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  1. So looking forward to seeign this tomorrow. Less than 24 hours to wait Amanda
  2. Yeah, I was in the mood to see it last night too. I comforted myself by saying I can watch it on Tuesday night I'm deliberately not planning to bring any work home with me Tuesday night because I know it's not going to be accomplished. We have a staff meeting until 5:30 Tuesday night. I'll stop off and pick up TUT on the way home and then settle in with a nice dinner and a movie. Amanda
  3. Hoping that our voices will be heard and will make a difference.. only time will tell! Amanda
  4. Happy Birthday Gerry! You've worked so hard this year and deserve all the good that is coming your way. Enjoy your day with Family and friends and know that all of us here thank you for what you do. All the best! Amanda
  5. Aww, Jill Glad conferences are over. I know how exausting they are. I found out yesterday that my mark deadline has been extended for a week so I DO NOT have ot spend my entire weekend getting mid-terms ready I hate to rush a weekend, but is it Tuesday Yet? I want to see TUT Have a great weekend everyone! Amanda
  6. HI GALS- just dropping in to officially welcome in the weekend!! Hope everyone has a great one Amanda
  7. LOL I have to agree Lavender. We know that he did spend some time in Toronto as a teen so he's slightly familiar with Canada at least Amanda
  8. Excellent article. Thanks for posting Moira. I hope things go well for him in Scotland and that he has a great time at all of his various parties Amanda
  9. So excited for this opportunity. Gerry SO deserves this this year Amanda
  10. It's exactly that dichotomy that makes him so magnetic! He's a seriously rugged and sexy manly man, but at the same time he's silly and giggly and a trouble-maker just like a little boy! And add to that that he's down to earth, caring, and sensitive... It's just too tough! He's got the whole package! Steph Completely agree Steph. BTW the interiew was so cute, doesn't matter if it was set up, I laughed pretty hard watching it Amanda
  11. Yes, Pause is a GALS best friend Can't wait 5 days! Amanda
  12. April, that is my plan too! As soon as 3:15 comes, I'm out the door and off in search of Gerry Amanda
  13. Great Pics! Said it before and I'll say it again, this man is simply adorable. Amanda
  14. Love the Jacket. Why does he always have to look so good - even when tired?? *sigh* He's just perfect Amanda
  15. It is good to see that he's not one to let others tell him which projects he shuld do next. He chooses for himself and does the work that he wants to do. Amanda
  16. Aww, I am so glad to see these pictures. Such cute little girls Thanks for posting! I just hope Gerry can be happy, whether he has kids or not, whether he marries or not. That being said, it would be great (and storybook romantic) if he married a fellow GAL. I'm personally available for the position if he's taking applications Amanda
  17. 10 Days and counting until we can have our very own copy of The Ugly Truth, GALS! - Just thought I'd remind everyone Amanda
  18. I remember in a Craig Fergusin interview where they were discussing the Scottish Press (at the time it was rumored that Gerry was to be the nexy James Bond) Craig and Gerry's comments about the press were so funny. Amanda
  19. There was nothing in Canada either so I feel your pain, though I did pick up that Hello magazine this week! Now i have at least one actual picture (Not counting those i Have saved on my computer and those in the gallaries here) that I can drool over when I am not online *sigh* Amanda
  20. I remember the choosing of the costume was very important. My mother is a wonderful seamstress and so as a child in the early 80's my sister and I ALWAYS had home-made costumes. We would get to choose patterns etc for or costumes usually in late August or early September. Dad was always the one who took us out for treats and when we returned home, my sister and I would dump all our 'Loot" out in piles on the kitchen table and sort through it. We would routinely bargain to trade away the stuff that we didn't like, usually it worked as we liked different candy. Being on a sugar high for days following Halloween was always and added bouns hehe. Never really go into too much mischief as a teen, though I remember sone GREAT Halloween parties with friends watching movies, playing spooky games etc. Would love to have little ones to dress up.. maybe some day Amanda
  21. Don't worry about the drooling.. we all do it. We have mop boys here specifically for that purpose Welcome Amanda
  22. Great Pics! I would love to go to Morocco some day! Amanda
  23. Yep, I'm looking forward to it too. I could listen to Gerry for hours
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