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  1. Steph, You've got me thinking and now I'm wondering how he would sound saying my name Just thinking about it gives me little goosbumps Amanda
  2. theres enough Gerard to go around, when he is in America he can be your husband and when he's in scotland he can be mine deal ? Can I claim him when (and if) he visits Canada? hehe. Amanda
  3. Gerry was phenomenal (as expected) and quite relaxed once things got rolling. Loved the singing intro and the beauty and the beast skit was great. The weekend update bit, was cute (I understood everything except the last string. Oh, and didn't we call it? a number of you commented that they would do something based on 300. Glad I recorded this to review later Amanda
  4. This really is great news. So glad it's doing well Amanda
  5. I agree Lavender. I too live about an hour and a half from the border and there are marked differences. I once had a man actually follow me and a group of friends out of a restaurant in Michigan and stop me. He asked if I was Canadian and wanted to give me one of our "loonies" that he had found in exchange for an American dollar bill. I was shocked that he knew I was Canadian and asked him how he coudl tell. He explained that he had heard the group of us talking as we were leaving and our accents gave it away. I have a friend in the UK and she loves my accent.. personally I would much rather sound British. I think British accents are most becoming on women (not necessarily th cockney accent, but the midlands "BBC" accent is quite nice) whereas the Scots accent is, for me, the ideal male accent Amanda
  6. LOL That would be a priceless picture. Amanda
  7. Glad that LAc is doing decently at the box office this weekend. We know that the critics are not always the voice of the general public and that (thankfully) seems to be the case here. Theresa I'm with you in that I am a bit concerned that Gerry might take this personally if this movie doesn't do well, especially becasue of the imput he has had in it. Luckily it seems that it will be okay, lets just hope it continues. Amanda
  8. Aww, this was great, thanks for posting. Can't wait to actually hear it. Amanda
  9. To me that description is a sure sign that law was not a career that was ideal for him. So glad he was able to "get out" as it were and persue his dream. He would have been miserable otherwise - and he has admitted that many times. You go, Gerry! Amanda
  10. Gerrry and Bonnie were great together. I absolutely loved the way he seemed to be enjoying the deep-fried mars bar. Laughed when Bonnie asked him if he needed a cigarette Amanda
  11. Hopefully going to LAC tomorrow (Can't make it tonight). Looking forward to discussing it Hope everyone sleeps well and feels well! Amanda
  12. Aww, I spend my day with teens (I'm a high school teacher), and though I have never had to go shopping with one and make sure they look presentable, you have my complete understanding and sympathy I'll send Gerry your way as soon as I'm through with him here (just kidding lol). A neckrub would be heaven.. especially if Gerry was involved! Amanda
  13. Yeah, so far I've been reading good things about Gerry's performance. Hopefully that will make him feel good even if the movie itself is getting mixed reviews. Going to try to see it this weekend. Have to find a few people who are not afraid of a little violence - okay a lot of violence - to go with me Amanda
  14. Must remember to set this to record tomorrow.. looks great Amanda
  15. LOL glad to know I've got good company. You see, it's just that I've got this condition known as GALS. Welcome to the boards, Hun. Hope to see you around and speak to you often Amanda
  16. I agree, it seems Gerry excells at ....*ahem* everything (or at least in my mind he does. It's unlikely I'll ever find out in person hehe) Sorry.. one of those days where my mind is in the gutter Amanda
  17. What do we think.... too early to start a countdown?? Looking forward to this. Amanda
  18. Aww, I think I'm melting.. it's just so cute. What a proud doggie-daddy. Amanda
  19. Great Pics, thanks for posting. Had to laugh at the security pucs though. Glad to see that they don't give celebs any special treatment and that they have to clear security and take off their shoes just like everyone else . I agree that Gerry seems ot be very happy and smily lately, which is great. I love that fantastic smile of his Amanda
  20. I completely agree. Well said. Amanda
  21. Just got home. Ate too much turkey and mashed potatoes and am feeling well fed and sleepy Thank goodness no work tomorrow. Amy.. sounds interesting lookk forward to hearing from you. Congrats May on the accomplishment! I really should be more careful and start trying to slim down a little. It's so hard when I'm working though. Amanda
  22. To all my fellow Canadian GALS - Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Enjoy the beauty of fall, relax, and be reminded that we all have so much to be thankful for. Love Amanda P.S. Don't eat too much pumpkin pie
  23. I'm completely up for some tongue wresteling
  24. LOL so cute. Lolita is a lucky little pooch to be sure
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