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  1. OMG, how could I have missed this? I love when they put little personal things liek that into movies Amanda
  2. You are not alone Natalie. I cried the first time i saw it and I still get weepy after seeing it a few times Amanda
  3. Aww, Gerry is just having a bit of fun. Wonder what the press will have to say about this Glad he is enjoying his time off. Amanda
  4. [/b][/color][/font] OK I see. My friends from work love one of them in particular, they have it as a wallpaper. It's so funny at the office: we are mostly women and most us are butlerised so everywhere you look there's a little photo of Gerry. :-) LOL I would love to work in a place like that. Unfortunately, I can't put up pictures of Gerry in my classroom. Could try in the staff room.. some of my colleagues would be very pleased indeed Amanda
  5. Great interview. Hope he has a great relaxing time at home. He deserves it Amanda P.S. Hope the eye thing clears up and is not causing him pain.
  6. Mine right along with yours ... I'm with you ladies!
  7. Must add my thanks for posting these pics. I love Gerry in a kilt (Actually, I love him whatever he's wearing, but ESPECIALLY in a kilt lol) and he looks so happy and proud! Gotta love the ones with his Mum Thanks again Amanda
  8. Such a cute article ... and the pictures well...
  9. What great Pics! Moira you must have had a fabulous day (despite the cold!). God, I love him in a kilt Amanda
  10. Cute story. I know i certainly am guilty of speeding from time to time Glad Gerry has had a good weekend at home with his family. Amanda
  11. I agree with all of you that Gerry looks greta no matter what! I did notice something was up with the lighting, buit I couldn't really put my finger on it until I read this thread (thanks!). Poor Gerry, I didn't know he was working with a sinus infection while filming the movie. What a trouper! I don't know if it's just me, but even when he's playing American I can still hear little bits of Scots in his voice (maybe I'm just used to his Scots accent and am hyper-sensitive?). He does a great job though, certainly much better than I could ever do playing Scottish
  12. Very difficult. I chose meeting my future husband, just because at this point in my life that is something that I really wish would happen (and soon!), not that I wouldn't like money (I am SOO in need of some financial security right now, it's not even funny) or to become a celebrity (because heaven knows I love the spotlight ) Cheers! Amanda
  13. Finally the weekend!! Have a great one GALS (my 300th post Amanda
  14. Pics look great, Can't wait to see this interview Amanda
  15. I'm going to do the same Excellent pictures. Thanks for posting! Amanda
  16. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day Amanda
  17. I hope he has a great weekend and a most wonderful day tomorrow p.s. yes, I woudl love to party wiht Gerry
  18. Bonnie, Your drawings are absolutely fabulous! Please keep doing what you do. We love your work Amanda
  19. Just want to add my thought and prayers for those courageous souls who are currently fighting and those who have fought for the freedom we enjoy today. God Bless You All! Amanda
  20. Wow, that is an excellent interview. They both seem so calm and professional. I love interviews like this that let us have a glimpse into Gerry mind Thanks for sharing! Amanda
  21. Watched my way through this tonight. I think I'm going to wear out the DVD from constant viewing Amanda
  22. Wow, great artwork and excellent writing! Great work by very talented GALS Amanda
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