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  1. I'm stoked for this movie! Set it Off was one of my all time favorite movies. D
  2. AT I agree with you! I've done the rock and roll thing, and you do get a sense of commraderie. It's great times, but I've def run into some kooks! But you meet those all over, so.... I've been reading some of the gossip sites, and more than anything, they make me laugh my arse off! Some of these people are bat sh*t crazy! No wonder peeps have bg's! Good lord, LOL! D
  3. I've heard paps say that they get tips from celeb publicists. I think they've even talked about it on TMZ a few times. Ladies, I don't think J10 was referring to everyone that goes to those events as crazed fans, LOL. I would love to go to a premiere, or attend a red carpet event as a guest. I think that would be the coolest ever. Rock n Roll fans will stand out for hours waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite band, or band member, so I guess it's not much different. Most of the rock fans are cool, but there are a bunch of crazies out there that ruin it for the good ones. D
  4. J10 I agree! I've heard from various friends that a lot of celebs (even real ones, with real careers) will have their publicists call the paps and give them sighting information. As far as the Hills, the Kardashians, et al....they've done nothing to earn their fame. Nothing. When I think celeb....I think of people who actually make money in a creative endeavor (acting, writing, directing, telling jokes, singing) that has become so successful that they are able to entertain the masses. Some of them I like, some of them I don't....but they have my respect because they actually effin DO something. Most of the reality people.....just a bunch of media whores that got lucky! D
  5. You're watching the classics! There have been some very big talents that came out of Saturday Night Live! Dan, John, Chevy, Eddie, Gilda, et al....Everyong except John (RIP) have gone on to monumental careers! D
  6. Patsueb, I stand corrected! I remember hearing about that now that you mention it. I didn't know why it never got legs, but it's interesting to know. This is an interesting conversation, and will more than likely be a never ending one! As long as we have celebs, and paps it will all be the same stuff. D
  7. I think him telling jokes would be great. He's so f****ing funny! He makes me giggle, LOL! I think he would be great fun if you're sitting in a bar drinking with friends. Lots of laughs, smiles and good times. D
  8. I remember when George Clooney spoke out! They boycotted taking pictures of him at his premiere! I don't remember which one, but there was a big story on it. George's career hasn't been effected, and they are back to stalking him and his gf's. I don't know....I would just feel weird and untalented if I were earning my living like that. Yet and still, I look at the pix, and watch the shows! In one of my Uni classes back in the day, I'd decided to do a paper on the arguement for a celebrities right to privacy. I went to my professor with the information that I had, and asked her for help. She flat out told me she would FLUNK me if I did that paper. I'm paraphrasing here, but she said celebs have very little right to privacy, because they use 'us' (media) for their own end, and when it doesn't suit them they want 'us' to go away. Needless to say, I changed my paper topic. Got an A, but I was sh*tty on fire after that! Oh yeah...it was a journalism class! Although paps, TMZ, Perez Hilton are not legit journalist, or photo journalists they are lumped in there. My professor? She's tops in her profession, and well respected the world over. Crazy stuff! D Sorry about the run ons, and misspellings, LOL!
  9. I do watch TMZ from time to time, and I especially watch if they have a blurb about someone that I like. I don't purchase the gossip rags, but if they're laying around I read them if someone peaks my interest. I don't believe half of what I read, and most of what I see...so I take it all with a grain of salt. Creating legislation? There are anti-stalking laws, and privacy laws. However, there are allowances for dealing with public figures. I believe the laws vary from state to state. Can you imagine being a Congressman and going on record that your new fight is making sure the paparrazi leave celebs in peace? Healthcare issues, taxes, violent crime and other social ills rank are high on the list. Americans love celebrities, but more than that we love to watch people fall in disgrace. It's sick. We live in a culture that lives to build people, only to tear them down. People see a guy doing well, living the dream and they're all about it. Then next thing you know... the subtle decent into madness and destruction begin. People slowly chinking away at the armor, looking for a reason to make someone that is happy as miserable as they may feel. IMO, there is a contingent that believes that they are owed something when people are public figures. You see George, Gerry, et al doing well, so now 'we' are entitled to know all that we can about you, and if you tell me to eff off, then you're at fault. I paid to see your movies and supported your career when you weren't big. It's like a sick form of jealousy. Why is this guy living his dream, and I'm stuck in this bs job with these people that I hate, blah blah blah. Then again, there is another explination, a very simple one. Nosiness, voyeurism, whatever you want to call it. Personally, this is the category that I fit into, LOL...my mother always told me that I needed to mind my damn business, and I would avoid trouble, LOL.... Also, Perez Hilton is a d***e bag! I've read his site....not Page Six...but whatever! JMO
  10. She was adorable....and well Gerry....DAMN!
  11. He was very nice, but dude shoulda got the hint. Seriously, it's all about dollars. If people feel that strongly about the issue then they should write to the sponsors of the show, and threaten to boycott their products. So, until someone is severley hurt, or killed in the pursuit of a celeb nothign will be done about it. In America, we're reactive, not so much on the proactive side! JMO D
  12. The AA are very political. It annoys the sh*t out of me. I was so excited to see Slumdog Millionaire. I was stoked to see it in the movies that were playing on the plane, and then I looked at like twenty minutes of it, and fell asleep. Then on the second round of playing the movies, I watched it again....still nothing....fell asleep. I just wasn't into it at ALL. It didn't move me at all..... However, that's the way it works in so many areas of life. So, that's not different from working in an office and the bosses best friend gets the promotion over you, or someone more qualified. It happens. As a performer, or artist I'd shoot more for a successful, lucrative, long career, and if you get some great awards that'll be cool! D
  13. Loved JBJ back in the day! One of my first crushes! But Gerry.....well damn! Seriously.... D
  14. I understand why the Scottish accent is not always appropriate. The accent thing can also bite you in the arse....Merle Streep is a prime example of that. POWERHOUSE actress, but there is often an attitude of 'Oh great, what accent is she doing now?' Of course her career has been incredible, and will continue to be so. I would hate to see that happen with Gerry, but I get the idea that somethings can't be gotten around. Toni Collette is another powerhouse actress that is good with accents. When Denzel left the good guy behind, put his image to the side and did this guy.....holly crap! He broke it down. Gerry is that good as well. I like diversity, and someone that is willign to stretch themselves beyond what they've previously known. All that being said...the Scottish accent really turns me on...seriously. I'm an accent girl....especially love Irish, and Scottish....and not necesarrily in that order! D
  15. It's all good! You took me off guard for a minute! Yes, Renee was great as Bridget Jones! You are right about Matt. Russel Crowe has done it, Robert DeNiro has done it....they're all great! I'm sure Gerry would do it for a movie role! I just like looking at him the way he is.....sorry, just being a bit shallow and selfish! D
  16. Ok...I may get my butt kicked on this one...I'm done with the American accent! It's really good, and believable....but I like his normal Scottish accent. Much sexier
  17. Nice pics! He looks damn good! You can play it safe and sit on the sidelines, or you can try to make things happen for yourself. Personally, I'd feel like a jackass tracking dude down to where he hung out, and then trying to talk to him. However, some people don't. I think if they can say hello and then keep it moving then it's not such a big deal. Unfortunately, people get lost in their own fantasies, and that's where things become dangerous. I guess if the people who are offended by the pics of him walking down the street on his own time, dont by the papers, or look at the tv shows where these things are published and broadcast things will change. Until then tracking people down in their private time will remain the thing to do. The only time I really felt uncomfortable, and bad for Gerry...was when TMZ caught him making out with a really pretty girl at an outdoor arcade. As bad as I felt for them both...I watched it. More than once. But, I'm a freak like that.... I must say that Gerry is pretty patient, but you can always tell when his temper starts to flare....LOL, even with that smile on his face. D
  18. Were you implying that Halle and Denzel won because they are black? In the entire HISTORY of the Academy Awards, Halle Berry is the only black female to win the statue for best actress. From what I saw of Monsters Ball, she gave a kick arse performance! Denzel should've won years ago for some of his other roles....however that dirty cop role really showed his range as an actor. I love Denzel, but seriously, I get sick of the good guy all the damn time. I like Gerry switching it up. He's good, and can go the distance, and have a career that rivals some of the greats....Newman, DeNiro, Pacino, Hopkins.....I think he should keep picking the diverse roles.....I just don't want him to gain fat for a role....I hate it when actors do that. Russell Crowe looked a hot damn mess in State of Play....I'd still go to the damn movie though! D
  19. Denzel Washington won his Academy Award for 'Training Day', and that dude, was a peice of sh*t (the character). So, you don't know how you're always going to make it to your final destination....that's why you sit back and enjoy the ride. I love thrillers...and I am really excited to see him in this one.... D
  20. AT I like the way you think! Mine is pretty good....especially the sex part! D
  21. Hey strange is not always bad! The reason the conversation went that way is because of those jeans ....so, hey...Gerry might want to rethink what he's wearing........ Besides if he's reading this section, I'm sure he's getting a great big........................wait for it....wait for it.....LAUGH, out of the entire thing. D
  22. LOL! I was talking about mine, LOL! Your was good, but mine rocked da house!
  23. Yeah...um, so where did you find that? I wanna know! D
  24. There is a book on sexual astrology that has a very interesting description for Gerry's sign....good stuff
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