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  1. I think those are 2 different parties are they not? The Jay-Z party was different from the In Touch one. I think he didn't want his picture taken at the party on Sat that was held for the CW show "The Beautiful Life" not the VMA afterparty where he is pictured with the blonde.
  2. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32845187/ns/en...ainment-gossip/ Here is another article where it appears Gerry was very polite in his dismissel of Kim Kardashian at the In Touch party. Seems she wanted to meet him & sent one of her "people" over to tell him so & he said "No thank you" lol Good thing, if there is anyone G doesn't want to associate with imo it's her, she loves the media following her 24/7.
  3. My guess is that is the same woman as in photos on row 7 and 9 from the bottom (Bounty filming): http://theentertainmenthotline.net/2009/08...ing-the-bounty/ I doubt it's either the Glasgow woman or that woman in the Bounty pics. The woman in the Bounty pics sorry but is not G type & looks like a stunt woman or something, I think it is more of a chance it's the Glasgow friend but doesn't really look like her either imo. The Bounty woman has darker hair too. It is likely just a woman at the party that wanted to meet G.
  4. http://www.starzlife.com/20090914/gerard-b...the-night-away/ This pic is after the VMA at Jay-Z's afterpart at 1Oak, I know the story is a little scandelous so if it needs to be removed that's fine I just want to say one thing..........finally pictured with a blonde, thank you lord! Makes me wonder though how these women do it, I mean it seems a little sleazy imo to be trying to hookup with Gerry like this, these women must go there looking for someone famous like him in an almost stalker type way. ugh
  5. Guess Gerry left the VMA show right after he introduced Muse. That is what I heard anyway. He looked great but his pants were too long. lol poor baby.
  6. Anyoe happen to notice who Gerry was sitting with? just wondering lol
  7. So love that he was at the US Open tennis in NY today. I adore tennis & it's a great sport & he would be amazed at how hard they hit that ball for sure. Rafa Nadal is my fav player, he is amazing but not on his game today due to a stomach injury.
  8. Gerry looked so hot as usual, best part of the VMAs for sure! Kayne West is the most disgusting egomaniac I have ever seen & needs to go away & never come back. He's such a joke.
  9. Have no seen him yet, must have missed that erlier sighting although I am off to watch the US Open tennis final so will check back later!
  10. Gerry thinks you can have more than 1 soulmate? interesting.
  11. Not really looking forward to this show since I find the people at this all seem like attention seekers & the MTV awards is always so over the top & stupid, I will wait to hear & see the pics on Monday I guess. Bet Gerry will hit up the after party for sure & I have heard NY is where he likes to be during Fashion Week anyway. lol
  12. His accent is very thick in this interview but then again my mom's accent is thick too over the phone I find, way more than in person. So he was at a BBQ at Courtney Cox house? interesting since her BFF is JA. Wonder if that was a slip on Gerry's part since that no doubt will get the talk going again.
  13. So anyone happen to see the TMZ show yesterday? I heard Gerry was on again walking into a building with a brunette & someone said a man might have been with them? If anyone saw this can you post the link I missed it, thanks!
  14. Wow I just came across this vid on Youtube when I was scanning the POTO clips & how funny that it was a fan encounter about going to see the show & they meet GB. I came here going to post it but of course you guys are on top of it all so I should have know better. I showed the vid to my mom who said "wow he makes me proud to be Scottish!" My dad is Canadian but my mom is from Glasgow but born in Paisley just exactly like Gerry was. That was the loveliest fan vid I have ever seen, Gerry was so warm & sweet & had big smiles for them, the girls were cute & so excited which must have been so nice for Gerry since they were from another country & knew right away who he was. Now I have to go buy a pug & walk him through CP & hopefully Gerry will be there to run into & our pugs can bond.
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