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  1. It got me soooooooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED this morning, seeing the pix of Gerry standing next to Mark Webber!! He's a fellow Tasmanian!!! I'm just hoping Mark let Gerry know of how beautiful our state is!
  2. Awesome! Might have to try this out for my Nokia!! Not entirely sure if it will work, cos I'm in a different country with a completely different carrier, but I'll see
  3. As I mentioned of FB Steph, this story made me tear up - for many reasons. It kinda reminded me of my experience meeting Dierks Bentley for the first time - when I had been a fan of his for about 3 years, I only just got to meet him last year - and he was waiting for me when I walked into the room It exceeded all my expectations! It also gives me the hope that even though I'm here, in Australia, that one day, maybe, just maybe, I will be given the chance to meet GB too. I used to think to myself 'yeah, when ' Even though Ireland will always be at the top of my "Places To Go" list, America is right there in 2nd place & I do believe anything is possible - you have proved that with your Gerry experience How I would react if I did ever meet him...well, that's a whole 'nother story!!!! I think I'd just stand there, thinking to myself "This...is...Alex Rover!!" And then I'd most likely have a total DUH Stacey moment & say something completely stupid!! But then again...I think I handled myself pretty good with DB, so who knows?!!?!? Even got a kiss and hug out of him at the end of it Ya know, I'm gonna keep rereading this story whenever I feel the need - a little bit of inspiration is always good!
  4. is REALLY missing Savannah & Alex :(

  5. Swannie, there were about 10 people in the theatre with me & all throughout the movie, people were wondering in & out. I could NEVER do that during a movie! Halfway through, the teens up the back (I think it was a whole family behind me) were arguing quite loudly over the POPCORN!!
  6. You can skip the first 3 minutes and 35 seconds if you like http://7pmproject.com.au/video.htm?vxSiteI...e=7PM_Index.swf
  7. I saw it Thursday afternoon, so I had to wait for you lot to see it before I could say anything I thought it was a musical! I absolutely adored the songs in it! I was singing along!! The movie was funny - I laughed all the way through it (starting from the very first scene!!) I didn't expect that towel scene to last for sooooooooooooooooooooo long! I had two young girls sitting behind me & I'm pretty sure I heard one let out a massive sigh! One guy behind me LOVED Teresa - he laughed at every single thing she said...or did!! I loved the fact that Milo still had a heart when Nicole started crying. Instead of wanting to give her a hug, I wanted to give him one! Wasn't quite sure about the ending though I can't wait for it to come out on DVD - I'm hoping there's a gag reel
  8. Whenever I watch PSILY, I'm always bound to cry in 3 specific parts: 1...after Holly & John walk into the travel agent & the woman hands them a tissue box. Because the next scene features beautiful rolling green hills & a place that I've always dreamt about visiting 2...when Holly is in Ireland & reading Gerry's letter near his childhood fort, and he rests his head on her shoulder (that's the last time we see GB in the movie) and 3...right at the end when Holly takes her Mom to Ireland. Yeah.....Ireland turns me into an emotional wreck & so does PSILY
  9. Oh wow! You did it! I was hoping you would. And you definitely didn't disappoint (you never do). I loved the fact that he thought she had no right being in LA. Woah! And how you wrote 'Mum' with a u and not an o Such an Aussie thing! Keep these short stories coming! I'm LOVING them!!!
  10. Oh boy Steph! Loved, loved, loved it!! That was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I'm loving these short stories - keep it up! Stace x
  11. Maybe I should turn all my dreams into short stories!!
  12. Loved it Steph!! That was amazing! Oooooooooooooh! I want more
  13. It was just the one page....wasn't all that much really. I turned the page over, hoping there'd be more, but there wasn't I ended up giving the FREE dress to my sister - it didn't fit me (plus, I'm not much of a dress wearer either!)
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