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  1. 13 Favorite Christmas or Other Holiday Foods 1) Panatone 2) Gingerbread Men 3) Peanut Butter Fudge 4) Fruit Cake 5) English Christmas Pudding with Bird's Custard 6) Peppermint Bark Candy 7) Peppermint Hot Chocolate 8) Pecan Pralines 9) Hot Apple Cider 10) Pumpkin Pie 11) Honey Baked Ham 12) Sugar Cookies 13) Potato Latkes
  2. Sleep well, Lyn! From PSILY: Holly to William after she's heard him play at the old Pub in Ireland. Next: "Oh, yes you are." (man to woman)
  3. Aww, hello Sue! So lovely to see you again, too! I was perusing through the forums through the night and saw some GALS have sadly left us for some entirely different reasons. Some quite recently, which brought quite a few tears. I haven't yet followed much of the FB page, though I did start following it to make sure I could keep up better. But I'm certainly glad to be back here! I even managed to dust off my rusty fingers and managed to make a siggy that I finished this morning! I feel like I need to get right back into practicing again though, because it feels a little flat to me still, and my new photoshop is beyond what I used to use so I have to learn it all over again! Well, I won't be going anywhere any time soon again. I'm in such a better place now than I was last time. A lot of healing had to happen, I guess! Funny tidbit... I actually had to stop while writing this reply halfways through because I have TUT playing in the background (I seem to be going on a Gerry lane marathon this week) and forgot to pause it...and I'm at the scene of "And for your information, I only slept with the one who could read" and I almost spit the water I was drinking all over my laptop! I do hope you are doing well! Perhaps if I feel like my siggies improve a bit more, I'll remove some more dust off of my old thread and make a drop of half a dozen or so.
  4. Will be back and forth a bit, I think! Have apparently decided to see how rusty I am with making some new siggies. It's been years. Lol. Yours: PSILY: Daniel to Holly in the resturaunt when she mistakenly calls him Gerry. Next: "Are you going to make me sleep in the bathtub again?" (man to woman)
  5. Hope it's okay if I jump in here! Been itching for some GALS interaction! Raynbow: From PSILY. Sharon to Holly when all three are at the Irish pub once they spy William. Next: "I didn't have a bloody clue, actually." (man to woman)
  6. My gosh, it has been a while... I'm so shocked that the last reply on this thread was so long ago! I disappeared for a few years, but I just had this burning need to get back in here and see what has been going on with ya'll...so much has changed! Even some of the siggy's I made seem to have been reduced to...horrible reducted torture (thankfully, I could save a couple and was able to host them someplace else other than photobucket. Nobody puts their watermark on my art, darn it! Lol) So...condensed catch-up if there are still some of the older members still around the place and can remember me - I had a hell of a decade. That's probably putting it mildly. A lot more downs than ups, but thankfully, the ups are pretty good. I'm still recovering from my agoraphobia, and had a bit of a run-in with a mild fall into addiction after a breakdown from a build-up of grief. I'm barrelling my way towards my 40's now and I fear if I blink long enough, I'm going to open my eyes to my cataract surgery. It was my late Chris' anniversary just last week - and as a tradition I have done for the last 12 years now, I watched PSILY...which brought me courranging through every email I've had in the last 15 years or so to find my account info back here, and I finally struck gold tonight! Though, since it is now almsot 2AM, I guess that would be last night. As I was trying to calm myself down from the frustration of not having access to my old photobucket, I decided to hit play on LAC...and here I am. Through everything over the years, I'm still a devoted GAL and Gerry has always been on my radar! I do hope I have not stumbed back in upon a ghost town, I sorely have missed the antics of this place and am all for joining back in with the craziness! If you'll have me, that is! Many warm
  7. My family are MacGregor connected too, Kathy. Perhaps we're distantly related? Lol. As well of of the Highlander Stewarts. According to my grandmother, we are directly linked to Rob Roy, though previously we thought our Stewart line was with the royal Stuarts and thought someone just changed the spelling over time. I've not been to Scotland, yet...but it's on my "to-do" list, as it were. Though, I can't vote, I've definitely been watching the news like a hawk and personally, I'd be very happy if the 'Yes' goes in their favor. Ultimately, it's about what is best for Scotland in the long term.
  8. Looks like Gerry has changed his mind since his last mention of it when he said he was on the fence and not yet convinced it was a good thing. I wonder what convinced him? Really, REALLY love this video, and I absolutely need that song on my playlist.
  9. It has been far too long. I don't even know where to start, or what I even have let you gals know what's happened. Life got...crazy. My young nephew who was battling Menkes Disease did pass (as we expected he would) back in 2011 at 20 months, and it's been a long road uphill since. I was walloped with a severe case of agoraphobia (Nim's Island irony, anyone?) which I am still battling through very very slowly. I have yet to go out by myself just yet, and still need someone to come with me even to go to the store, but....I can drive into the city now, and earlier this year, I went to Comic-Con, which was a big deal to me as I have only been officially "out of my house" since October last year. My late fiance's mother and I stopped talking after a horrible disagreement, but, as a mother who has lost a child so tragically, I can understand it is the grief that changes situations and relationships, and the two of us in the same room together....was just too much pain. In happier news though, I am working on several books I hope to get completed and published at some point, and this month...I am applying into one of my dream colleges and hoping to start in January if I get in. If I don't, I'm quite possibly emigrating. I need a change in scenery and Australia just...isn't really where I want to be anymore. I was thinking of taking up journalism again, but I want to see how my novel writing goes first. And yes, I have shamelessly targeted the possibility of moving to Scotland. Family ties there, and well....the weather is a lot cooler. Lol. I also have a few friends there who I would be able to see and not fork out over $1000 just for a visit. For now it's just me and my dog Ori. I think the last time I was here, I lost my dear cat, and a few months later got another little kitten I named (accidentally)"Gerry". Little Gerry sadly had an accident during one night while I was asleep, and well....it was a shock to me in the morning. We got another puppy, a female Golden Retriever (Ori is my eldest boy) but again, in sad news, she was poisoned by....well, some obviously not very nice people in the area with rat bait back in April of this year. So yup, it's just me and Ori now. Though in the near-near distant future, there may be another little addition to out family of the two-legged kind, but that may still be up in the air. I'm getting a little broody in this stage of my life, I think. Turning 28 didn't do me any favors in the whole "you have plenty of time" department. I have been meaning to come back here indefinitely, I HAVE kept tabs on Gerry's project's and going's on...though not as much as I used to due to issues with dredging up a few painful memories, but that's my fault, and not his. Lol. I have sadly, yet to see HTTYD2 yet, as going to the cinema...is something I have not done since seeing The Ugly Truth before the agoraphobia hit me, and I'm not quite ready to try for that goal again yet. I think I came here a few weeks ago in an attempt to say "hi" but I don't remember why I didn't....I think I got busy and it just seemed so overwhelming to catch up after missing soooo much. Plus, in all honestly, I haven't been doing too well mentally lately. My depression that I thought was long gone from years ago, reared it's horrible ugly head recently, and though I'm trying to keep goals in sight to stay positive....it can be a bit hard some days. Especially during times of high stress or just feelings of utter defeat. But I have my "okay" days occasionally. And that's enough rambling from me! Gosh, how I have missed you guys, though! I think I may need to even change my email address for the forums now. -Amy
  10. Thank you GALS. I did receive a few smiles, and even a few giggles at your last post, Em. Looks like I'll have to remember names all over again. I would have replied to the thread earlier. But had a lot of computer drama the last 3 days and had to buy an entirely new laptop...twice. But I got upgraded to Word 2013 CC(was previously using 2003) and Windows 8, so it's going smoothly now, and I can get back to my writing. Thank goodness I thought ahead this time and backed up all my files on an external weeks ago - in preparation for a crash. Looks like I did it all in time. Em: Your family does pressies for Easter? I've never heard of that before. Chocolate is involved still though I hope? Lol. Kathy: It really is good to be "home". I think my friends were becoming a little bored and scared of my rejuvenated Gerry flare-up, so I'm glad there's a place where I don't get amused eye-rolls but nods of agreement instead. Heh. I'm feeling in a much better place these days. Still struggling a bit of course, and this agoraphobia is a struggle (CBT sessions didn't work out too well) but slowly I think I'm getting my bearings back as the grief isn't so fresh.
  11. *giggles* Oh poor Antoine. I think I'd be just as scared if that were me too. I'm glad it was nothing too serious.
  12. Wow it's been a while since I've been here around you lovely, GALS. Life sort of threw me a few curve balls since the last time I was among you. My nephew, Carter, I'm not sure I mentioned, finally passed away April 15th 2011 (Wow, has it really been that long???) Personal dramas decided to then pile up on me and I sort of turned into this frolicking mass of crazy. I'm at the end of crawling out of it now, I think. It's just taken me a while and apparently my subconscious decided to go on a "me-time" break - which is something I don't do often. So the last few months have had me making a lot of plans and changes - moving overseas plans are underway...sort of. I developed severe developed agoraphobia after the huge emotional derail of losing my fiance Chris and Carter within 14 months - so even seeing Gerry's movies have been next to impossible. Which makes me feel utterly amused right now with my next news - I'm trying to get a novel published. I'm sure the rest of you GALS catch the irony. As well as that, I've become a peer support volunteer for people dealing with suicide, and losing a few friends to suicide in the last few months (one just a few days ago) left me sort of spaced and disorientated. I've been meaning for the last few weeks to get back here and say how much I've missed this place, and now was just the time. Of course, now that I've finally gotten the opportunity to watch Chasing Mavericks and Playing For Keeps last night, might have been the kick in the pants motivation I needed too. I'm so so far behind it's beyond embarrassing. So please forgive me if I'm a little slow in what's been going on...I sort of slipped away from Gerry-focus for a little while. I've missed a lot.
  13. I don't really mind when people call me Amy - I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that. It just depends on the people and how much I trust them. In high school, I wanted to change my whole name and I'd signed my poetry with it - I was teased mercilessly for it. Lol. A lot of my screen names online (practically where I live) seem to have a "name" in them. This one, and the actual sign-in name "GraceAndShadow" so it's a thing where people seem to think my name is either Melodie, or Grace. Lol. I love to meet new people too...especially on GALS. Everyone, no matter new or old is so friendly it's incrediable. I think also because a lot of people I know off of GALS don't understand the admiration and obsession very well. Lol. So they tune-out and we don't really have much in common when the topics come up 90% of the time. IT kind of severs a bond there I think.
  14. Elissa, your little kitten it VERY cute! Ginger kittens have always reminded me of Milo & Otis, though I haven't had one for a few years but two dogs I think is quite enough at the moment. At least until Jasmine gets out from her puppy years. Though I'm hoping she does calm down soon, as I'm looking for her to become a therapy dog for children in hospital. If she is too boisterous, Ori is calm enough at the moment without the specialty training (though he'll have to do that first either way) to take her place. Jasmine is VERY much a people person...they both are, only she just does not know how to sit down for two minutes unless she's asleep...which is only at night time. She's a permanent caffeine attack, which around sick children would not be safe at all. Ori is fine once the greeting process is over, but he can frighten people a bit at first with his excitement. Sue, that is the way I see it too. My family at this point, is not dealing with things very well really, and there's fighting going on about stuff that really shouldn't be dealt with NOW about the whole situation, but it's hard not to feel like I have to pick sides, but it's something I just don't want to deal with now. The services are only a few hours away (I can only watch via webcast as it's interstate) and it just all seems beyond ridiculous. I really just hope things so smoothly today without arguments. I do however, am grateful for his relief and knowing that where he is, gives him finally a chance to run and play and laugh like little boys his age. It just hurts to not be able to see it and with the only memories was him suffering. I've heard so many stories lately of Menkes children being as old as in their early 30's living almost normally and DRIVING, and yet...there's the selfish part of me that wonders "why couldn't Carter been given that?" But I'm rambling. I am relieved he's not suffering anymore...but I'd just wish he'd been given a chance to have done something he himself would be proud of. Clench a fist, hold his head up on his own...pick up a piece of toast. So many little things that even myself takes advantage of. He will now, I know...but it kind of feels like his life on Earth was in vain without it. Your grandbabies are just too adorable too! Fynnigan is an angel, too! They both look so happy. And I have the Michael Finnigan nursery rhyme in my head, now! kaylanismommy, First let me welcome you with open arms! It's lovely to meet new members, epsecially when I've felt so out of the loop here for a while. As long as you love Gerry, you'll always have a place here. That's what we're here for! Heh. Thank you very much for your kind words too. I truly will hold you in my thoughts and prayers myself. As I always do with everyone here. New or old. Sandy, I haven't spoken too much about his illness in the past, only because I didn't like to think of him as sick at the time. But, yes he was very ill. He was born with a very rare and practically unknown genetic disease that is found in less than one male infant in 2,500,000. It can affect females too, but that's even rarer - thankfully. It's a copper disease that affects the metabolism of the copper balances in the body. Making it low levels in some areas and too high in others. There's no cure, and the only official diagnosis test is in Germany, which costs $5000. In most cases, children don't see their tenth birthday. Carter was 20 months old. Two other children from the support group earned their wings this week too; a four-year-old, and an 8-year-old. When usually we deal with one loss a year, one is still too much as well especially when we've all become friends and we're all parents/family members watching our sons and in some cases daughters go through the same thing. I should introduce myself into the support group too, and I can't believe I've been trying to finish writing this post for already about 3-4 hours! My name is Amy, contrary to the belief my name is Melodie - Melodie came from a book character I was going to write for my nieces and nephews and I just loved the spelling. I also despise the name 'Amy' most days...I prefer Ames. I live in Australia, and trying my darndest to get OUT. I'm very old fashioned so I won't tell you how old I am, it'd shock you. I don't like a lot of modern music apart from a few TALENTED exceptions, I love to write, I love to read (I read Leroux's POTO when I was 5.) I love musicals, broadway, classic country, and satire. Mel Brooks and Tom Lehrer included. I also believe in soul mates, and I on most occassions, can be a little bit of an anti-femminist (feminsit?) I'm an animal rights activist, but I can't stand PETA. I'm also a modern Jacobite...but I can't help that since I'm a Stuart descendant. Lol. I'm also a big sports fan. I go for the Detroit Pistons, L.A. Lakers on occasion, Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and on occasion, the New York Yankees. Usually not when they're playing the Tigers, though. Strangely though, I don't like any of the Olympics...it's like poision to me. Oh, I also have collectively made my maternal family members hate me for being a Glasgow Celtics fan - they're all Rangers supporters. (boo!) I've been a sufferer of GALS since New Years Day 2007 when I saw P.S. I Love You for Hilary Swank. I kept poking my friend in the side asking her "who IS that? I have to find out!" I got home, googled the movie, found his name on IMDB and unlike other cases where I forget names and just go "that's the guy from that movie!" I never forgot his. Strange, seeing I've been obsessed with Michael Crawford and POTO since I was a post-toddler and yet I never even knew he was in the movie...BUT Gerik is a bit of a controversial topic with me. Also, my stepdad was RAVING about wanting to see 300 when it first came out and I didn't pay too much attention. When I first saw the trailer, I thought "that looks awesome" but for some reason I fell under the impression it was supernatural. I've watched it so religiously now, that one of the rare modern artists that I DO listen (although to me, he's still 'old school') amused the heck out of me with using The Oracle in his newest video. And yet I'm the ONLY one who noticed even though I know tons of his fans who've seen 300 too! Suckers. My favorite Gerry movie? I don't actually have ONE, but I have a few - In no particular order: P.S. I Love You Dear Frankie Law Abiding Citizen Dracula 2000 300 The Jury - not a movie Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married - not a movie, but I still adore Gus.
  15. Oh my dear Frannie, I've thought a lot about you these past few days since I heard. I really wish I could say more than I'm sorry - it seems so little compared, and I know it is devastating for you, I've been there too. I'm glad you're able to keep busy, I've been worried about you immensely. Please be gentle on yourself and know I'm sending lots of love, hugs and prayers. And thank you all for your kind words. My head is still cloudy at the moment. As expected as it was, it wasn't this expected...if that makes sense. At least, not as well as he was doing. I hope though, that the fuzziness will go away after the services on Friday. I'm trying to write a letter to give to him...but the words just won't come.
  16. It took me a while, but I guess it's time for me to stop burying my head into the sand and come out of hiding. Although, it doesn't feel like such a good idea to the pouty side of me right now. Heh. It's so great to see all you GALS again, and some new faces I think I see: A lot has gone on with me in the last little while - but I really don't have the emotional strength to run through it again. One positive thing though, is that I have a new little addition to the family. Her name is Jasmine, and she -like Ori- is a Golden Retriever. She also -like Ori- has been a Godsend to me these last few months. Also, one of my favorite photos of my nephew I'd like to share - he passed away last week. As for what else I'm doing. I'm trying to get a book published - several books in fact. However I've come to a bit of a writer's block and they've been put on the backburner for a while. Of course, this could also be due to the fact that I lost almost everything a few weeks ago when my computer crashed. *facepalms* I'm sure I'll get something done in the next ten years though!
  17. Thank you so very much, May. I am sorry to hear of your losses as well. Perhaps it is just me, but I seem to focus a lot around the losses in my life - which I know isn't healthy, but they've been ones that have hit me hard so when another comes along it's almost like I sit and wonder 'when does it end?' I'm getting through the days slowly, and while I cannot attend the funeral this Friday, my brother has arranged for a webcast set-up so I can still be there in some small way. Unforunately though, with the Easter break being just after the arrangments, I wasn't able to send my letters and gifts to him to place with him as the rest of the family is doing. The public holidays end too late for any type of delivery to reach them in time, so I still have his toys sitting on my room with nowhere to go. Which is hard in itself because I feel it is cruel to box them up and sit them on the shelf with my daughter's baby things.
  18. I apologize for not being here for a while. Things took quite an upheavel in my life in the last few months. In January of last year, I lost my fiancee and wasn't dealing with it very well. In addition it's been very hectic. Some might remember that back in 2009 my sister-in-law gave birth to her forth child, my nephew...who at 5 weeks old was diagnosed with a very rare and incurable genetic disease called Menkes Syndrome. It pains me to have to say, that last week on April 15th, he passed away. Four days after my would-be wedding day. He was 20 months and made a miracle after the doctors had said last October, he would not see Christmas. I thought of coming here and reaching out to those who might understand why I have such an admiration for everyone's work here. For my nephew, and for my own three children I have lost. I'll admit. I am not dealing with this very well AT ALL, and I feel rather ashamed to say that over the passed week, and even now today is Easter Sunday, I have not been sober. A horrible thing to do, and I have been trying to get a grip on things but it's hard. His funeral is on Friday and I personally do not know how to bare it. If I am not coping now, I am sure to be an absolute mess when the day comes. I thought perhaps I could find an ear to understand, with knowing that so many people know the love and innocence of children, to perhaps give someone who is only a month shy of my age, say her goodbyes to a forth infant and understand why right now I just do not find it fair. I supposed I'm rambling, and I apologize...I honestly didn't even believe I could say this much in such a desperate and sad post. I'll leave it here before I overstep my own emotional boundary. I would though, like to share a link to a video I made just before Christmas in honor and awareness. If it is allowed, of course. On a side-note: I heard about Frannie's loss and I am truly so sorry. I have been thinking of her and praying for her since I read it a few days ago when I tried to post...and I just felt an incrediable relative pain. Frannie, if you do read this, please know that I am so sorry and I for one, love you very much and the smiles you have given me since I have been here. I know the battle is long and it hurts...but please know that you have someone in me who understands, although I wish neither of us would have to. I hope I remembered how to do that right.
  19. Well that might explain why it wasn't in the gallery. A pity too, because it's a gorgeous photo. I wonder where the original is from then? Thanks, Suzie. I spent over 5 hours trying to find it even going through google images to no avail. If anyone can help me find the original, I'd be most grateful! I wanted to use the pose in a wallpaper I'm working on. With or without the deckchair prop.
  20. Hey, Gals! It's been a while since I've been here, I know. I've been telling myself it was time I got my keester back here, but real life has gotten in the way a bit. Also, can someone help me find out where this pic is from??? It's killing me and I'd really like a proper quality one that isn't screencapped from a Youtube video. Lol. I searched and searched the gallery, but I couldn't find it anywhere. BUT, onto other news, on Friday morning I will have a new family member ariving. Her name is Jasmine, and she's now 8 weeks old. Golden Retriver just like Ori. In October while my brother was visiting for the first time in three years, we recieved a devastating phone call. The doctors have said there is nothing more they can do for my nephew, and we shouldn't expect him to see Christmas. Well, Christmas came and gone and I received my miracle. He's even seen until almost the end of January, so all I can do is laugh at the doctors. He still has so much fight left in him, and I only pray that one more miracle can be seen - it will take a miracle or a breakthrough cure being discovered. The miracle is the more possible outcome. In some OTHER good news - I'm flying up to the US in August! So yes, I will be leaving the land of red sand and well...at the moment half of it is covered in water and rubble which my brother is still trapped in (he's okay...just stranded on his street with no power) to venture to what I personally consider greener pastures. Hey, we may have just flooded half of our country, but you guys still get more rain than we do! I'm stopping off in London to see Michael Crawford in the Wizard of Oz - another lifelong dream forfilled - and then flying to Canada to stay with Katie and her family. (yanksnstripes) and if all goes well, I'm going for my Juilliard scholarship audition by next year. I have to say, I won't miss Australia. There's not enough to keep me here anymore, and there's too much I need to leave behind. Starting fresh, starting anew, and going to be happier than I have been in a LONG time. I know I haven't been here in a while, but rest assured I HAVE been keeping watch on Gerry's fiascos (I search about 3 times a day!) But other than reading articles it's just been sooooo busy as you can tell. But it's going to be SO great to catch up with you all.
  21. Thank you, Sue. He's doing well, thankfully. Having fewer sezuires and his medication seems to be working. Right now we're just taking it day by day but things are stable now, so hoping things ease up a little, but it's not as easy when it comes to crunch. Andrea, sorry to hear about the rough stuff with legal aide. Keeping you in my thoughts still and hoping it turns out better. (((Hugs)))
  22. Not empty. I'm here, and in a surpringly good mood! Nephew Carter turns one-year-old tomorrow! He's getting to be so big, now! Hope everyone is doing well, today. Have been keeping you in my prayers too, Andrea. Many hugs your way.
  23. Oh, GALS. I'm so sorry it has been so long since I have been here amongst you all. I am afraid Real Life has not been all that kind to me as of late. My little kitten Gerry that I showed you pictures of not that long ago, has sadly passed away as of two weeks ago from a very tragic accident. Amongst other stresses, I have been incrediably sick for the last 6 weeks and it turns out I may have Hypertension with my blood pressure being at 152/102 on Tuesday. As You probably remember, I have agoraphobia, and it doesn't do well for my anxiety, which in turn, doesn't do well for my blood pressure! And unfortunately, Hypertension and high blood pressure runs in our family. So it was pretty much unavoidable unless I was adopted. My nephew's 1st birthday is coming up on the 14th, which we are all looking forward to and hoping for the best. He is in care with the state services at the moment and they are being extremely difficult with allowing an extra hour on the Friday because it must be supervised by a social worker. With his birthday being on the Saturday, and Family Services being closed, my brother and ex sister-in-law are unable to see them. So an hour's visit on the Friday morning, is all they will have to share Carter's only birthday. So it hasn't been all that great for me lately, with family issues, and now health issues, it's been tough for me to really do anything but sleep and try to move passed it all with my sanity and health in tact. Which, by the sounds of it already, they've both been suffering, and my body is about to crash if I'm not careful. I wish I had happy news to share with you all, but I'm afraid I don't. I do see others have had some amazing things going on, though! Congratulations on your engagement, Erica. (Or is it marriage, now? I 'm terrible with memory at the moment.) I wish you and your hubby all the best love, and happiness in the world! Have a great vacation, BV! I expect pictures when you get back! Love and hugs, to all my GALS! Amy.
  24. Holly, that song has forever been changed in my mind. It was the movie that made me want to act, now it just makes me want to...er, nevermind. I'm going to be humming it all day now...
  25. *drool* That's all I'm actually allowed to type per the rules. I'm sure mostt others can understand, however.
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