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  1. :wave: Hey there Canadian Gals I'd like to welcome Kitkatz to the site and also to the Canadian thread. Help me welcome the latest Canadian Gal to our Butlergals site?

    This was very sweet of you. Thank you so much. :wuv:

    Welcome KitKatz! Always goreat to see another Canadian on the boards. I am from Ontario. Enjoy the site. All sorts of great people and a wonderful source of information about our beloved Gerry!!

    Keep in touch!


  2. OK, I finished reading AN ECHO IN THE BONE last night! :omg: All I can say is

    "Fuirich agus chi thu" (Scottish Gaelic for "Wait and See"). ;)

    Can't wait for you all to finish and then we can discuss this book but OMG it will be a long wait till the next book. :sad:



    Finished last night and all I can say is "How am I supposed to wait for the next one???" LOTS left unresolved. The last 50 pages or so was just ... wow.

    I may have to start writing my own ending as a fan- fiction as my mind is going in so many directions as to what could possibly happen! It would be something to cure the withdrawl until the next one hehe.


    FINALLY finished Echo last night! And may I say...omg omg OMG OH MY GAWD!

    Took me a while to get thru it and I usually tear thru books, but life of course got in the way and it took a while to find time, but also some parts did drag to me. For one thing as mentioned before lots of William and well many changes in perspective really. Chapter in Claire's head, one in Jamie's, then Brianna, Ian, William, Lord John, etc... And although I admire to the nth degree DG's ability to paint a vivid picture with only words, I personally didn't need ALL of the battle descriptions.


    I love how so much was interwoven and the last 100 or so pages is where it all comes to a head. Claire and JOHN?!?!?! OMG!!!!! And is then LEFT HANGING!!!! Diana Gabaldon should change her name to Diana Queenofcliffhangers. I mean, Jem is locked in a hydroelectric tunnel, Roger is in the past AGAIN but this time with William Buccleigh(soooo much left open about THAT character) Rob Cameron is threatening Brianna and Jem, John is waiting for Jamie to kill him (anyone else laugh their arse's off when Jamie cocked his head and said, "why?") and Ian and Rachel (and William). I mean we really have to wait YEARS for answers?!!!

    My first word when i finished the book was a wailing NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I want more and I want it now dagnabbit!

    I'm not sure how I feel about Dottie. Have not warmed to her yet. But I truly like Rachel and Denny. lovely additions.

    So what else did ya'll think?

    :yay: Some more have finished ECHO!





    I feel just like you did! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor Jem! OMG, Couldn't Claire have waited just a tiny bit more on Jamie's possible return before she jumped into bed with Lord John! OMG. the woman is so exasperating and impulsive getting Jamie and her loved ones in trouble at times! I admire and want to yell at her both. LOL. Yes, Diana says it takes her maybe 3 years to get another book written so we just have to re-read and enjoy till then. I am currently re-reading ECHO to get all the bits I missed the first time.

    What are we gonna do for our Jamie fix now, besides a re-read? :tissues:


    DIane, I've resorted to re-reading I'm starting the whole series over just to get my "Jamie Fix" Diana will hopefully work quickly and get the next one out LOL


  3. I GALS, It's been a few days since I've been on and there is a lotto catch up on. Juts dropping in to say hello and to wish evertone well. it's been a busy week with going back to work after the holidays.

    Got good news on he job front this week. My teaching contract has been extended until the end of June - thank God!

    Hope everyone is well.


  4. Like this very much. You definitely have a talent for words. I can absolutely picture myself there.. right in the story and it's a very nice picture to have especially considering who my hero would be. I'm going to have to read this a few more time ;)


  5. OMG, what a great movie. It's not Christmas at my house until I have seen "The Muppet Christmas Carol".

    Some of my favourite quotes are:

    Rizzo: "God bless my little broken body"

    Gonzo: "You can fit through those bars?"

    Rizzo: "Yeah"

    Gonzo: "You are SUCH and idiot"

    Rizzo: "Light the lamp, not the rat!"

    Makes me smile just to think of it. Must find my copy and watch it soon :) I'm humming "Old Scroogie loves his money 'cause he thinks it gives him power" in my head as I type this.


  6. OMG-That part where Jamie and Claire find that man who had a stroke. Really gross in places. They are braver than I could ever be. My stomach would not take it. Jamie sure is terrific. Are there really any like him, or is he a dream??? :cloud9::menkilt: I wish he were more than one-LOL. I would guess that he would be a rare phenomenon these days. Gallant, moral, honest, sexy, faithful, no man can be that perfect. Roger seems pretty neat too, but I have never cared for that name. It certainly does not fit a dark, handsome Scot. :sword: I am about 1/2 through this one. Loving it.

    Anne :erik:

    I'm still looking for my "Jamie/Gerry" too. I'm starting to think that there are VERY frw like him around lol.


  7. OOh, so glad to see lots of people reading the series and discussing. Loved the way Outlander ended, makes you want to move on and read the second one simply becasue you have to find out what hapens :)


    P.S. Stil going through withdrawl.. going to have ot start reading the series over very soon ;)

  8. As a kid, we used to have a cabin up in the mountains that didn't have running water or any electricity. It was pretty rustic but some of my fondest childhood memories happened up there. I'd like to think I'm tough enough to handle the life Claire chose to go back to, but the reality is, I think I would miss toilet paper the most. :lol: The rest I think I could figure out. Well, maybe not all the blood and guts stuff that Claire deals with. :rotflmao:

    I enjoyed this book so very much. One of things I found so interesting was the different "voices" DG uses as she writes her books. I always love hearing Claire's voice but it was very special to hear Jamie's thoughts as well as Bree's and Roger's. It's an interesting writing technique that you think might get confusing. But somehow, she manages to keep it all straight.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Roger. He went through so very much to be with Bree. I'm not sure there are that many men that would be willing to go to such lengths. He's the character that I can see Gerry playing based on physical desription alone but the reality is, I am fine if these books aren't ever made into a movie. Maybe a really really long mini-series but I can't bear the thought of the details that would get left out if they ever made a movie.

    Completely right, if these books were made into a movie or a miniseries there would be considerable editing out of details for the final script, and I'm not sure I'd be okay wiht that. Gabaldon's writing is so rich, it may lose something if ever put into script.

    That is not to say that I wold LOVE to watch a movie.... Just not sure how feasable it is. I'm content ot imagine Gerry as part of the series in my head :)


  9. I've read about 200 pages so far. If I had not felt so rotten yesterday, I would be much farther along. As someone who has fought weight all my life and suffered ridicule about it, I loved Jamie even more when he said that he would not give a second look to a skinny woman, he wanted one with some padding. Wish I had found him when I was younger. :pant:

    I got a kick out of the cat, even though I am a dog person, I love all animals, well maybe not all-alligators, snakes, etc. but he sounded like a character.

    The Gatherings sound like a lot of fun. I went to one in Orlando Florida years ago and saw them throwing the caber and the dancing et.al. My daughter in Canada is married to a Scot, and she had become quite proficient at Scottish dancing-she competes in contests and has won a lot of prizes.


    Love Jamie but I still belong to :phantom2:

    Yes, I laugh whenever I read Jamie commenting on Claire's behind. I also like the addition af Adso the cat, but then I am a cat person so that was to be expected.


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