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  1. Congrats on being clean for 22 years!


    Thanks, but not the point of my post. :lmao:

    I'm pretty good at reading comprehension. I got the point of your post. I just thought that was a significant accomplishment. If you like I can just give you a hard time for ever getting started on narcotics in the first place! :funnyface:

    Learn to take an honest compliment. :pointy::D


  2. Jeb you are so on point. I think it's a bit hypocritical to indulge in one thing, but decry another, and those using it. JMO. I think some things are invasive like going to be people's ungated homes, and taking pix and asking them questions. But, by the same token I still watch some of the pap videos. So, it doesn't make me any better than the next person who likes the vids that stalks people to their homes. IMO it's two sides of the same coin.

    Most celebrities get photographed when they want to, and that includes Gerry. Thus far he's gone for several weeks without being photographed, so I know if he wants to he can do it. I guess hearing a twit about where he may or may not've been is not that big of a deal. I put very little stock in it. I also put very little stock in gossip sites, but they do make me giggle.

    Gerry is used to the crazy, and says he doesn't put much stock in it, and I don't blame him. Although, I do feel bad about the women that he's seen with. Arcade girl has been called all kinds of wh*ores, sl*uts, b's, and gold diggers since about 2008 because she made out with Gerry, LOL.

    I take it all with a grain of salt, and keep it movin!


  3. It's been my experience that regardless of how much, fame, money or whatever a man has....they seem to loose their marbles when a woman that they find very attractive expresses an interest in them.

    Maybe it's something from the past. You know they always wanted to a date a model, actress, stripper and those women would never, ever give them the time of day. Then one day they put in all this work, and bam all of a sudden the women that wouldn't spit in their general direction are now paying attention, and sometimes even fighting for it.

    Unfortunately women who enjoy the company of many men, even if they're just dating have only one common name, and I think it's BS. I've always admired those women who did what men did with no shame and straight didn't give a crap what anyone else thought!


  4. I live in the US, and the only time I ever say 'Seltic' is when I'm talking about the Boston Celtics, the US basketball team. Any other time I say 'Keltic'. It's funny because Americans often correct me when I say 'keltic' instead of 'seltic'.

    I live in the midwest, and as much as I hate to say it....it's not the most culturally diverse place in the US.

    With that being said I rarely have a reason to say 'keltic' or 'seltic', LOL. :pointy:


  5. People are going to think, and believe what they want. If Gerry wants to curb some of that he can stay away from pap hotspots like certain clubs in LA.

    The pix of him walking or riding his bike are going to happen over time, and eventually he maybe caught with an ACTUAL special someone....God have mercy on her soul when that happens!

    I'm sure he's a ladies man to some degree. However, I think it's grossly exaggerated. I'm not sure if this big ladies man thing is an invention of pr or the press, but IMO the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Over all I think he's a good guy just trying to have a little fun with his friends, family, and some of the gorgeous women he meets.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! ;)


  6. Hmmm......I think I like it, but some of the stuff I'm not sure about. I look at it one minute and enjoy it, and the next minute I'm on the fence. I think it's just such a bachelor pad. It's very nice, but it almost seems kind of cold, and I'm not talking like 'he has no soul' type of cold, but chilly.

    All the Castles that I've been too, are very drafty. They are interesting but big, impersonal, and drafty.

    As for the kitchen...lavendar there are so many things that you can do in a kitchen that have nothing to do with cooking! :wuv:


  7. I never said Gerry's friends "used" him! Why is this getting so blown out of proportion?

    Geez, before anyone else jumps on the bandwagon here, and makes a bigger issue out of this then it deserves, I WAS KIDDING! You all talk about how Gerry can't kid around without being taken seriously and then the same thing happens here! Where's that sense of humor?

    Now, I'm faced with four or five rather defensive posts about a, as Moira correctly said, "tongue and cheek" comment! I guess she's the only one who gets it. These responses actually took my harmless and joking comment, changed the meaning and twisted it around to something offensive and callous! I actually thought, in my stupidity, that putting the laughing icon was an indicator but I guess not. This is serious business! I'll bet that Gerry and all his friends are not so thin skinned that they wouldn't have thought it funny!

    If my remark was so bad and offensive to anyone, especially Gerry and his friends, I apologize but I don't understand then why it didn't get set invisible instead and explain the reasons to me in a PM instead of making it a bigger production in full view on here thus making me look like some kind of bad guy! Why is that?

    Sorry if I "offended" anyone.


    And I never accused anyone of not being good people! I would have appreciated my post being set invisible then this. Scolding or not, I feel embarrassed and hurt that my meaning was so misconstrued. I would have understood better had I been "spanked' behind the scenes rather than this public flogging!

    I thought you were being completely tongue and cheek. I quite often get people jumping on something that I say for whatever their personal reasons are. It is annoying, and I got what you meant from your original post.

    If it's any conselation to you, I thought your original post was funny.


  8. DQ is entitled to her opinion. I didn't think it was funny. That's my opinion. Life is moving on.

    What's more distrubing to me is if someone states a differing opinion they are told they're opinion is wrong, or they need a break? Why? Because they don't agree with you? People have disagreements everyday and continue to thrive. Bullying is not a good look on anyone.

    Just because someone doesn't like what he's done or said doesn't mean that they hate him, or think ill of him. They're just offereing a different view point.

    There are some really great and nice posters on here, and I really don't feel they should be silenced because they have a different opinion.


    D :)

    OK, I get we are all entitled to our OPINIONS! How the hell ever... you DIDNOT just call a fellow GAL a fooking BULLY!!??

    MODS~ I think this has gone far enough. There will be nothing else gained by this thread. Slap me if I need it, but as a victim of bulling, my hackles are waaaaayyy up.

    Actually those were your words. I've been a victim of bullying too, and other not so pleasant things.

    If you have anything to address to me please feel free to send me a pm.


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