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  1. It looks like him to me, frisby. Thanks for sharing this rare find! Bex
  2. While I agree the pictures don't look recent, I still think he looks great! As always, it's great to see him out and about having a good time.
  3. Hi April, After working in the medical field for several years, I've learned that insurance companies are very good at hiding all the fine print to the policies they sell, especially those to self-insured people who aren't exactly sure what they are looking for. Most of the time these policies are very expensive with outrageous deductibles: our office has seen patients that have paid over $500 in monthly premiums and the policy has a $5000 or more deductible and then only cover at 50%. There are a few things you can do. You need to check your policy and see if it states a specific exclusion to a specific health condition. You mentioned it has a rider, does it apply to your diagnosis and treatment in any way? Did you have any health insurance coverage at all prior to the effective date of you policy? With some insurance companies, if you were insured by another company and have a letter of credible coverage, and you can prove no lapse in coverage, sometimes the pre-existing can be waived. But, some companies do not care and will enforce the pre-existing regardless of prior coverage. If you weren't insured at all before this new insurance and you have a pre-existing on you policy with a waiting period, most of the time the insurance company doesn't care-- it's as though they have a year to collect your premiums without having to pay out for any claims which is how many of the smaller companies make the most of their profit. If your appointment was routine and was only scheduled in June, but you didn't see the doctor until the day your policy took effect in November, the medical records in your office should reflect that fact and could be used to establish diagnosis after the policy was effective. But, sometimes these companies do not care and if they stated a one year waiting period, that's exactly what they will make you wait regardless of diagnosis and policy effective date. You had said your doctor's office called the insurance company, verified coverage and was told pre-existing would not apply. Most insurance companies assign reference numbers to all calls and if that is the case with your company, this call and all the information they gave your doctors office, including the statement of your pre-existing not applying to this specific problem, should've been recorded and given a reference number. Ask your doctors office if they have that reference number and if so, the office needs to use that as one way to try to appeal the denial. Your doctor's office should be trying to help you in some way since their claims are being denied. I checked about the insurance commissioner in your state and I found this link. At the bottom of the page is a number to call for help with claim disputes. If you and your doctors office can prove they were told your pre-existing would not apply and that the office had all its duck's in a row, this may be an option and resource that can help you. I can tell you, when an insurance company has the threat of being turned in to the states insurance commissioner, it's amazing what can be accomplished. http://www.tennessee.gov/commerce/insurance/consumerRes.shtml I hope this was of some help to you. I'm sorry that you are going through this and I wish you the best of luck. If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me. Rebecca
  4. I am so loving the Marek look G has been sporting as of late.
  5. When I eat French fries, I like to dip them in ketchup and mayo mixed together.
  6. Frannie, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Bex
  7. Very Gerrylicious, Veronica! Great picture choices. Thanks for taking the time to make and share! Bex
  8. Thanks for the new pictures. He looks great and I love the hair.
  9. Beautiful job, Veronica! Wonderful pictures and perfect choice for a quote! Thanks for taking the time to make it. Bex
  10. This is hands down the best picture I've seen of him in ages. So pairfect in every way, it hurts a little.
  11. That is a very interesting story, thanks for the post Cheryl.
  12. Delene, I'm with you..there is something different, something I can't put my finger on either. In my opinion, the issue (or non-issue) isn't his weight or hair length. To me, it's not his personal appearance at all. He looks physically healthy, although I personally prefer him a little thicker. But if he feels better at his current weight, then that's the weight he should be. Mine may not be a popular opinion, but I'm going to give it nonetheless. Lately, there is something missing when I see him. I think he looks unhappy. And yes, I've heard in the past he's said that when he looks the most unhappy is when he's the happiest, or something to that effect. But this is different. To me, he seems as if he's simply operating on autopilot. When I see his pictures, he has an almost blank look at times, as though mentally he's a million miles away. Hopefully if he's able to go home for the holidays it'll give him a chance to rest and enjoy himself. There is so much more I could say because this is something that has been worrying me for the last few months, but what it all comes back to is simple: All I want for him is true happiness.
  13. Thanks for new photos, Cheryl! Have mercy, Delene! Holy s*#!, what a way to start the morning! I think he looks amazing on a motorcycle, like they were made for him. The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a helmet.
  14. Steph, I am so incredibly proud and happy for you! You're going to absolutely love it there. It's amazing where a year can take a person, is it not? Bex
  15. IMO, its just his naturally sexy salt & pepper waves making their post summer-time sun debut, and my goodness, what a debut!
  16. I'll take it!!! Thank the Tweets for this succulent drop of Juice that I've been needing desperately! Its been rough out here in the desert.
  17. You're too funny, Steph! I was the only one on not long ago. I felt like the kid who was dropped off at school way too early, allowed to run amuck before any of the teachers showed up........... Whatever shall I do with the time? Yes, Love- we know. Uh, yep! We'd never pretend to avert our gaze elsewhere when such an opportunity arises! You know, I've never understood why there's an Interior Designer Gerry emoticon, but I have a feeling it originated......
  18. Great find Holly! It's moments when Gerry is caught just being Gerry- that's when I adore him the most. His genuine kindness is felt and that's what draws people to him. There is always that time while in interviews and at a premiere, when all actors are 'on'; giving us their trademark poses and smiles for the camera, etc. But Gerry in a relaxed environment, free to be himself is the best of all in my opinion. His smile, while always sweet, seems to be more boyish and sincere, his eyes have just a bit more sparkle to them ........ holy carp I'm gushing! Sorry. Anyway, thanks for the article Holly!
  19. On no! I may not be able to go this year. In March, I'm spending two weeks in Europe, which will deplete my time off from work. If I do go, it'll have to be that Friday, after I get off. Work. After I get off work. *Plops arse down next to Landa, next to Hobbes, who has all the good stuff. Looks to Deb and gasps, 'Oh Deb, those Pinks are pairfect!'*
  20. ready2fly

    Pet Photos

    Thanks, Crystal. Josie is an odd mix of tabby and calico. Her legs and chest are striped but the rest of her is splotched in patches of grey, white and orange. Lexie hated her hat, I only had it on her this one time. I've got a succession of pictures that range from defiance, denial then defeat- they're pitiful.
  21. ready2fly

    Pet Photos

    Everyones babies are so cute! Here are my furry babies, my only babies. Lexie is my full blood long-coat Chihuahua. She let me know straight away that she was above being put in one of those cute, little trendy doggy purses. Lexie has a love/hate relationship with her sister Josie. Josie, my long-hair stray cat, found us one late night about 3 summers ago. She was this little, scrawny fluff ball that has flourished into a brute of a cat. She's just misunderstood and needs to learn how to play with her claws in, that's all. Josie is an excellent mouser. The picture below was what I found one afternoon when she pawed at the front door wanting in. This time, we caught her. Once, this last winter, she managed to sneak one in past my mom. It was supposedly dead. I swear I saw a twitch and nearly had a stroke at 33. I broke a broom, hyperventilated, it was classic. Between these two, there is never a dull or lonely moment.
  22. If it's not too late please count me in.
  23. Thank you for posting this! I do have to admit, I found myself at where it ended. He always leaves us wanting more though, doesn't he? Thanks again, Bex
  24. I enjoyed lunch today too! We have to get together again soon. And your siggy, holy carp! I'm thinking it but I'm not saying it! ;)

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