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    Drawing, writing, reading, watching movies. Love to do anything creative. Hate sports except for martial arts and swimming. Running kills me.

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  1. Hi! Thank you! I really like being here, feel like you're all a big family!

  2. Hi! Your photo is beautiful! Enjoy the board and all the great fans here! Swannie

  3. To quote Janice from "Friends": Oh! My! God! Thank you all so much for voting for me! Can't believe it! First contest I actually won!! Love to you all, you rock! Lisette P.S. RandomLanda: Thank you! You're absolutely right. I've been so nervous!
  4. Hi. Thanks, I'm doing great! No problem, but I must say I had a hard time focusing on the movie, I had so much fun following the chat! :) It would be great if u could have chats UK time occasionally. Would be much easier to stay awake! :)


  5. Ok. I understand! ^^ Just wondered. Thanks for replying!
  6. Hi there,how u doing? thanks a lot for staying up very late and coming to movie chat :) i must do more chats for people in other timezones.cheers :)


  7. I have a question. Why isn't this displayed on the home page? I didn't even know the voting had started until I happened to come across it in 2009. P.S. Voted! These are all
  8. Hi. I just watched the clip. It was hilarious! Could anyone please post me if there is a new clip like that? I live in Sweden so I can only watch the show online. The first time I watched it was when Gerry was on. Loved it! What is that Loch Lomond clip? You got me interested! Tracy, I totally agree with you! My mom phones me everytime there is any news of Gerry with a new girl. Last one was Lindsay Lohan yesterday. It drives me insane! I don't read those magazines for a reason! By the way, I think these discussions are hilarious! Rock on! Lisette
  9. Thanks for posting! A really nice interview. You should feel lucky to only have to wait two weeks. In Sweden it won't be released until september 11th! I have to wait so long...
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