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  1. is loving the new look of the GALS site :)

  2. glad i checked on the forum today. I almost missed this. Heading out in a few to get my own copy of LAC. I hope everyone has gotten their copies or will soon
  3. Had a wonderful day her at the house with my brother, mom and dad. Thanks for the holiday wishes I am thankful that I am part of this group You work very hard to keep us in the Gerry Loop Thanks and I hope everyone has a beautiful day !!
  4. Way to go Gerry!! He is too adorable! so nervous and he had the best time even with the penalty!! heheeh
  5. i don't get what is wrong with wearing the same clothes more than once in Hollywood. Drives me bananas! lol And if the Kim thing is true..... hehehe!!!!! Kudos to Gerry for being polite but I agree. Not a person to hang around if you don't want people to get the wrong idea. Gerry could walk around naked but there would be a lot of traffic accidents, women walking into walls and such....not safe
  6. My friend and I are going at 1201 am on Friday for opening night. Her birthday present to me So excited!!!!!
  7. I don't like Letterman either. Just don't find him that funny But it is Gerry so I will make an exception and watch the show. Well his segment at least But it will be a nice birthday present for me before my friend and I go see Gamer on opening night !! Can't wait!!
  8. I have only seen Gerry as the Phantom besides little clips from other performances.. and I have to say, he has pretty much ruined the role for anyone else...lol For me personally, no one will be able to match the performance he gave. You can literally almost feel Erik's pain in Gerry's singing. But that is just IMO. I do not mean that the other actors who have portrayed the Phantom are not talented or didn't do the role justice, just that I might be a little biased Thanks for posting the video as well. I haven't seen it before now. I like the way they blended everything to show the differences and how Gerry sounded amazing next to the trained stage voices.
  9. oh dear I shall have to think on that. He has some great quotes and pictures..... I will get back to you on that one. Thanks so much again.
  10. it is now gracing my computer desktop Now if I can just figure out how to make a siggy I will be in business...lol
  11. Thank you so much Frannie!!!! I love it!!
  12. well they have taken down all of the fan added photos so I hope this works... This picture is just great to me No clue why but I adore it Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi Everyone! I admit that I am not the best snoop out there when it comes to photos on line. But I found one of Gerry a while back that looks to be from PS I Love You. Problem is I can only find it in a very small format. If I post the tiny picture can someone possibly tell me where it is from, if it is indeed Mr. G and where to find a larger sized photo? Also, if it is allowed to be posted and it isn't someones personal photo. I don't want to get something if it isn't meant to be had please let me know and I will post the little tiny photo or a link to the photo. It is on the GB fan site on Facebook. Thanks for the help!! Tiff
  14. I had to go to Barnes and Noble to get my copy. After I had already been to Borders, Target and Wal Mart. But it was well worth the wait Great article and great pictures!
  15. i am going to have to go to Borders tomorrow on the way to job #2 to get this mag!!! My friend is already wanting to see it as well haha
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