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  1. I searched Ebay with no luck. I hope someone can help me out. I messaged Dr.Batista
  2. The one i was lookinf for is the first bracelet he is wearing in this picture. Didn;t I read somewere on here that a member was making glass beaded bracelets. Is that the same thing. username was "DR." something. http://images.contentreserve.com/ImageType...CBDA}Img100.jpg
  3. Thank you, i'm not seeing it but, i'm guessing that Negual is the one who designed it. I'm going to try and email him.
  4. Hi, i'm sure this isn't the right section so i'm sorry. but can anyone tell me where I can buy Gerard Butlers bracelet he had in P.S. I Love You? The multi-colored beaded one? or one similiar to it?
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