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  1. I learnt German at school but I'm pretty hopeless at it now, although I could work out some of what he said. This was added as a translation by meLOna191: "Hello, everybody. How are you? I hope good. (Jennifer: Thanks) Where is the´╗┐ next pub? A beer please. I think you have beautiful legs."



  2. It is a lovely name - one of my favourites. I've more often seen it spelt 'Niamh' and have heard it pronounced 'Neeve'. It's probably like my daughter's name 'Megan', which can be spelt a multitude of ways and can be pronounced Megg'n, Meeg'n, Maeg'n...!



  3. Thank you for the link, Delene. Jet fighter pilot, eh? I used to be in the Royal Australian Air Force, and I've been in an old Porter plane and a Chinook helicopter, but didn't ever get a ride in a jet fighter. Not that I would have wanted to. I'm not that brave!! But, come to think of it, I was in the old Porter in the middle of a storm, and that was pretty much brown trousers time. And don't get me started on what they did to me on the Chinook!!



  4. Just read the article in the Paisley newspaper. They are so proud of him.

    I was puzzled though by this comment: "Gerard, who grew up in the posh Ralston area of Paisley..."

    I thought his neighborhood was a bit on the more "humble" side...

    I noticed that immediately. It's the second time now I've heard Paisley people refer to it as the 'posh' part of town. Makes me wonder who has the skewed vision of 'poor'. Gerry or the townfolk?

    According to Wikipedia "Ralston's current status, however, is that of a middle-class Paisley suburb. Not what I'd call posh. And maybe when Gerry was growing up it was lower down the socio-economic scale??



  5. That is so good!! :cheer: I've ordered a dvd from the US. Not the blu-ray because I don't think it will play in our PS3. EzyDVD has the Region 4 dvd as a Future Release. Hopefully that means the blu-ray will be out at the same time (whenever that might be!!). It's been out for a few weeks at the cinemas here and I was able to see it twice. I was hoping to see it again, but I don't know if I'll get the chance. Bounty Hunter opens here on 18 March - hopefully I get to see that a few times!!

  6. After patiently waiting for the release of LAC I finally got to see it on the weekend. WOW, this movie is fantastic.... It had me on the edge of my seat for the full duration of the movie. Loved it so much, I plan to go back again next weekend. I have also put my name down at the cinema for the poster. Hopefully we dont have to wait forever for it to be released on DVD too!



    I'm hoping to go again next weekend, too! BTW, at the 2 cinemas I went to on Saturday, they had posters for The Bounty Hunter. :)



  7. Didn't see this anywhere:

    Law Abiding Citizen Blu-ray Review

    This release doesn't break any rules.

    Reviewed by Martin Liebman, January 28, 2010

    You can't fight fate.



    "As the film moves along, Butler shows a range that makes his character into something of a sympathetic vigilante, a vulnerable but determined man with nothing to live for but justice and nothing to lose except for the lifeblood that flows through his body, his truer essence having perished along with his wife and daughter. As the film progresses and his quest for vengeance turns into a game of demented pain and vast revenge, he morphs into a bigger, seemingly more dangerous shell of his former self. With every step, Butler plays the character with a believable and altogether fascinating edge, making his one of the more complex and engrossing characters of the past several years. "

    some great screen shots with the article too.

    What a great review of Gerry's performance!! Thank you for the link.

    LAC just opened a couple of days ago in Australia and I finally got to see it tonight after a false start earlier in the day. The first time, the sound broke part the way through the movie, just when Clyde started his hatchet job on Clarence. Several people got up to report the sound problem and then eventually management said they didn't know what the problem was or when it would be fixed and offered refunds and complimentary tickets. But dammit I wanted to see the movie. :tantrum: I ended up going to a different cinema later in the day.

    Anyway, I loved it and I thought Gerry was wonderful as Clyde.



  8. I think this is a great little article and so true. Critically acclaimed are not necessarily the movies we love to see.


    2 excerpts.

    Equally remarkable is Gerard Butler in "Law Abiding Citizen" as he evolves from Mr. Nice Guy to smarter-than-anyone revenge killer, targeting his family's murderers and the overly lenient justice system. You've seen this plot before, but Butler is totally original. His character is so multidimensional that the audience is simultaneously horrified and rooting for him. It's another facet from the actor after his work in romantic comedies, musicals, small-scale dramas and actioners like "300" (which, come to think of it, was another terrific film ignored in awards-land).

    And one of these days, I will be flipping around my hundreds of TV stations and will happily rewatch Paul Rudd playing air-guitar as he attempts a reggae accent ("Slap-a da bass, mon!") or Gerard Butler slyly gain the upper hand in a verbal smackdown with a female judge -- two of the year's most enjoyable scenes.

    So, take that to your dinner party.

    That was definitely one of my favorite scenes. ".....and I bet you take it up the fooking a$$"

    Loved it. Such a great movie

    This is a great article, isn't it? And I agree it's so true. I finally got to see LAC (it opened here in Oz on Thursday). I loved it and thought Gerry was wonderful.



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