair taken by him as were we all hope he manages a visit to Glasgow cant wait to see movie. I too was late for work it was worth getting a row for xx Gerry
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