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  1. I agree, Swannie! There are sinus infections that may respond to antibiotics and nasal sprays etc and then there are sinus infections so severe and ongoing that corticosteroids are prescribed and corticosteroids apparently can cause puffiness of the face and weight gain (as well as a multitude of other things) I thought I detected freckles! Cheers, Vicki
  2. Thank your very much for the link. I went onto the site and the video of the interview was up. Lorraine has a great accent - I read that she was born in Glasgow, too. How about at the end when she said he could be their weather boy if his film career doesn't work out - but she'd want him to be bare-chested and wearing a kilt. What a visual!! Kinda like this -> but with a kilt instead of a yellow towel!! Cheers, Vicki
  3. Thank you Swannie!! Those pics are abolutely gorgeous Cheers, Vicki
  4. I love how he admitted making himself sick eating the second deep fried mars bar!! Cheers, Vicki
  5. There you go! http://www.twitvid.com/BFC9F The accent will kill you! Enjoy! Theresa That's great - thank you for posting the link. Cheers, Vicki
  6. Oh my gosh! Rutger Hauer! I'd almost forgotten about him! Wonder what he's doing now? Delene Rutger Hauer has played a vampire in a movie - did you ever see Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I loved that movie! Cheers, Vicki
  7. Well, it's now Saturday, 14 November here in Oz, so I can tell you what I did on Gerry's birthday. 1. Went to Work <- I say death to the source of my arm/shoulder problems 2. Went to the doctor (not quite as bad as a gynae visit, Swannie!) I've got an infected cat bite/scratch from my lovely ragdoll, those sweet placid not so little creatures, so they say. We've known all along she's a NQR ragdoll! 3. Had a tetanus shot because of the cat bite/scratch (in my frozen shoulder - you should have seen my nerve jump!) Up till then it was a bit of a day, but I babysat my granddaughter (8 week old Makayla) and that was lovely. And I did get a gorgeous Gerry picture yesterday! Cheers, Vicki
  8. Well I think Aussie men certainly see themselves that way from my experience, I always found that refreshing. Photo from Slideshow http://www.watoday.com.au/photogallery/lif...electedImage=14 I like that photo. Oooh, I bought that magazine last night - and what a surprise I got to find a BIG PIC of Gerry inside!! The pic in the magazine is a Nathaniel Goldberg pic (this one, only full length, boots and all - I love it!): http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/magazines/g.../WomEs9+09_.jpg The pic is spread over the 2 centre pages of the mag - I'll have to be careful removing the staples without wrecking the pic (maybe I'd better buy a few more just in case!!) QUOTE FROM THERESA: Sexist and chauvinist? Our Gerry? Where did they get that? Flirty? Definitely. Out to have fun with consenting ladies? Why not? But where did they get it that he is sexist and chauvinist? If anything, he seems to respect women. Hi, Theresa, mag/writer didn't say that about Gerry. The part in the blurb printed with the pic in the magazine actually says: "Maybe it's his way of calling it like it is: after playing a chauvinist opposite Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth, he conceded, "Every man has a bit of a sexist in him, if he's honest." And that may not have been exactly what he said either! Cheers, Vicki
  9. CONGRATULATIONS to Lisette and also to the other finalists LadyFran, Justcallmetracey and GBPhanatic. As a matter of fact, congrats go to everyone who entered!! I wish I had the talent to...well, I just wish I had some talent!! Cheers, Vicki
  10. It's already 13 November in Oz, so: Happy Birthday, dear Gerry Wishing you much love and happiness on your special day!
  11. Ooh, I was intrigued by vampires quite early on, too, and found Christopher Lee's Dracula fascinating but I don't remember thinking he was hot!! But Gerry's Dracula is very sexy... I thought the Dracula/Judas thing was very clever, too. I read a lot of paranormal romance/urban fantasy books, and I'm always intrigued by the authors' takes on the origin of vampires. Cheers, Vicki
  12. Thank you so much for posting the link!! It's a wonderful clip. I have to agree with the ladies who said that his little dance would make a great avi. :dance: I ordered the dvd from Amazon and it was shipped today. Now it remains to be seen whether it arrives here before the dvd and blu-ray are released in Oz! (16 December is the date EzyDVD has as the release date here.)
  13. Hi, B, Just wanted to let you know I love the pics in your sig!! Cheers, Vicki
  14. You are so lucky, Theresa! I'd been told a couple of months ago that LAC would open in Oz on 22 October (instead of it's original release date March 2010), but I've just found out it's not going to be shown until 28 January.
  15. Just had to let you know I love your avitar and siggy, Sally. Cheers, Vicki
  16. That's what I thought they meant, too. So Johnny Depp was the highest on the list at #1. Perhaps they should have been clearer with that - maybe given an example. Cheers, Vicki
  17. I also read some very negative reviews a little while ago. I am so disappointed with the critical response to the movie. Mostly they were saying the same thing (maybe they used 'cut and paste'?). Anyway, I decided to look at what you guys were saying. I agree with Xan that some actors are critic-proof. Likewise others are vilified no matter what they do or don't do. It suits the sloppy writing prevalent amongst so called reviewers. As Xan said I hope this doesn't affect the audience response to the movie. It's going to be released in Australia next Thursday and I'll definitely be seeing it. Another thing that touched a chord with me was Xan's comment that "This is part of the problem with getting too close to someone like GB, caring too much about what happens to his career. Its hard not to with such an engaging guy, but it is hard on the nervous system......" It's so true, isn't it?
  18. I'm very late with my comments but I loved the vids of Gerry interacting with his fans after Leno! Thank you to David for the vids, becozy for the links and Gerry for giving his time! Cheers, Vicki P.S. I must see about getting an avatar (or two) and a siggy!!
  19. Thank you so much for all the info. Very helpful to newbies and much appreciated!! Cheers, Vicki
  20. I wondered what the "3am" reference was about - and now I know!! That's hilarious. Before I read this, if I saw "3am" mentioned on your site it always made me think of that line from the Matchbox Twenty song "3am": "Baby, it's 3am and I must be lonely". Now I'll probably be thinking "Gerry, it's 3am and you must be lonely"!! Actually when I read Jamie's story it brought to mind another song - well the only line I know of the song, and that is "in an unguarded moment". And it certainly was an unguarded moment, wasn't it? I'm a very new Gerry fan, but it's no wonder you all love him!! I'm off to read some more stories!
  21. I'm not sure when TUT will be released in Australia. I just checked on EzyDVD and they have it as a future release (not available for pre-order yet). But it's still playing at some cinemas here. It's made over $AUD12 million here in its 6 weeks of release - not bad for a country with a population of under 22 million). As a comparison, GI Joe (which made a fair bit more in the US than TUT, didn't it?) in its 6 weeks here has made just under $AUD8 million. Cheers, Vicki
  22. Hi, everyone! Like GBPhanatic's post this is not an account of a personal encounter with Gerry, but it certainly made me think of him!! I was in a shop called Strandbags in Melbourne recently buying a handbag for my daughter and noticed a display stand with a product called a 'Handbag Butler' (looks like a compact but actually holds your bag off the floor at restaurants etc). What caught my eye was the caption on the display that said 'Every woman needs a Butler'!! So true, eh?? Of course I had to buy one!! Cheers, Vicki
  23. Hi, Aussie fans, I put in a web query to Village Roadshow and got a lovely email from Matthew in the customer service dept for Village Cinemas. He didn't have a release date for Gamer but confirmed that LAC will start showing in Village Cinemas from 22 October 2009. Cheers, Vicki
  24. Hiya!! Great news about TUT's doing so well in the UK. The first week in the US when it came in 3rd, didn't it have the highest gross per screen? It was being shown on a much lower number of screens than the top 2 if I remember correctly. I've read mixed reviews of it here in Australia (some of our critics can be a bit precious, too, at times), but despite that it was number one at our box office, too!! It made $AUD3.3 million in its first weekend (thurs to sun, I think), beating GI Joe and Harry Potter, and $AUD4.6 million its first week (Aug 6 - Aug 12) From WebWombat http://www.webwombat.com.au/entertainment/...ice-results.htm Australian Box Office Position This Week/Last Weekend ($) 1. The Ugly Truth [NEW] $3,303,733 2. G.I. Joe : The Rise Of Cobra [NEW] $2,801,266 3. Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince [4 weeks] $1,604,723 4. Public Enemies [2] $1,599,742 5. My Sister's Keeper [2] $1,486,730 From Urban Cinefile http://www.urbancinefile.com.au/home/boxoffice.asp Australian Box Office Aug 6 - Aug 12 Most Popular Films For Period Week: August 6 - 12, 2009 WIR = Weeks In Release No WIR Title $ % Total $ 1 1 THE UGLY TRUTH (MA15+), [283/ $16,300] 4,613,003 N/A 4,676,436 2 1 G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA (M), [223/ $16,686] 3,720,955 N/A 3,720,955 3 2 PUBLIC ENEMIES (MA15+), [283/ $7,875] 2,228,701 -47% 6,443,779 4 4 HARRY POTTER ... (M), [378/ $5,593] 2,114,137 -44% 37,040,225 5 2 MY SISTER`S KEEPER (M), [210/ $10,010] 2,102,173 -33% 5,290,239 So to the critics: Cheers, Vicki
  25. Thanks for the info on this one, too! Vicki
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