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  1. DQ is entitled to her opinion. I didn't think it was funny. That's my opinion. Life is moving on. What's more distrubing to me is if someone states a differing opinion they are told they're opinion is wrong, or they need a break? Why? Because they don't agree with you? People have disagreements everyday and continue to thrive. Bullying is not a good look on anyone. Just because someone doesn't like what he's done or said doesn't mean that they hate him, or think ill of him. They're just offereing a different view point. There are some really great and nice posters on here, and I really don't feel they should be silenced because they have a different opinion. JMO D
  2. If you read the whole thing.....right after....I said, 'which he is NOT'. I think sometimes people respond to newbies and try to get them in line instead of giving them a fair chance. I'm sure you can understand how I feel! All is well!
  3. I enjoyed the interview. He looks good, but tired. I love the ring. D
  4. A little harsh. I'm sure he was kidding ... and even if he wasn't so what? Do you not remember the interviews where Gerry has said people take things out of context. You know where he'll have to say 'I'm kidding' or someone will print exactly what he says, and it looses the humor? This article was clearly a print of what he said on the Scott Mills show, and all those things were said in jest. The print article did NOT add in the humor, thus giving it a different color. I was not slagging Gerry in any way. D
  5. The way I interpreted the Scott Mills interview was that he was joking. Now you read this article and it totally makes him see like a raging d-bag, which he is not. I"m about over these effin interviews. D
  6. Dana you did a great job handling yourself. You were very gracious, and nice. It is possible to have a fufilled life without having a man in it. I think the general consensus among people who don't get the fandom is that Gerry fans are all fat, middle aged, lonely women who are waiting for him to come into their lives and then they fall instantly in love. Huge misconception, but it's out there, and it appears that the interviewer may have that mentality. D
  7. I agree with you. I think Goldie and Kurt are a great example. Over thirty years and still together in a country with a divorce rate hovering at just over fifty percent. Susan and Tim are still going strong. She's sexy and older than Mr. Robbins, and I give her major props for that. Gerry doesn't seem very conventional to me. He tried the convential life as a solicitor, and it didn't work out so well, but hey, I don't know him so I could be wrong. It's better to be with the right person later in life, then getting married and having children because of societal, religous, and other people's moral pressures, or because you are on some weird time line (I think most of us go through that!). I really enjoyed the article, and he seemed really relaxed with the interviewer. It sounds like he's been doing some serious soul reflection between the good times, LOL. I totally get that, as I've been doing the same. He'll make the right choice for himself. D
  8. I often feel like a person without a homeland. I was born in the US and have lived here my whole life, but I've never really thought of myself as an American. I mean, I know I am, (because what else would I be?) but I've never really felt a connection to an American culture (oxymoron? Even if we were unified in that way I'd hesitate to call what we contribute to the world "culture"), or taken pride in being an American. I feel very out of place here. That's why I am so impressed by how fiercely Scottish Gerry is. He obviously has more than a respect for his culture, more than a love... It's like Scotland is part of him, and he carries it wherever he goes. I bet he finds it laughable that people could accuse him of turning his back on his Scottish heritage. I thought this article did a great job of communicating that which those of us who pay attention already knew: Gerry is a Scot, through and through. Steph After traveling to Europe, Middle East, the Gulf, and Asia I would say America def has a culture because people really take that sh*t on, LOL! Although, I know Europeans especially Brits like to say we have no culture, LOL. We are one of the youngest, if not youngest 'civilized' nations out there. I can understand you're feelings of being out of place because sometimes I feel that, especially in the ridiculous state that I live in. There are other places that I"ve been that I've felt a complete oneness, and peace being there even though I didn't speak the language. I"m not proud of all the things that America has done, and continues to do in the name of democracy. Some of those things seem more Empirialistic than Democratic. I remember being in Ireland when Bush was reelected. F*ck! I really got sick of people offering me their opinions on the American Government, and the election process. Especially since I didn't vote for the man, LOL. The hardest thing is you get painted wiht the same broad brush as other Americans who happen to be batsh*t crazy and don't know how to act, or have some effed up political views, or don't get that the world isn't as happy about American/Americans as most Americans seem to think. Overall my experiences overseas have been incredible, and the people always want to know about American cultures. Which things are real on tv shows, etc. It makes me laugh. D
  9. I'm not big on Vampire movies, but I must say Gerry's eyes look beautiful. I just love his hair short with the silver in it. It makes me *****! Love it. Brad Pitt and his IWTV and LOTF hair really did it for me back in the day. I still love him, but that hair was somethign else. It was probably a hair peice. D
  10. America has it's own culture, which is a blend of the many other people that settled here to make it what it is today. In my travels I've often heard people say that we have no culture, but in many of the places that I've been they've taken on a lot of the culture, and sub culture of the USA. No matter what accent he uses, what movies he does, or where he lives the dude will always be Scottish. Period. No matter where I go, live, hang out or whatever I'm always going to be an American. When I studied German, I spoke it with an American accent (better than most, but def not like a native). I find it interesting that anyone in the states gives him sh*it about his accent, as most of the people I know, and the regions that I've been in love foreign accents, especially anywhere on the British Aisles. Of course if you haven't traveled people tend to think you're from England. I'm pretty good with English and Irish, sometimes Scottis, but I couldn't tell a Welsh accent if it came up and kicked me in the face! My mother has been a speech pathologist for over forty years, and I asked her about accents and people losing their accents. She told me that once you finish your secondary education it is very rare that you will loose your accent. It can be done, but it takes a lot of effort. So that's why you'll have children that are from another country speaking with none of their original accent and their parents may have the same thick accent. Of course human nature is to acclimate to your surroundings. When I'm in Europe I ask for a lift or a toilet. When I'm at home in the US, unless I want someone to take me somewhere in their car, I ask for an elevator and then where are the bath/restrooms are located. There are slight differences between speaking American, and speaking English, LOL. Or atleast the Brits do love to tell us that, LOL. The thing that always gets me is the football, LOL. It makes me laugh how crazy people get when you say soccer, LOL. If you want to get someone all worked up, and get a twenty minute lecture on why America is evil call football, soccer! LOL. Of course Scottish people aren't much different from regions of America. I'd love to live in Germany, London or Dublin. Now when I tell people in the midwest and the South these things they get really defensive. They want to know what's wrong with America. Am I trying to be unAmerican. You know crazy sh*t like that. Then again you have to consider the source, so I usually don't give it a lot of thought. One thing I've learned through all my travels is that I'm an American girl through and through. I don't do shared bathrooms unless Iknow you. It totally freaks me out, LOL. I do eat the foods of the countries that I'm in , but I'm not above stopping into McDonald's, KFC, or Pizza Hut when I want the familiar feeling of home. Why is everyone so hopped up for Gerry to get married? Everything happens in it's own time. Things tend to happen when you least expect them. I'm sure he'll find the right woman to settle down with, and he'll eventually have children. Right now, he's enjoying the beauty of the world. The world is big, and their are a lot of beautiful people in it. Got to love the Bday parties! I'd so love for Jamie Foxx to plan a bday party for Gerry. Now that would be the party of the century, LOL! Sorry so long, D
  11. Craig Ferguson is a hot da*mn mess, and I love him for it! I love watching Craig and Gerry together they make me laugh. D
  12. That was cute! I think I'm going to have to check out a European movie premiere, LOL...I love travelling so who knows? I must say he does get this look on his face like 'are f**king kidding me with this question, AGAIN?' when they ask about his love life. It makes me laugh. He's very polite though, because I'd be done with it. I LOVE the suit. The brown is an interesting change for him. I like it. He looks very, very delicious! D
  13. That was effing hilarious! I loved it. Craig Ferguson is a hot mess, and the two of them together are a hot d/amn mess, LOL! I love it....something great before I went to work and got down to the grind. D
  14. Nice pics, and I do like the jacket. So it's about 13 hours to North Africa from JFK, and then another 8 hours from Moracco to Berlin. Let's not forget the parties in between the flying, LOL. I'm sure he's exhausted, but oh so happy. I wonder if he flew a Citation. Those planes are nice, and they are fast so it may've cut down on the flying time, but I can see him doing private air travel rather than your basic airline. It wouldn't surprise me if the owner of the resort had a plane that picked up certain guests, or several planes that chartered them there. D
  15. I've got to call you out on that one....Rosario Dawson is hot. I thought the picture was sexy and a bit sweet! Work. It. Rosario! Love her! D
  16. I must say that Gerry looks quite comfortable with the very pretty, dark curly haired chick in the picture. She's gorgeous, and he's hugging up on her tight, LOL. Naomi looks fierce. Say what you want about Naomi, that chick knows her worth, and she capatilizes on it. Props to her for that. Except for the pic with the dark, curly haired woman Gerry looks like he can pretty much take or leave everyone that is there. I'd much rather be in the North African warmth than in the freaking cold a*s*s weather that I'm in now, LOL. D
  17. Man...seeing these pics is bitter sweet for me. I had some of the best times of my life in the Gulf/Middle East! I met some cool people and stayed at a few fabulous hotels, and had a lot of fun! *sigh* I'm jealous of Gerry right now! I hope you're having a great time, Gerard Butler! D
  18. I'm not big on musicals, and I haven't seen the POTO. It's just never really interested me at all. I've heard Gerry sing, and he's got a decent voice. I just like him much better in non singing, and dancing roles! Of course his dance in RocknRolla with Thandie Newton was tops, and it made me giggle! D
  19. The d**n thing is blocked! F***! It reallyl annoys me when my job blocks things that I want to enjoy! Jacka***s! Ah well, back to work! D
  20. That is very, very cool! He's a great guy, and it's nice to see that he remembers. What a great guy! D
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