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  1. Susan - Just noticed your Siggy with Gerry and Craig. I'm in love with them both Amanda
  2. Hey there everyone! I have to apologize, it's been AGES since I posted. Hope everyone is well Diane - you must be SO excited about the arrivals! Cheers! Amanda
  3. This was very sweet of you. Thank you so much. Welcome KitKatz! Always goreat to see another Canadian on the boards. I am from Ontario. Enjoy the site. All sorts of great people and a wonderful source of information about our beloved Gerry!! Keep in touch! Amanda
  4. Thanks April! I t was a huge weight lifted off my sholuders to know I have a job until June Happy weekend everyone!! Amanda
  5. Aww, Thanks Jill! Now, the question is.. how am I going to work Gerry into my lessons THIS term?? hehe. Amanda
  6. I GALS, It's been a few days since I've been on and there is a lotto catch up on. Juts dropping in to say hello and to wish evertone well. it's been a busy week with going back to work after the holidays. Got good news on he job front this week. My teaching contract has been extended until the end of June - thank God! Hope everyone is well. Amanda
  7. Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I hope great things are in store for us all in the year 2010. Cheers! Amanda
  8. A belated Marry Christmas to all! Just read this story and had visions of a 6 or 7 year old Gerry wondering around backstage with his "Myrh" in his hands thinking to himself "What's my motivation?" Brought a smile to my face Amanda
  9. I'm a little late with this, but I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas day! Lots of love and best wishes to all my GAL and PAL friends Amanda
  10. Hi Gals! It's Friday!! I hope everyone is feeling a little better and is able to enjoy the weekend. The snow this week really helps me get into the holiday mood... but I hate the winter driving. Ah well, that's what I get for living in Canada Lots of love to everyone! Amanda
  11. UGH, winter has arrived with a vengance to the Great White North! Had to dust off the old snow driving skills today and sounds like more of the same for the next day or so. Hope everyone is safe and warm the weekend is almost here! Amanda
  12. Like this very much. You definitely have a talent for words. I can absolutely picture myself there.. right in the story and it's a very nice picture to have especially considering who my hero would be. I'm going to have to read this a few more time Amanda
  13. Enjoy the weekend GALS! Busy getting Christmas shopping done. I love this time of year Amanda
  14. A new GALs clubhouse.. this makes me happy Wish me luck tomorrow GALS, performance review at work (shoudl be okay, but I'm still a little nervous). I'm planning on coming home and relaxing with a few Gerry flicks. If he can't be here to massage my shoulders and cuddle, I suppose this is the next best thing lol. Cheers! Amanda
  15. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far ALl the best! Amanda
  16. To our American GALS; Have a great Thankgiving Day! Enjoy Amanda
  17. Happy thanksgiving to our American GALS (and PALS)!! Enjoy time with friends and family I love the holidays!
  18. Great article. Thanks for posting!! Amanda
  19. Congrats April! Glad the paperwork finally came through. Can you teach outside your state with this certificate? I just think it's interesting because I know that my Ontario teaching certificate issued by the Ontario College of Teachers is only valid in some provinces (I'm not sure about states). I know many people who have gone to NY state and been certified there and then had to get their Ontario Certification. I can't believe how quick;y this years is going where did October and November go? Here's hoping that things work out for you April. I'm being observed this week so I'm a bit nervous about that as my job is in the balance. Hopefully all will go well and they decide to keep me Amanda
  20. Doesn't matter what the poll says WE GALS all know he's the sexiest and that's all that counts I was actually talking to a friend of mine yesterday about this poll and she agreed that Gerry is sexy and a good actor, but said that she thought he could also be a bit of an A**. I stood there dumbfounded. I really didn't know how to respond. I have never thought of Gerry that way. In all the interviews I have seen he's been funny and simply delightful (if a little crude sometimes - but that's part of his charm lol) I completely agree with the comments that the magazine was playing it "Safe" Amanda
  21. Not surprised at all. Glad it's number 1 Steph, I'm sure you are correct in your hypothesis as well. Definitely most watched by GALS! Amanda
  22. I completely agre. I heard this yeaterday and shook my head. Not that Johnny Depp is not sexy, but come on he doesn't compare to Gerry Amanda
  23. Yep, Craig is in the movie with Gerry . Two of my favourite Scots! Amanda
  24. I agree. I also would like to see worldwide totals when lists and articles come out instead of just the US numbers. I am with you both, I know the US market is huge, but now that the movie has opened in Europe there should be some good news there too Amanda
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