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  1. Great to see him on Leno the other night (Had no idea he was that good a driver - but then he seems to be good at ANYTHING he does ), and loved the vids of the fans afterwards. I really do admire him. He is so down to earth. I hope someday to be able to see him in person and get an autograph Amanda
  2. In Gerry's first movie, "Mrs. Brown" he ran stark naked into theice cold ocean. Not only did he expose his beautiful back, AND front, but also got hypothermia. If you haven't seen this movie, see it. He was magnificient, as always. By the way, I'd be ok with him turning around also. I'm sure he is just as gorgeous as he was in Mrs. Brown. Love him absolutely, Sandy Yep, I recently bought Mrs. Brown and was really happy about my DVD player's ability to go frame by frame. I think the 1 hr and 45 minute movie ended up taking me at least 2 hours to get through. Steph Okay, I have to check this one out now Amanda
  3. Yeah, unfortunately, I don't really subscribe to the "everything happens for a reason theory." As I said above, I believe in fate, but I believe that fate can only take it so far... and after that it's up to you. For myself, when fate has put me in a situation where I meet someone special, I've taken advantage of it. Lately though, I've been so wrapped up in stress and fear that I worry that I'm missing out on things. Could I be letting my fate pass me by? But at this point, carrying on the way I am is the only way I know to survive. Steph I have that fear too Steph, that I may let my fate and the one I'm "supposed" to be with, pass me by simply because I'm caught up with other things. I know that I would love to have someone like Gerry in my life and feel that a person like him and I would be well, suited and bring out good things in each other. Perhaps I've already met him and just didn't "try" hard enough? *Sigh* such big questions Amanda
  4. Excellent idea, I think we would all leap at the chance Amanda
  5. LOl okay, that article is too funny. We all know that we don't need an excuse to admire Gerry's behind Amanda
  6. Excellent video. I'm so looking forward to seeing this movie
  7. Excellent enthusiasm Steph I'm looking forward to this too.
  8. Didn't he say the penthouse was in Toronto? I love the way he laughs and says that he had the time of his life
  9. Great topic! For me, the fact that Gerry is multi-dimentional makes him more human and more loveable. He's tender, but definitely has that "bad boy" edge that some of us like. Why should he change? I support Gerry as he is, flaws and all becasue he's REAL person.
  10. I've been in this situation Lisa. You have to be comfortable and there has to be some attraction between you. My God it's hard telling them that though. If it's not there, it's not there. That being said, it might be a little early to discount him completely. I might be tempted to try one more date and then see how things go (mind you if he trys to introduce you to his family or even his friends, I would say that it definitely too soon!). The break in LA will help you to clear your mind and decide what is best for you. I know it's hard.. believe me. My favourite line from an ex boyfriend is "WHy aren't you married.. a girl like you should be married" Still not sure if he meant it as a compliment or not. Obviously he didn't want to marry me because here I am (I would have if he had asked btw) Amanda
  11. Not sure what the critics here didn't like. (Okay, it was predictable, but you KNOW that going into a movie like this. Both Gerry and Katherine played their roles very well.) The people I was with certainly enjoyed - we all laughed out loud many times - it as well as the rest of the theater . I am very glad it's doing well over seas and I look forward to the DVD release in November (I'll be waiting....) Cheers! Amanda
  12. Wow, those pictures are absolutely fabulous and I love the whole Gerry as the new Bogart thing. Honestly, the personality that oozes from those photographs is so perfect. I think they really do him justice. I doubt very much that I'll be lucky enough t find a copy here in Ontario, so I'll have to look on Ebay. Cheers! Amanda
  13. It's really sad that the press follow him absoutely everywhere. All that really matters is that he is happy and enjoying the work that he does. We all wish you well Gerry!! (BTW. I'm trying to figure out how he manages to look so good in EVERY shirt/ Jeans combination I have sene him in lately Amanda
  14. Love the pics. I can almost hear his mind thinking "Did I put in enough change.. or I put in another dollar?"
  15. LOL I am a true Hyacinth fan... have been for years. Always get a kick out of any phrase from her mouth that begins with "Richard, I will not have you........" Oh, and who doesn't love Onslow.
  16. I know I did .... I mean, I added it to my favourites and everything. Amanda
  17. Amanda, please show me some others. I have yet to find one more. HMM, okay, not nearly AS magical as Gerry. He easily takes the cake. If any of my boyfriends had been close to Gerry's calibre, they would still be with me Amanda
  18. My feeling exactily! Thought my fellow GALS would enjoy it
  19. I'm not sure if this has been posted before.. if it has I do apologise! I was on you tube a few minutes ago and found this. (posibly the sexiest video of Gerry I have seen). Thought I would share ( I don't own the video.. hopefully I can post it here for you all to see!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSY7pbUbF_g I warn you, it's a little hard to concentrate after viewing Thanks to whoever was kind enough to post this on You Tube! We are all very appreciative Amanda
  20. Some men are just magical.. they can't help it. Gerry is certainly one of these Amanda
  21. I must say that Gerry is pretty patient, but you can always tell when his temper starts to flare....LOL, even with that smile on his face. D I agree, he is so patient with all the paparazzi, but you can tell when he's at the point where he just wants ot be left alone, and I can't blame him in the least. It must be so unnerving to have your every move recorded. I heard him tell the paps once, that "Okay, I've posed for some pictures, but that's enough now". Which I thought was still very plolite given the circumstances.
  22. OMG, Gerry AND Jon together! Just... too much sexiness for one picture Amanda
  23. I agree 100 percent. The Scots accent is MUCH sexier (Nothing against American accents), but then again I have a real thing for accents.... Amanda
  24. Tell me about it! Only Gerry could deliver that line without it sounding smarmy. Steph I know! Anyone else probably would have been hit for saying something like that. The interviewer handled it verry well. I certainly would not have had that sort of decorum had Gerry suggested his immediate plans included sleeping with ME Amanda If Gerry ever suggested we go have sex, decorum goes out the window. Where and when will be the first words out of my mouth .... well, YES will be the first .... Yeah, I'd probably respond with a little too much enthusiasm as well. It might involve jumping out of my chair and onto his lap... Steph HAHA, I KNOW I'd be a little overenthusiastic! Amanda
  25. Tell me about it! Only Gerry could deliver that line without it sounding smarmy. Steph I know! Anyone else probably would have been hit for saying something like that. The interviewer handled it verry well. I certainly would not have had that sort of decorum had Gerry suggested his immediate plans included sleeping with ME Amanda
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