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  1. A gun? Seriously? Sounds like our boy has some stories to tell. (Not that I blame him in the least) Amanda
  2. Way to go Steph ... simple, yet so sweet The perspective change is a perfect device to use! Two thumbs way up! Amanda
  3. lol, you ladies are too much! p.s. I'd like to order a model Amanda
  4. Caught my attentions too.. now I'm finding it dreadfully hard to focus for some reason *sigh* Amanda
  5. You're absolutely right,Gerry never looks bad. I think I prefer him with shorter hair though to be honest.. a little grey at the temples and a little stubble Amanda
  6. I'm going on the hunt for this mag. tomorrow after work Amanda
  7. Much as I love this role, I'm having a bit of a difficult time seeing Gerry as Henry Higgins. However, if it happens, I would be one of the first to see it in the theater Amanda
  8. Happy Monday! Okay, I have to admit I made a slip today. I heard one of my grade 10 students talking about going ot the movies and seeing LAC this weekend (She is not old enough to get into an R-rated movie, but that's beside the point), I got a little smile on my face and said that I wanted to see it becasue Gerry was in it... she laughed and said that she completely agreed. Amanda
  9. Very glad to hear that the movie is doing so well. A friend of mine wants to see it. she begged me to wait and not see it until she is available next weekend... getting frustrated waiting for her, I may just go myself Amanda
  10. Excellent! I definitely will be picking up a copy Thanks so much for the info Lavender! Amanda
  11. Good question! As best I see it, we focus more on the harvest, giving thanks for what has been provided to us (which, perhaps, explains why ours is a little earlier??). Same basic idea as you Americans....nothing about pilgrams and natives though. Halloween this week. Always such a fun day! Cheers Amanda
  12. I have to admit that I say "aswell" quite often instead of "too". Wouldn't it be great if we had a contest ot win a day with Gerry! I can't imagine how much fun that would be Amanda
  13. I love Gerry's expressions, they are so Scottish. I think you are right that the expressions really come out when he feels most comfortable or is telling us a story that he's really proud of or that he finds funny. It's not really an expression, but I love the pensive "Erm..." when he is thinking. Cheers! Amanda
  14. Horray for Gerry!! I knew he'd win Great start to the weekend! Amanda
  15. From what I have read in the past, Gerry loves muffins, especially those found at Starbucks. He calls them cupcakes. I have a picture of him eating a muffin while shooting "Beowulf". ~HUGS~ Kathy You know, that crossed my mind. I thought maybe he meant muffins. I would think a good bran muffin wouldn't do him any harm now and then! I was concerned it was along the line of the HO HO, Ding Dong variety. Cupcakes are a broad spectrum of pastry! Delene P.S. Oh, Kathy, I'd love to see that picture! I love it that Gerry has a sweet tooth. Here's the picture but if you have the DVD "Wrath of Gods" or "Beowulf" you will see him eating the muffin on the ship waiting for the shoot to start. I've seen him eating muffins on other movie sets as well. ~HUGS~ Kathy I'm reminded of the Bonnie Hunt interview and the hiding of sweets etc.. Wonder if that muffin was one that someone hid for him
  16. He reminds me of an ex-boyfriend....Good times lol Amanda
  17. LOL Theresa, that is great. The entire office watching your presentation in defence of Gerry.. well done GAL Amanda
  18. Seriously? The bracelet spelled out, "dad "y" I totally missed that. I've only seen it once so far. Wow. Swannie Swannie, at the end one of the Ds is just twisted a little bit so there's a glare on it. The letters are all still there. I've not heard that it was intentional. Even if it wasn't intentional, it sure works with the storyline.
  19. Have a great time Ladies. I'll be thinking of you while I'm getting stuff together for the end of the school year. PLEASE have a drink (or three..) for me, I know I'll need it in June. Amanda P.S. The Gerritas look great
  20. This is what I like about these boards, that we can be completely honest in expressing our feelings. Mo, welcome back. I can completely relate towhat you are feeling. (I've experienced it a few times, you think you're over someone and then BAM!, you get hit with them again). Cheers! Amanda
  21. False alarm.. it's just a goat I laughed at that too.
  22. No problem, it was a very long week - for a short week if you know what i mean. On the plus side, lots of Gerry happening which kept my spirits up Five day week this week will seem like an eternity lol. Thanks for the good wishes! Amanda
  23. Oh to cause him to make that face .... I agree, I would be a very happy lady (in more ways than one..) if I were the casue of that face ... okay mind in the gutter again *wicked little grin*. Amanda
  24. I completely agree. i think I have to watch POTO tonight as that scene has been in my head all day Amanda
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