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  1. It got me soooooooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED this morning, seeing the pix of Gerry standing next to Mark Webber!! He's a fellow Tasmanian!!! I'm just hoping Mark let Gerry know of how beautiful our state is!
  2. Awesome! Might have to try this out for my Nokia!! Not entirely sure if it will work, cos I'm in a different country with a completely different carrier, but I'll see
  3. As I mentioned of FB Steph, this story made me tear up - for many reasons. It kinda reminded me of my experience meeting Dierks Bentley for the first time - when I had been a fan of his for about 3 years, I only just got to meet him last year - and he was waiting for me when I walked into the room It exceeded all my expectations! It also gives me the hope that even though I'm here, in Australia, that one day, maybe, just maybe, I will be given the chance to meet GB too. I used to think to myself 'yeah, when ' Even though Ireland will always be at the top of my "Places To Go" list, America is right there in 2nd place & I do believe anything is possible - you have proved that with your Gerry experience How I would react if I did ever meet him...well, that's a whole 'nother story!!!! I think I'd just stand there, thinking to myself "This...is...Alex Rover!!" And then I'd most likely have a total DUH Stacey moment & say something completely stupid!! But then again...I think I handled myself pretty good with DB, so who knows?!!?!? Even got a kiss and hug out of him at the end of it Ya know, I'm gonna keep rereading this story whenever I feel the need - a little bit of inspiration is always good!
  4. is REALLY missing Savannah & Alex :(

  5. Swannie, there were about 10 people in the theatre with me & all throughout the movie, people were wondering in & out. I could NEVER do that during a movie! Halfway through, the teens up the back (I think it was a whole family behind me) were arguing quite loudly over the POPCORN!!
  6. You can skip the first 3 minutes and 35 seconds if you like http://7pmproject.com.au/video.htm?vxSiteI...e=7PM_Index.swf
  7. I saw it Thursday afternoon, so I had to wait for you lot to see it before I could say anything I thought it was a musical! I absolutely adored the songs in it! I was singing along!! The movie was funny - I laughed all the way through it (starting from the very first scene!!) I didn't expect that towel scene to last for sooooooooooooooooooooo long! I had two young girls sitting behind me & I'm pretty sure I heard one let out a massive sigh! One guy behind me LOVED Teresa - he laughed at every single thing she said...or did!! I loved the fact that Milo still had a heart when Nicole started crying. Instead of wanting to give her a hug, I wanted to give him one! Wasn't quite sure about the ending though I can't wait for it to come out on DVD - I'm hoping there's a gag reel
  8. Whenever I watch PSILY, I'm always bound to cry in 3 specific parts: 1...after Holly & John walk into the travel agent & the woman hands them a tissue box. Because the next scene features beautiful rolling green hills & a place that I've always dreamt about visiting 2...when Holly is in Ireland & reading Gerry's letter near his childhood fort, and he rests his head on her shoulder (that's the last time we see GB in the movie) and 3...right at the end when Holly takes her Mom to Ireland. Yeah.....Ireland turns me into an emotional wreck & so does PSILY
  9. Oh wow! You did it! I was hoping you would. And you definitely didn't disappoint (you never do). I loved the fact that he thought she had no right being in LA. Woah! And how you wrote 'Mum' with a u and not an o Such an Aussie thing! Keep these short stories coming! I'm LOVING them!!!
  10. Oh boy Steph! Loved, loved, loved it!! That was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I'm loving these short stories - keep it up! Stace x
  11. Maybe I should turn all my dreams into short stories!!
  12. Loved it Steph!! That was amazing! Oooooooooooooh! I want more
  13. It was just the one page....wasn't all that much really. I turned the page over, hoping there'd be more, but there wasn't I ended up giving the FREE dress to my sister - it didn't fit me (plus, I'm not much of a dress wearer either!)
  14. I thought that too when I saw it too
  15. I just wish I can write Real To Me like this
  16. ★ BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE ★ The thunderstorm that covered the city was growing louder and louder, making the music from my iPod seem quieter and quieter. As I'd been walking I'd had to progressively turn it up, so that now, when I had finally reached the hotel, it was playing at maximum volume. Noise control wasn't my only complaint for the moment; I'd had to walk back to the hotel in the storm and by the time I'd got to the elevator in the hotel lobby, I was soaking wet. Damn rain. Why did it only ever rain when I didn't have an umbrella or some sort of waterproof jacket? As I stepped into the elevator, I noticed another figure, a man stood over by the control. I pushed my hood down, a few strands of hair that had been left unprotected plastered themselves to the side of my face. Oh yes, very attractive. 'Which floor?' The stranger asked politely, his fingers hovering over the controls. There was an accent in his voice, definitely not the American twang I'd been hearing for the past few weeks. I could barely hear him over the music that was still blaring from my earphones, so I quickly turned the device off before answering. 'Fourteen please,' I answered, looking up at him. I recognised the man immediately. He was one of my favourite actors. Naturally, I turned into a nervous wreck, and became completely unable to do anything, but stare my shoes. Part of me wanted to ask for an autograph while a more dominant part of me decided not to embarrass myself. God knows the poor guy must get enough girls screaming in his face, he certainly didn't need me doing it in an elevator. We ascended in a comfortable silence for about thirty seconds, until the elevator suddenly slammed violently to a halt, sending me flying into him. Although he managed to grab onto me, he couldn't keep us both upright. Meaning that we both toppled to the floor, with him landing on top of me. Now if you’ve ever seen any of his movies, you will know just how burly this man is. My wrist made a painful crunching noise as we landed. White hot pain flashed up my arm, bringing tears to my eyes. I had also lost the ability to breathe. ‘Sorry,’ he mumbled, getting off me and walking up to the elevator controls. He hadn’t realised how much pain I was in as he hadn’t made eye contact, the awkwardness of being on top of a complete stranger prompting him to keep his green-eyed gaze downcast. ‘Hello. Ummm…we’re stuck in this elevator,’ he spoke into the small square intercom. ‘The technician has been called, please wait for assistance,’ said an automated machine. Oh great, so very helpful. I pulled myself into a sitting position and lent against the wall opposite the doors, cradling my arm to my chest, hoping it’d sooth some of the pain. The main light had gone off as the elevator stopped, leaving the tiny room lit only by the glow of the buttons on the panel and the emergency lighting which gave the small area an eerie glow. The numbers above the doors indicated we were trapped in between floors. ‘Are you ok?’ he suddenly asked, sitting down next to me. I nodded even though the tears were threatening to spill over and flood the elevator. I would not cry! ‘What’s your name?’ he asked softly. ‘I’m Stacey. And I’m fine, thank you,’ I lied through my teeth, my voice choked with tears. I glanced up at him. He was looking back at me, concerned. I looked back down and sniffed unappealingly. ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Stacey. Are you sure you’re ok?’ He eyed my arm that I was cradling. Embarrassed, I blushed and tried to tuck it my bad arm inside my jacket, despite the fact that there was no obvious signs of injury. ‘Yeah, don’t worry about it.’ I chewed on my lip, wanting a distraction. ‘How long do you think we’ll be stuck in here?’ ‘No idea. My money’s on an hour though.’ He flashed a smile that caused his eyes to light up. ‘Ten says an hour and a half.’ ‘Deal.’ I offered him my good hand and we shook on our ‘bet’. His large paw practically swallowed my tiny hand. ‘So where were you off to before getting stuck?’ I questioned, knowing that there was little else we could do other than talk. I wasn’t sure he would want to get to know me, but I definitely wanted to get to know him a little better. ‘Just back to my room, to get ready for a premier that I have to go to. How about you?’ He turned his body to face me and looked directly into my eyes, giving me his full attention. ‘Honestly?’ I asked. He nodded in anticipation. ‘I was actually going up to my room to get changed to go to your premier.’ I blushed at my admittance. Now completely unable to maintain eye contact any longer, I inspected my shoes for scuff marks. Actually I really did need to go shoe shopping sometime soon. They looked a disgrace. ‘Ah, so I’m stuck in an elevator with a crazed fan?’ Out of the corner of my eye I saw him smirk at me, causing me to blush even further. ‘Afraid so. This is probably all my fault, you know? I’ve got terrible luck.’ ‘These things happen,’ he shrugged easily. ‘I know. I just wish they’d stop happening to me.’ I shifted slightly, pulling my hurt arm further towards me, holding it up with my other arm. I winced slightly as pain shot through, but I covered it up as quickly as I was able. ‘We should probably try and sling that up or something until we get out.’ He didn’t miss a trick. Maybe it had something to do with being an actor and knew acting when it happened. Or maybe he was just observant to body language in general. ‘I don’t really have anything to use.’ I looked around helplessly. ‘I guess I could use my jacket, but it’s freezing it here and I’d have to somehow get it off…’ I trailed off into a mumble, thinking about the heat. Or the lack of. It really was quite cold. I was stuck in a tiny box with another person, male nonetheless, and only a small vent in the ceiling. Surely it should have been warmer. ‘Here.’ I looked back over to him to see he had taken off his brown leather jacket and was holding it out to me. I took it in one hand before looking blankly at him. I'd previously used a shirt to sling my little brother's arm when he fell off his bike when he was 9, but I wasn't sure how to do it on myself. 'Er...could you help me?' He nodded and shuffled on his knees towards me, obviously unsure of how he was supposed to help. I gave him some instructions which he followed whilst trying to be as gentle as possible. When I was sufficiently tied up, he sat back, admiring his work. ‘Thank you,’ I said softly, smiling gratefully at him. ‘How bad’s the pain?’ he looked genuinely upset at the thought of me being in pain. I give a one shouldered shrug. ‘It’s not bad, don’t worry about it.’ ‘And just how much are you downplaying the pain?’ Although his tone wasn’t serious, I knew he was expecting a truthful answer. I sighed. ‘Quite a lot.’ Once again, I found myself looking at my shoes. I had now shown myself to be a lying fan girl with a low pain treshold. Some impression I made. I took a deep breath before adjusting our makeshift sling. The pain was unbearable, however some part of my mind managed to register the fact that his jacket smelt good. Insanely good. ‘I wish there was something I cou…’ ‘Stop!’ I laughed for the first time. ‘There’s nothing you can do. You’ve given me your jacket, even though you must be cold too, that’s enough. Don’t worry.’ He shook his head and chuckled. It was music to my ears. ‘You’re not American, are you?’ he said, in his Scottish burr. I shook my head. ‘I’m actually from Australia.’ ‘Wow,’ he said, nodding. ‘So what are you doing here then?’ ‘I’ve been working for the past 5 years none stop, so that I could travel the world. I left Australia 6 weeks ago. My first stop was Ireland. Ended spending 2 glorious weeks there.’ He smiled. ‘Did you go to Scotland as well?’ I smiled back at him. ‘I did. It was breathtaking.’ A little like him really. He opened his mouth, presumably to ask another question, but at that moment I made the mistake of shifting my weight ever so slightly. The pain made me whimper, a scarcely audible sound, however it was enough to of a noise to derail his thoughts and stop him from talking. For the third time or maybe fourth time since entering the elevator tears filled my eyes, only now I was unable to hold them back. I’d never been good with pain, but this was a joke. How much could one potential fracture hurt?’ To hide my tears, which were now sliding down my cheeks, I bowed my head and turned away from him. ‘Oh hey, hey come on darlin’, there’s no need to hide from me.’ He curled one strong arm around me across my hunched shoulders as his other hand moved my face. He softly nudged my chin, tilting my head up to make eye contact with him. ‘Please don’t cry.’ ‘Sorry,’ I blubbered. ‘I’m not very good with pain.’ He tightened his grip on my shoulder briefly, giving them a quick squeeze before using his free hand to dry my tears. ‘No need to be sorry. We’ll be out of here soon enough and then I can take you to the hospital.’ Of their own accord, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. ‘You don’t have to take me. Plus, you have a premier to attend. No one will know or care if I’m not there, but they’ll certainly notice your absence!’ ‘Well, true, but I don’t feel right just leaving you wandering around injured.’ ‘I’m in a city, not the outback. I won’t die if you leave me, I’ll just google the nearest hospital and walk there.’ I smiled at his sweetness, he really was a gentleman. ‘Walk?’ he asked, confused. ‘Why don’t you take a cab, it’ll be quicker!’ ‘And expensive!’ I argued. ‘I’ll pay.’ His simple statement shocked me. I looked up at him, staring at his face to figure out his ulterior motive. ‘You don’t have to do that!’ I shook my head. ‘I know.’ Our eyes locked, each staring the other one into submission. No winner was found however as the normal lights flicked back on, the elevator shuddered down half a floor and the doors were slowly prised open. He stood up, reaching back down to offer his hand to assist me. I grasped his hand tightly, allowing him to pull me up. Again, my hand felt incredibly small in his his. In fact, now that we were standing side by side, all of me felt small although that wasn’t unusual. At five foot one, I could only just reach the overhead compartment on airlines. On the other side of the door, was a rather worried looking mechanic of some sort, plus another familiar, a co-star in his latest movie. ‘I’ll be up in five,’ he smoothly as he walked out of the elevator, tugging me along with him. His co-star nodded and wandered off down the hallway. ‘Erm, here’s your jacket,’ I mumbled, nerves suddenly returned to me. I reached to untie my jacket-made sling, but was stopped. ‘No, you keep it. It’s probably best you don’t move your arm around a whole lot,’ he rummaged around in his jeans pocket and pulled out a few bank notes. ‘No, I couldn’t possibly…’ I began. He pressed the notes into the palm of my hand and I automatically curled my fingers around them to stop them from falling. ‘Please sweetheart.’ His dazzling green eyes pleaded with me and found myself unable to utter a single word. I nodded dumbly instead. ‘Sorry I can’t come with you. But I do hope you can still make it to the premier, Stacey.’ Again, I was speechless. He gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. ‘It was nice meeting you.’ And with that, I watched him walk down the hallway toward the stairs.
  17. I have to ask. What on this green Earth is a maxi-dress? Have I just lost womanly points for not knowing? Lol. And yup. I'm from Aus! It's just a long dress
  18. Hey Melodie! I didn't realise you were Aussie!!! I'm gonna get the magazine too - it comes with a FREE maxi-dress! I love freebies...plus a GB article is another bonus!!!
  19. This was my friend Chrissie's response when I posted the video on Facebook: I just LOVE him. ♥ I think it's absolutely adorable the way he laughs at himself. Always cracks me up. About three quarters of the way through, I thought "Wow, he hasn't dropped the F bomb!" Then, sure enough .. There it was! Haha! And OMG, quoting the penguin dialogue!! LMAO!!!! Too funny! Love him, love him, love him. She TOTALLY needs to get her BUTT over to GALS!!
  20. I just have to say I love the fact that this video goes for almost NINE minutes!!!!
  21. Damn....... I am stoked that we actually get the Golden Globes down here!!
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