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  1. As far as marriage, fidelity, etc. it's always been my opinion that you can't wreck a happy home. Period. D
  2. I still don't get it. Greek women like threesomes? Pretty sure they're not the only ones. C'mon Tanaya ... you can't drop that little bomb and then leave us. Um, I'm sure a lot of women like threesomes, LOL. I'm sure if you ladies think about ancient Greek history you'll get it, LOL. Kyriem- I'm sure you can handle the threesome thing, but judging from that twelve page thread you, me and a few others were in the minority, LOL. D
  3. It took me a minute on the wives tale....but I follow you DQ. Let's just put it this way ladies...there is a 12 page thread on threesomes where people are expressing their, shock, dismay and sadness, LOL....if you can't handle threesome you DO NOT want any part of this old wives tale, LOL! Night ladies! D
  4. This sounds interesting. I read somewhere that they're doing it as a modernized version of the Shakespeare play. I've never been big on Shakespeare and somehow I scammed my way through that section in high school and college. Now, I'm wishing I hadn't, LOL. It'll be intersting to see it. D
  5. Yes it would. I think that would be a good question for someone to ask him one day. Then again, if it were a public interview, Gerry has too much class and is too nice of a guy to put anyone down. But it would be nice to hear how HE feels about these things. I also don't like the expression "beating a dead horse". You don't like the conversation, stay out of it, but don't tell others how long a conversation should last. Great advice. Maybe you should take your own advice, and not tell others on what they can and can not comment on.
  6. Delene very well put post. So, if I listened to the interview and enjoyed it, but I'm not white.....does that just make trailer trash, wanna be white trash, or just plain ole trash? It's late I haven't quite figured it out. One thing I didn't realize that there were underagers here. It makes sense not to post it because those who are under 18. Although the link was posted where they can get access to it anyway..... Enough of the dead horses...I"m carrying my trashy a** to bed! D
  7. No problem, Dr. Em. I respectfully disagree with you! It's a dead head horse at this point.....
  8. Censor away. I just get a little irritated when I have other adults dictating to me 1)what they think I can and should listen to 2) projecting their feelings onto me/or another person (Gerry in this case) I'm sure I'll be met with a roar of we're protecting Gerry's, and you can leave if you don't like it's, but I feel how I feel. They're morning shock jocks, and when she started off talking about her hard nipples, and his hairy peener it's obvious which way the interview is going to go. Gerry was laughing, and good natured about it. Then when she started asking him where he met women, etc...he got a lot nervous, and seemed to put an end to it. I'm surprised his people didn't know what kind of show it was. There are a lot of shock jocks out there that do the early am stuff. You have Howard Stern to thank for the raging popularity of morning shock jocks. If you're easily offeneded it's the wrong thing to listen too, but if you can take things with a grain of salt and keep it movin....it's funny. D
  9. If anyone has a link that works I would appreciate someone sending to me via pm. I would ask that this clip does go to multi media. It's nice to have a choice to listen and view what you would like, rather than have it censored! I know I'm in the minority here. I guess I feel that Gerry is a 40 year old grown a** man who can and will quite easily but a stop to anything that he finds absolutely ridiculous. JMO D
  10. I was hoping that Jamie Foxx was going to plan Gerry's 40th....talk about biblical, LOL. Good times! Going home to Scotland sounds like a ton of fun! D
  11. I'm really excited for how well this film is doing! Everyone that I know of that's gone to see it is very impressed. Good job to Gerry, Alan, Jamie et al. I'm suffeciently impressed. D
  12. WOW! Ten pages all about a threesome, ROFLMMFAO! I can't remember who said it, but they were spot on when they said this board of FANS were making a bigger deal of it than anyone else, LOL! One thing I learned a long time ago is that you never know how deep someone's freak streak runs, and you rarely if ever can judge that on appearances. D
  13. I feel you Xan! I just watched the interview, and I'm still trying to figure out why everyone is all to peices over that one question, LOL.
  14. That show is like that....those are the type of questions they ask. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm really surprised that some people are all up in arms about a threesome, LOL. When I heard it made me giggle, LOL. D
  15. I didn't see it as the judge's fault at all. If someone brings in tainted evidence, what is she supposed to do? Should she keep it in because she doesn't like the defednat? That also goes against the spirit of the justice system. The first people he got to, simply interpreted what had already been put on the books by the legislature. His coup de grace was to take out the people that made the laws. Maybe if the police hadn't of tainted the evidence in some way Darby would've been on death row, or at least doing life. The entire thing was a hot damn mess.
  16. Did I miss this part? Did the spy tell them that? I don't remember hearing that at all during the movie. What am I missing??? When Jamie and the DA had the meeting with the DA's friend. The guy with the winter hat on.....he explained Clyde's job. He said that he was a brain, and he planned how to kill people without actually being there. That guy was a spy, and he said spy's were a dime a dozen but what Clyde did was basically rare, and pretty special. Sounds to me like counterintelligence work. D
  17. LOL! I noticed the way he licked his fingers, and it was quite distracting, LOL. Good times! DQ it sounds like you had a great time, and it's cool to be privy to that. Hmmm, as far as Clyde I sympathized with him losing his wife and child. It was tragic. However, Clyde did wet works/black ops for the CIA. His business was murder. What makes a man seperate himself and get right in his mind with killing others, as part of his job. I've met SEALS, Force Recon, Snipers, etc.....so they all have a job to do...but they all know that killing is part of that job. So, what makes a man put aside that basic moral compass and say....'ok, for the greater good...I"m going to eliminate this guy.' If he'd immediately gone after them I would say that it was purely vengeful. He waited ten years, and plotted this thing out. That adds another even more dangerous component to his persona. I want to call him a pure sociopath, but sociopath's mimic emotions they don't feel the same range of emotions that a normal human feels. Jamie's character was typical prosecutor. Due to pure arrogance he pushed that deal off onto the man. It's ridiculous,but it happens. The GreenRiver Killer (killed unchecked in SeaTac area for almost thirty years) didn't recieve the death penalty because he promised to give detailed discriptions of where to find some of the missing women. Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano did five years for confessing to 19 murders, and testifying against John Gotti. I digress, I do that...sorry, ladies! I think if Jamie's character had at least made an effort to keep the man informed of the case, and explain what and why they were doing things it would've at least seemed like he gave a crap. The part where he killed the judge made me jump, LOL! It was lik her head split in two, and it was quite disgusting. Also loved the court room scene where he asked her if she took it up the arse, LOL...that made me laugh really hard. Sorry for the ramble ladies!
  18. My apologies! I was talking about People Mags sexiest man of the year! That pic...well DAMN!
  19. Damnit! I missed it, and I wanna see it....and the damn thing is not up on youtube yet! For f**** sake why was I out exercising, LOL?
  20. They'll come around, Xan...everything in its own time, LOL!
  21. I always thought it was weird when people didn't have crushes, LOL! So I can relate to people who do have them. Gerry is hot, talented, and seems incredibley down to earth. There is nothing wrong with liking the dude! I'm new here myself, and I do enjoy the videos that are here for us to take in as often as we like! As long as you keep it in perspective it's all good! WB! D
  22. I was interested in seeing that show as well! Hopefully someone will come across the video soon! D
  23. I went on line and found a couple of their videos. They're from the nineties and they don't curse very much....they're nineties boys. Prime Minister Pete Nice is the guy in the suit....if you look around thirty seconds you can see how he's all bent over an moving his hands the way Gerry was the other night. There is a video with him wearing a white suit, but I can't effin think of it.....then if you go to around 1:20 you get more of him and the walking stick!
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