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  1. Hey girlies!! Want to know where oh where was MR. B yesterday?? Have a look at these BRAND new babies! Sotheby's Gerard Butler at The Associates Committee of The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Host "A Wynning Hand" Sotheby's New York City, New York United States May 17, 2006. Enjoy ladies!!! Nat P.S.: Sorry for the water-marks... EDIT: And sorry for the date confusion, the BrunoPress site says the 18th, but they were actually taken yesterday, 17th.
  2. Sad hey! Well, got home, watched the tape, and NADA... Also combed through Entertainment Tonight Canada, just in case, and NADA... Nothing on E-Talk Daily for today either... I'm so sorry folks. I guess it got bumped. Unfortunately, it had to be the bit WE wanted and needed to see. NOT FAIR! Don't lose hope though, I'm not. Maybe they'll show it later on during the week. Thank you so much for uploading the online clip for those of us who weren't able to watch it! I'm still keeping my eyes opened for Canadians entertainment news shows. Chin up! Nat
  3. OK, be vigilant people! Tonight, April 25th, the American version of ET will have a segment on BOAW. Canadians get to see the American version too, just check your local listings. They interview only Pierce, but we see a snippet of a scene being shot, GB included. You can see a part of that interview, video online, at the ET site, right now. There's even a small pic with GB on the site. Maybe the tv segment will have more, we'll see tonight. Here's the link: http://et.tv.yahoo.com/movies/14532 Lets hope ET Canada and E-Talk Daily will show GB being interviewed. I've just seen the advert on tv for ET, tonigt's show, so it'll be on for sure. Hey all, it's better than nothing! And we get more details about the plot of the movie. Pierce seems very enthousiastic about it. Someone PLEASE tape and render it downloadable for all! This is fun new GB stuff! Nat
  4. Hey everyone! Just popping in again to thank you for all the "THANK YOUs". And I wanted to let you know that no "BOAW" interviews have been shown on Canadian TV yet... Nada, zip.... SNIFF... Keep those fingers crossed though. But, remember, like I said in my original post, they could keep them "in the can" until the movie comes out. We just need to watch out, just in case. There was only a quick mention about Pierce dining out at swanky-posh Vancouver resto, in one of the "Sightings" segments on E-Talk Daily. On the subject of the "Borg" thing... Don't forget that Jery Ryan was in "Dracula 2000" and that Alice Krige was also in "Reign of Fire"! Coincidences??? Only the BORG could answer that one, collectively... Now, the official GB/Canucks club name. Well, how about: "The Canuck Gals" ? Easy enough to remember and recognise. Unpretentious, not unlike us Canucks! What do you girlies think? There are a lot of us out there. Warm, polite, respectful and super-friendly! The stereotypes about us are pretty much true. I'll be the first to admit it, I'm not ashamed of them. We actually do say "Hey" a lot! That being said however, our "ABOOTS" are not that prononced! That one is an exageration. Talk to you all again soon Hey! Nat
  5. Hey to everyone! Just popping in to inform you about some new interesting GB info. ET-Canada and E-Talk Daily have both been on the set of BOAW, VERY recently, in Vancouver, and have interviewed Gerry, Pierce and Maria. So, my fellow Canadians (or anyone who gets tv channels showing ETC and ETD), be on the look out for those interviews. No details have come out, however, as to WHEN they'll air. I'm hoping soon, but, we should all be aware that they might keep them "in the can", until around the time the movie will actually come out. Usually, that's what happens, then again, maybe we'll still get a glimse, that also happens. Just in case, I guess it's time to set our vcrs, and other recording devices, so that maybe someone will catch them and maybe generously share them with those interested who do not get to see those shows in their geographical areas. I'm sure one or more will be technologically equiped to render them downloadable for us. Fingers crossed! Enjoy! Nat
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