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  1. I really enjoyed this one...especially the anal probe thing, LOL. It made me giggle During the skit it dawned on me who he looked like. I don't know if any of you are rap fans past or present, but he looked like Pete Nice from 3rd Base,LOL. Pete Nice used to wear a white suit, and had a cane/walking stick and would rap all hunched up, LOL. I always thought he was hot back in the day, LOL...and Gerry reminded me so much of him especially doing those gas faces he was doing, LOL! D
  2. I've met and talked with a few Spec Ops guys, and they're very interesting characters. I even dated a Navy Seal one time, LOL...he would never sit with his back open...always had to be facing everything, and always knew how many exits/entrances existed wherever we went. It was weird to me, but hey, I didn't live in that world. Clyde's character is the most interesting. IMO all 'deviant' behavior can be rationalized in some way, and saying your doing something for the greater good is the most common and easiest way to sell it. The person that finds, sells the idea, and then trains a person like that is actually much more scary than the killer IMO. There are some interesting moral questions in this movie. D
  3. Xan I don't know if I would've been as sympathetic toward Clyde if I'd known more. That little five minute snippet about him being a brain working in conjunction with the CIA said so much about who he was as a person. Anyone that works black ops for a counterintelligence agency, IMO, lives in murky moral waters on a daily basis. Clyde seemed like a great guy with the perfect family, but looks can be decieving. I felt for his character's loss. He may've been doing CIA black ops for his version of the greater good, but it takes a 'special' person to kill for that belief. Jamie's character was greedy and insensitive to the human collateral. I think Gary did a great job of keeping the story moving, and the characters actions all made sense. It unfolded at a nice pace. Clyde was a serious freak show. I always say becareful how you treat people because you never know who you're dealing with. D
  4. My mother and son saw the film on Saturday, and I saw it on Sunday. I loved it! Everyone gave incredible performances, and I"m suffeciently impressed by it. Clyde has got to be one of my favorite sociopath/borderline-personality disorder villians. It was a great role for Gerry. and he did a fabulous job! He's coming along on the American accent! I couldn't imagine having to speak for 18 hours per day in an accent other than my naturual one. I must say that I liked the rolling r's that came across when he said D'Arby. Sexy, sexy... Great movie and def worth the price of admission. D
  5. Jennifer 10 I loved the Scottish to English translation, that was hilarious. The Beauty and the Beast big arse thing was great, and very very funny! The other stuff was marginal. Gerry did a good job with the material he had to work with. D
  6. I too, enjoyed Righteous Kill (DeNiro and Pacino? LOL, seriously), but I am really excited that this movie is doing so well. It's great to see his production company off to a great start. D
  7. Maybe the guy's gf got turned on when she saw Gerry on screen, LOL, and now he's pissed. Could be the guy has no taste, and just didn't like the movie.
  8. I rarely listen to critics. I think most of them are frustrated actors or writers. Being in the public eye you put yourself up for a lot of ridicule, and jealous people. However, some times some of the sh*t they say is spot on. Other times I'm like, 'Dude, seriously, you just need to have a seat, and shut up.' As for the Charles thing I thought he was refering to a name he gave his ****. Those two seemed to go way too far when they're together which I absolutely love! Gerry is pretty private about who he's dating, so I find it hard to believe that others in the industry would just blow him up like that. Especially on a non-gossip themed show. The only thing I know for sure about Gerry's dating/sex life is that he's not giving me any, the stingy bastard, LOL! J/K. I also wouldn't lend much credence to Just Jared. I've read those things....some of the people are hilarious! Others are a hot damn mess! I've read one or two things on there that had any of the slightest ring of truth to it. It is funny reading though, LOL! D
  9. Everytime I hear about Gerry and cupcakes it makes me think of a song. It's a little kid that sings it, and it's called 'Cuppycake'...it's the cutest thing ever. I'm going to find it and post it on here. It makes me laugh, and I think you guys would get a big kick out of it. Alan Rickman will always be Hans Gruber to me, LOL! Best bad guy ever! He did a pretty dead on American accent in Die Hard (the first one)! I thought he was sexy as hell then, but I"m not so sure about now. Is Jonathan Rhys-Meyers on that list? Those eyes and that accent does it for me...seriously..... D
  10. I'm American, and I can't tell Canadian accents either, LOL. If you go to Minnesota or Wisconsin then its really difficult to know if someone is Canadian or American because the accents are very similar.
  11. When I first heard Gerry speak I thought he was Irish. I can tell an English accent from a Irish one...but I can't tell the difference between Scottish and Welsh, and apparently Irish, LOL. It's especially funny since I used to spend atleast once a month in Ireland over the course of five years, LOL. I find it very difficult to understand people from Belfast, and Scotland especially if they start talking really fast! I also have a bit of a tough time distinguishing between Australian and New Zealand accents. It can be very frustrating at times. Sometimes, I get stumped with German and Dutch accents (when theyr'e speaking English, LOL) I do love a man with an accents. My favorites are Irish, Scottish, German and then English.... Yummy, D
  12. I saw the show this morning, and let me tell you...DAMN! Dude was looking hot! I like the scruffy, but I like the clean shaven too! I love that Doors song and he and Jimmy did a great job at it. Of course you can't eff up too much when you have The Roots backing you. I saw those guys live years ago with Lauren Hill, and have been completely impressed with them since. They also performed with Jay-Z, and brought the house down. I'm still on the fence with Jimmy Fallon as a host of a late night talk show. He seems very uncomfortable. He was also sh*tty on fire when Gerry wouldn't stop cursing. It reminds me of my boss....she sends us emails about the language in our department, and how it needs to stop. No sooner do we get the email then someone yells out f*ck at the top of their lungs, LOL. Ahhh, good times.... D
  13. Why in the hell did he wear those big, lace up boots just so he would have to take them off at the airport, LOL! That's such a pain in the butt, grrrrr! I hate it when I have to do that crap, it annoys the hell out of me. D
  14. ROFLMMFAO! That was so funny! I can't wait to read the spin offs of that response, LOL.... Cool dude...
  15. I saw part of this...he seems so nice, and funny! I hope that with his star on the rise like this that he can still continue to give time to his fans! Im speaking in terms of security, not bigheadedness! Blessings, D
  16. It's all good Steph...I do it myself, sometimes. D
  17. I enjoyed the interview! I must say that I'm really looking forward to the Craig Killbourn interview...they're a hot mess when they're together, I can only understand about 3/4's of what they're saying, and they both tend to cross the line a little...makes me happy! Someone mentioned people on the net complaing about him having too many movies out....seriously, people are just annoying and ridiculous sometime. It's great to see a working, successful entertainer. I like the fact that he's willing to great roles as opposed to only wanting to do starring roles. JMO D
  18. Maybe it was a warzone back then. Although in America I connjure up thoughts like The Robert Taylor Homes (Cabrini Greene in Chi, which were shut down because they were so awful. I knew a Chicago cop that refused to take calls in that area, because he was afraid of getting killed. Yes, I'm dead serious.), Red Hook, and Bed Stuy projects in New York, and anywhere in South Central. So, when he says it's a war zone...I'm thinking it was straight ridiculous, like some of the above mentioned projects. Then I think, hell it was Scotland 30 years ago, so he must be exagerating a little bit. JMO Gerry is entitled to his own opinion. He was ten years old thirty years ago. The two men in the article need to have a seat, and realize that in the eyes of a ten year old it was probably a war zone. Everyone is quick to defend their position without taking into account the other person's view. I'm pretty leary of people when they can't atleast acknowledge that they, or where they're from have a bit of a past or reputation. JMO, D
  19. I didn't criticize you, or anyone else. I made a simple statement. It's something that I believe is very true. I'm sorry if your upset or offended. Everyone has their own things going on in their lives, and what one posts is only a small glimpse of how we feel and what we believe. That's very true. It's good to know that you have that in your mind while your reading my posts as well. Love and light, D
  20. Hey there Angelbaby14! Nice to meet you! Gerard is ridiculously sexy, talented, and he makes me giggle and a little horny at the same time.... D
  21. WOW! I honestly feel bad for this dude! There is no way in hell he could ever live up to the expectations that some fans have placed on him. I guess everyone has their Superman..... I like his movies. He's a talented man, amongst many talented people. I saw an interview with him, and I thought he was funny, endearing and charming. Those are all great things, but the fact that he's a bit crude, and self depricating made him much more interesting to me. He's polite, and professional but there is something simmering under the surface.....right at the edge, a polite inappropriateness, and I'm intrigued. If any celeb is marketed as the perfect family man, bf, gf, mother, etc....I immediately throw the bullsh*t flag. No one's perfect...the things that make people intersting and entertaing are the things that are completely effed up about them. Perfect man? Not hardly....someone good to lay it down with? Maybe....Normal dude, with real life problems, foibles, etc...for sure. It's what I like about him. JMO. D
  22. A little arse never hurt anyone. Anyway, wasn't it Colin Farrell who did a full frontal nudity scene that they had to pull. The official reason was that test audience's said it was too distracting. Apparently Colin is gifted/blessed! Me thinks some of the boys were a little disturbed by it.... Makes me giggle.... D
  23. Why did that guy call him Gerald Butler all damn night long? It really irritated me....I think I'm tired. D
  24. I can relate about the rumours. It's really hard when you have to face the people everyday, and you know they're talking about you, or making some sort of weird judgement on you based off of half assed information. Some rumours can be hurtful and mean. You have to wonder about the person starting them. Is this person a raving b*tch? Are they lonely? Did you snub them in some unknown way? People get lost in their own thing, and they project those feelings onto you in various ways. I've never spread a rumour, but I have participated in gossip, so I don't come with clean hands. I've been reading some of the comments on Just Jared after they show pix of Gerry out and about. Good lord....why is it that every successful, single, male actor over 35 has the gay rumour? Matt MCC, George Clooney, Vin Diesel, Hugh Jackman and a few others, and now Gerry all have this rumour. Drives me apesh*t! It's not the fact that they may or may not be one way or another, it's the dumb arse reasons people give for it. Of course they're always backed up by someone who posts under a bogus name, with some questionable story. I've seen some strange and weird stuff in my time, and you never really know how deep someone's freak streak runs, so anything is possible. However, not everyone is doing freaky stuff! They're either gay, or manwhores that date teenage models. Though I have seen some evidence of the barely legal model dating phenom (though not with Gerry). It just annoys the sh*t out of me about how quick people are to believe something considered salacious (sp)? Yeah, there are gay people in Hollywood. So? They're gay people in every facet of life. I guess it just gets old...but on the upside, it means his career is def on the rise...you don't get the gay, manwhoring womanizer rumours unless you're doing big things! Good times! Anyway, I'm done.... D
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