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  1. OK I know this is going to be very unpopular. But, I have read many versions of this interview. And I do understand in small measure what he is saying. But the way he says "especially an American accent". This kinda riles me up a bit. He did come here for the advantage of 'American cinema' and let's face it 'American money' and fame etc. It is kind of a slap in the face to be so upset about speaking in an American accent (which he doesn't completely btw). I love his acting, his looks and chrisma as much as the next Gal but I do feel a bit of a sting now from his words. After he is home for a few days, he will fall right back into it, I am sure. And he hasn't lost it as much as he thinks....watch SNL. There I just had to say something.
  2. LOL Frannie, you crack me up! Just do like I do...leave it blonde (or whatever color you have) and I just figure he will come around to me sooner or later....LOL
  3. That is great news. They have good taste....
  4. Any conversation about this man has a great potential to take a strange turn.
  5. I believe you looked it up ... I can't believe you posted it. I know! Should I delete it? B ETA: I'm sorry.....I'm just playing! I have to have a little fun now & then. Don't you dare delete it! It's IS fun! I'm not going to look ... cause I don't need a chart to tell me what I already know ... Lisa..............I liked your original better. Why should I be the only one w/ an embarassing post? Although on 2nd thought your post was probably only embarassing to me. (it was funny, though) Oh well...........I'm scr&*wed..........well.........not literally. Oh, I like mine too. Scorpio can expect to have amazing sex with Aries. Aries will be intrigued sexually with Scorpio. Where it goes beyond that is entirely up to them. Not sure what this has to do with high tops but it is more interesting...
  6. Even when I'm wearing a headset I feel like I'm talking to myself. Meh, I hardly ever use my cellphone in public anyway. I strongly dislike people who feel it necessary to constantly be on their phone. Not referring to Gerry with that comment... He doesn't seem to do it much, and I'd bet they're important conversations anytime he does! Steph Are you kidding me? You almost never see Gerry w/o his phone. If he's not talking on it, it's usually in his hand. Or in his pocket.Which is just directing traffic That is a beautiful siggy! I just spent almost 5 minutes just staring at it!!!
  7. Sure, gaming does become an addiction to some people... but so do many other activities. Gaming is an escape, and a very effective one, since you can so completely become someone else. I have always been the escapist type and although I have never gotten much into gaming, I can tell you that you can waste just as much time and have the potential to ruin your life over things as seemingly innocuous as music, reading, or writing. It's not the activity, it's the fixation. Steph I am not sure it is the message of becoming addicted to the games. It is the desensitizing of the youth to death and gore. And the idea of 'disposable' humans that is the core of the problems.
  8. Oh I wish I could be there but don't think it is in the cards this year. Maybe 2010.
  9. LOL 'things that do not bounce'... although, sometimes things that bounce hurt....
  10. I agree completely with all you said. I will see this again but just to see Gerry. He was very underutilized. This movie could have/should have been sooo much more with the talent they had in their hands. On another note, the message regarding the devalueing of human life and video game violence, I can see our world heading in that direction. It is scary..
  11. He said that in an interview about PSILU.
  12. Very true. And I might add well said...
  13. He's mentioned before in interviews that he's been in relationships that nobody has ever found out about. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. He's also said that it's better to keep things under the radar because once the press finds out, it changes the whole dynamic of the relationship. I appreciate that he's discreet about it... it makes it that much easier for me to fantasize about him! It's never the same when I know the guy is taken. You know, I was just thinking that very same thing. I think that he is an amazing actor with a wide range. But I think I wouldn't lust so vigorously if he was openly in a relationship with someone.
  14. Yes I was. Thanks. You are welcome and lucky I might add. I am guessing you live close enough or in LA so you can be at these events. Lucky Girl...Makes me wish I didn't live so far away.....
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