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  1. Happy Birthday, Gerry!! Many and 's and much love on your special day!!
  2. I learnt German at school but I'm pretty hopeless at it now, although I could work out some of what he said. This was added as a translation by meLOna191: "Hello, everybody. How are you? I hope good. (Jennifer: Thanks) Where is the´╗┐ next pub? A beer please. I think you have beautiful legs." Cheers, Vicki
  3. What a great pic! I haven't seen it before. Thank you for posting the link. Cheers, Vicki
  4. I noticed the Aussie Rules footy, too!! Thank you for the great pics. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the mag itself. Cheers, Vicki
  5. Gerry looked absolutely gorgeous at the Berlin photocall! Thank you for posting the links. Cheers, Vicki
  6. It is a lovely name - one of my favourites. I've more often seen it spelt 'Niamh' and have heard it pronounced 'Neeve'. It's probably like my daughter's name 'Megan', which can be spelt a multitude of ways and can be pronounced Megg'n, Meeg'n, Maeg'n...! Cheers, Vicki
  7. Thank you very much for the link. Gerry's really enjoying his promotion of HTTYD, isn't he? I'm hoping to see it tomorrow. Cheers, Vicki
  8. I'm really disappointed at the negative reviews the movie's been getting ...but I'm glad you've all been enjoying it!! I haven't seen it yet. I'd hoped to go when it opened here on Thursday, but that didn't work out. It was my mum's 82nd birthday today so we had a family celebration and now I'm babysitting my granddaughter. I'll definitely see it tomorrow though. Cheers, Vicki
  9. Thank you for the link, Delene. Jet fighter pilot, eh? I used to be in the Royal Australian Air Force, and I've been in an old Porter plane and a Chinook helicopter, but didn't ever get a ride in a jet fighter. Not that I would have wanted to. I'm not that brave!! But, come to think of it, I was in the old Porter in the middle of a storm, and that was pretty much brown trousers time. And don't get me started on what they did to me on the Chinook!! Cheers, Vicki
  10. Thank you for the link. What a funny interview!! Cheers, Vicki
  11. Best wishes to the Emeritus moderators and thank you for all you've done. and And Congratulations to the newbie mods for taking over mod duties. I'm sure you''ll do a wonderful job. to you all!! Vicki
  12. Thank you for the vid - it was great!! Melodie, Bounty Hunter is listed as opening in Oz on 18 March - the day before the US. Cheers, Vicki
  13. I noticed that immediately. It's the second time now I've heard Paisley people refer to it as the 'posh' part of town. Makes me wonder who has the skewed vision of 'poor'. Gerry or the townfolk? According to Wikipedia "Ralston's current status, however, is that of a middle-class Paisley suburb. Not what I'd call posh. And maybe when Gerry was growing up it was lower down the socio-economic scale?? Cheers, Vicki
  14. That is so good!! I've ordered a dvd from the US. Not the blu-ray because I don't think it will play in our PS3. EzyDVD has the Region 4 dvd as a Future Release. Hopefully that means the blu-ray will be out at the same time (whenever that might be!!). It's been out for a few weeks at the cinemas here and I was able to see it twice. I was hoping to see it again, but I don't know if I'll get the chance. Bounty Hunter opens here on 18 March - hopefully I get to see that a few times!!
  15. That is a wonderful pic!! Cheers, Vicki
  16. What a lovely and inspiring video, and a very worthwhile cause. Cheers, Vicki
  17. Congratulations on the birth of your great-grandchild! (My birthday's on 30 Jan, too!!) Sorry to hear about your accident - hope you're better soon. Cheers, Vicki
  18. I'm hoping to go again next weekend, too! BTW, at the 2 cinemas I went to on Saturday, they had posters for The Bounty Hunter. Cheers, Vicki
  19. I live in Melbourne. Whereabouts are you? Cheers, Vicki
  20. What a great review of Gerry's performance!! Thank you for the link. LAC just opened a couple of days ago in Australia and I finally got to see it tonight after a false start earlier in the day. The first time, the sound broke part the way through the movie, just when Clyde started his hatchet job on Clarence. Several people got up to report the sound problem and then eventually management said they didn't know what the problem was or when it would be fixed and offered refunds and complimentary tickets. But dammit I wanted to see the movie. I ended up going to a different cinema later in the day. Anyway, I loved it and I thought Gerry was wonderful as Clyde. Cheers, Vicki
  21. This is a great article, isn't it? And I agree it's so true. I finally got to see LAC (it opened here in Oz on Thursday). I loved it and thought Gerry was wonderful. Cheers, Vicki
  22. What wonderful pics. Gerry looks terrific and Lolita is gorgeous!! Cheers, Vicki
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