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  1. Well, well, well, you GALS have been busy. It seems as I've missed out a lot! A very very happy anniversary to you, Jill. (I hope I'm not late) I caught up with a bit around the virtualCON, and it looked fantastic. Everyone involved should give themselves a big pat on the back for doing such a wonderful job. I only wish I had been there with you all in more than screen and spirit. Perhaps next time? For those who are aware, my nephew Carter is doing a little better now, and thankfully, still with us at the moment, and I continue to pray every single day for a miracle. The biggest thing being affected at the moment, is his motor skills. He doesn't have the muscles building up or thriving for him to even simply lift his head, or cough up fluid obstructions. (For that, he needs a nasal tube to clear his airways) It's very disconcerting, but we're trying to stay positive and there seems to be a much better chance that in some morbid, but miniscule positive sense, he will see his 1st birthday coming in August. But in more happier news: it has been a bit busy for me too despite the family stuff. I'm actually working on getting a book published in the next few months, and next month (though it was intially supposed to be this month) I'm doing an IUI program, which is exciting...yet scary. I'll be doing it on my own, if not with family and friends support. I'm sort of going through the motions of hesitating, and then deciding. I'm sure it's normal though. A fore-warning too. There has been some Internet provider issues that I am having to try and clear up before the end of the month, and I'll do the best I can to let you all know what happens with that. If I suddenly disappear, or aren't on as much, it may be because I've been disconnected. However, we'll see. But that's the short of what's been going on. I'm back now, and I shouldn't be leaving again anytime soon like I unfortunately had to. Unless of course, the aforementioned circumstances change. It's good to see you all again! I've missed you GALS!
  2. Loving those jeans. He looks so incrediably tired though. Poor boy should sit down for five minutes and stop racing around everywhere, it's quite worrying. Hopefully he had a fun night though and had a chance to unwind a bit.
  3. It was wonderful to chat with you, too. :) Thank you very much for your kind words.

  4. There are so many words I wish I could say, because 'thank you' really doesn't seem enough. It's so much more than that. On so many occasions I have discovered something else about your wonderful, kind and loving soul, and it brings me to tears of joy. The gifts you have given GALS, the time, and the treasures seemed to be so much already. Then, with your generous heart, you go and do something this inspiring and this incredible. We are so honored to be supporters of all that you do. Every smile, every laugh and everything else combined to roll into the magnificant, soulful person you are. I thank you with more than words can say. The people of The Shade Tree I'm sure are speechless. You are an amazing person, with an even more amazing heart. I really wish I could thank you like it's deserved, but I can't. I have never been more proud of you, of GALS, and your generosity than I am today. It is such an honor to be able to look up to such a person as yourself who has given us, and so many needing people a reason to smile and hope again. You are just wowable. It seems like such a tedious thing for me to express my own gratitude to you here, but I needed to speak my appreciation and my awe towards such a selfless act and wonderful treasure that you have done for The Shade Tree. Even this, doesn't seem enough. Thank you, Gerry. With all of my heart and more, thank you. I wish you could understand how much.
  5. I haven't been here in a while I know. I apologize for that. I must admit, even though I'm slowly working my way around the forums, (old style and new) I find it really tricky to keep up with sometimes! I have a new little addition to my family as of Wednesday just passed. I have to confess, I tried calling him Hadrian, (after an Australian children's singer Peter Combe who wrote a song about cats and the history Hadrian's Wall.) I even tried calling him Erik, and plain ol' Phantom, but my silly head got confused with my mouth, and now it's Gerry. My dog Ori and he have become best friends...except poor Ori keeps getting too excited around him and doesn't realize his tongue covers Gerry's entire face. (Minds out of the gutter GALS...) About two hours ago, my city had a small 3.8 magnitude Earthquake and there was a bit of excitement for a while. Thankfully, there was no injuries, but we're just waiting for the aftershocks now. Congratulations to the new babes in the familes! Many prayers and thoughts for those who have been experiences health issues lately. I'll try to keep up from now on! It's just been very busy the last few days. Amy.
  6. Rewatching one of my favorite trilogies of all time, The Lord Of The Rings, recently. I can not help but envision Gerry in the role of Aragorn, he would have just been superb! Viggo did a fantastic job, but since I heard he auditioned for it initially, it's sort of creeped into my mind of "Aww, why not?"
  7. Some of those pictures, I'm afraid I just couldn't look at. I saw thumbnails, and that was bad enough for me. Wow...just wow. I have no words as to what I'm feeling right now. It's awful, but thank goodness for APJ!
  8. Steph. I could not have put that any better myself. Very well said!
  9. Thank you so much for posting this, Cheryl. That was such a lovely read. I'll admit that I'm a little sensitive to such stories now, so I once again cried, just as I did seeing the pictures earlier, but it was such a treasure to see Gerry speak in his own words about so much that he is giving back. Better late than never, Gerry! I myself am a contributor for Doctors Without Borders since just before Christmas, and since they have been working with Haiti, like Gerry, I find it's absolutely rewarding to be a part of something that helps others. I'm constantly told by my family that hundreds od donations are given to such causes all the time and I need to focus on my budget, but I tell them the same thing: I have a roof over my head, I have clothes, food, fresh water and a pretty good book of health, so why should I let them go without the same? Besides, if hundreds of donations are given, then wonderful! I'm another to help it along even more. What APJ is doing is fantastic, and what KKC is doing is fantastic. I can't praise these people and everyone involved enough for giving their hearts, time, and effort into it. It really gives you a real big boost to see so many people with so much love for others. It humbles me very much too. To know that even though I have troubles in my life as of late, that there's still devastation that needs to be fixing elsewhere, and I can put it out of my mind for a while. Thank you, Gerry for all that you do. And thank you APJ and KKC. My gratitude runs deeper than you know.
  10. I'll admit, I cried seeing those pictures. They all look as if they just felt the NEED to be there, out of the never-ending kindness of their own hearts and the love that we have for our fellow man. The two pictures with the infant and the little girl had me in tears. It's so heartbreaking, yet heartwarming at the same time. The devastation in Haiti is something I would never wish for any community to suffer through, before and after the quakes. I only wish i was in a position enough to help as much as I would like. Sending small ammounts of money that I have, helps I know, but for me...it doesn't feel like enough. Congratulations to Gerry and to everyone involved in AFPJ and beyond who are helping with this terrific cause! My heart, prayers and thank you go out to you from people who can only do so little and try so hard. Amy.
  11. G'day. :) Sorry it took so long to respond. Yesterday was a bit hectic. How are you?

  12. Such a wonderful story, Steph. I thank you for sharing it with us. I'll admit I shed a tear or two. Your descriptions felt as if I could visually see it. It's wonderful that GALS have had the opportunity to share a moment or two with him, or even just to see him and show support in any fashion. He certainly deserves all the support and praise, and infinitely more. It was a treasure to read, Steph. Thank you. Amy.
  13. I must admit, at first I thought it was all a joke and they were all playing along with it. However you could see as time went on that Gerry was ready to get the heck out of dodge. I'm not much of a Jen fan I'll admit. But that guy really was creepy. Poor girl. She looked like she wanted to smack him one at one point. It was a complete waste of Gerry and Jen's time and they should really be ashamed of themselves for behaving like that.
  14. The sun will come out tomorrow.

  15. Okay, so my mom dropped over tonight with a passover present for me, Six months ago, I had One More Kiss ordered from the US (pleasantly, I've also found my laptop's DVD player is region free! Whoop! That saves me $200 next month) I'm halfway through it, though it's not the first time I watched it, but I must say, did anyone else find Charlotte's reaction to the whole thing irrational? I mean, she gets jealous of Sarah who has a teminal illness for wanting someone to be with her to do the last things together. I understand some of ther jealousy, and I'm quite sure it's not because I'm bias (Sarah actually irritates me) but I do think she's behaving like a little child that doesn't want to share her toys. I mean, a) it's not like Sarah can steal him away, b) she's MARRIED to him and c) what would be the point of Sarah stealing him away in the first place? She can't keep him (not to sound bluntly morbid, but it's fact). I don't know why her attitude is annoying the heck out of me, it just is. Did anyone else find her reaction to be silly and pointless?
  16. I've been wanting to read the book, but as my cousin warned me. She loved Gus in the series, but in the book she hated him and liked Daniel (she hated Daniel in the series) Depth, yes. Gerry's characters ALWAYS leave me wanting more, I almost become obsessed wanting to know how each of them tick. I think the only one I didn't wonder about was Leonidas because it was explained, but still, there was an air of mystery that makes you want to grab it all. First thing that comes to mind: "how did he die??" They don't even show it. Not that I'm masochistic enough to want to see it, (it'd break my heart) but it's the "what happened" aspect of it, did he surrendar? Was it a sucker punch? WHAT, darn it?!? I saw Gus the same way, but he had a LOT more depth to him because his character wasn't explained. So many questions that left you wondering if Gus was just a character thrown in at the last minute to even it out. Lol. Why was he at the party? Who exactly is Mandy? Where did he go in the middle of the night only to come back? Why didn't he show up to the dinner? Would he ever find out about Megan's pregnancy. Why did he leave Scotland? The list goes on, and on. One more that bugs me though...WHY did he tell Lucy to stay after chasing the purse. I mean, could there have been a chance he was going to come back? Yes, Gus was manipulative and sometimes an A-grade jerk, but that doesn't mean there's a first time for everything. I'm one of these people who believe. How you grow up, or certain events can change a person. No one grows up with the social attitude like Gus had with a loving family, happy homelife, and stable past. Like my story, SOMETHING must have happened or not happened to make him behave the way he does. I do adore the series, but they REALLY needed to explain it better and not make him seem like such a 2D character with (forgive the Dear Frankie phrase) no past, no present, and no future. Where did he come from? What was he doing, and where did he go? As frustrating as it is to not know, analyzing it is SO much fun. Lol. As for my story, it's being worked on. I've had a few more revelations with it in the past few days so I'm tweaking them a bit to make sense further down the track. I have gotten a bit done on the newest chapter though.
  17. Fantastic! I haven't seen it just yet, but I plan to with my aunt next week. It's wonderful to see the critics jumping on this with high acclaim like it deserves, I already love it and I've only seen trailers and shorts! It's no wonder Gerry and everyone involved is so proud of this movie. They really worked hard and they deserve all the praise they can get!
  18. I'm so glad that she asked original questions and not the same cliche ones the press asks during promotions. Gerry seemed genuinely relaxed to answer them too, which is a brilliant thing to see! That being said, I now have two more things to admire Gerry for. Firtly, his blatant respect for animsla (mythical or canine) However I'd be scared if someone treated a dragon like a human seeing as how not many people treat other humans quite friendly. Lol. "Like a fellow dragon" is the best way he could have put it! Secondly, like Lisa said, Gerry cares about the little people. He still has his everyday insecurities (but we knew that) and he understands he's not the only one who would feel like the underdog in many ways. It sort of feels like he's on our side, so to speak. That's a wonderful quality for a person to have.
  19. It's taken some getting used to, but I must say I'm glad most of it is temporary because it's so confusing and I really do dislike change. I'm sure I'll find my way around somehow eventually, I'm just glad nothing has really changed with posting, or i'd really be in strife. Frannie, I miss your little wave tooooo. I have to admit, the side-bar on the right I found helpful the other day to see new topics. I sometimes miss a whole bunch daily so I'm sure that makes me seem like a snob.
  20. I saw the entire series in a weekend a few months ago and seen it about 5 times again since. Lol. Not counting chosen episodes I've gone back to a couple of times and just flicked through to Gerry's scenes. I know exactly how you feel about wanting to smack him too! There was the particular scene where he sneaks up to Meghan in the office and you only see his shoes for the first part, I seriously had no clue it was him and I literally screamed louder than she did when his face popped up. I was assuming it was an attack. I wanted to belt him for it. As much as an a-hole he is, I still have a feeling he was badly perceived, however. Yes, he treated everyone like a twit, but at the same time, for what reason? No one that badly socialized behaves like that without a reason. As much as I adored the series even as a whole, I didn't understand how they could write Gus up like that and not explain why. Events make a person, and while a person can choose not to change, sometimes it's inevitable for some people for changes to happen. I do believe he geuinely cared for Lucy in some way, perhaps not enough as he should, but there had to be some attraction in there somewhere. He looked terrified in the scenes where Lucy admitted her feelings, there has to be a reason for that. Also, it never explains why he's in London in the first place, and something tells me they wouldn't take the trip back to Scotland for more reasons than they were just broke. Avoiding something, maybe? I haven't read the book, although my cousin has and said that the series was completely different. Apparently, Gus in the book is worse. Lol.
  21. It's looking better each time I see shorts of it. It really looks fantastic. I wonder if it's the same technology as they used in Shark Boy And Lava Girl a few years ago or if it's the classic need for 3D glasses. It doesn't look to be the latter. It's great to see actors so genuinely excited for a movie they've worked on. That really gives it the extra push to know how great it's going to be.
  22. What a wonxerfully sweet gesture! I can't say I'm surprised though, Gerry is just well...the siggy says it all. Get well soon, Thom. Have a speedy recovery and many thoughts and prayers are coming your way! Amy.
  23. I love stories like this. I have a book series myself of Run Baby Run and The Cross The Switchblade the story of Nicky Cruz which is a little similiar. I must admit, I've never liked critics, but this one just irritated me. Is it just me, or were they negatively picking it apart without even seeing it?
  24. Amy? I thought your name was Melodie? So, here's an idea for you to go see it. Have your cuz pay for your ticket in exchange for room and board. I'd hit her up for dinner too. Delene My apologies on that, I thought everyone knew the origin of my screenname. I only WISH it was Melodie. Lol. It's the French spelling and meaning for "little song" I'm a music/creativity fanatic and I used the name once for a Phantom of The Opera FanFiction character once that never got finished. I love the name and I figured it described me perfectly. It's just a lot of the times I forget to sign off my real name, so that's probably why some are confused, and I apologise for that. I'm trying to get into the habit. Perhaps I should change the screenname to "Little Melodie" if it will make it easier? As much as I would love to go see it, I have a complex about asking people for favors like that. She's coming down because our grandpa is having heart surgery so it's not just a social visit. I hate asking people for money as well as offering it, so the last thing I would do is to have her do that. I'm strange, I know. I would give my right arm and leg for someone who would only offer me a sandwich, I'd insist on it. If worst comes to worst though, I'll endure it as much as I can next payweek, or wait for the DVD to come out.
  25. I am so ashamed to say I haven't seen this yet Gerry movies always seem to come out on a non-payweek for me so I am completely broke. Not to mention that it's hard for me to leave the house. I so can't wait to see this though! I have my cousin coming to stay with me this week and I was dying to take her because she's a big fan of Jen's and Friends and I know that with her I could probably stomach the trip (we're close and lived with each during childhood). I may have to just wing it and see how next week goes, though. I'm so excited that it has such a great response! I know I'm going to love it already. Amy.
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