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  1. Not into the high tops...but he does wear them well! D
  2. Those were excellent, very vivid descriptions! He just seems cool...like a really chill personality, and I like that.....also, very funny. It's also nice that he's unscripted as well. Some celebs can't seem to function without a script. It's not the quesetions..but the answers. From what I've seen he can answer the same question a million and one different ways...that helps to keep things fresh. Thanks ladies, D
  3. Joanna you should write romance novels, because if you can pull that description that you gave to an actual live human being together, you can come up with a killer story. He seems like he's cool as a fan, fun to party with, and kind moody and evil in that British Aisle's sort of way. You know the way that makes you tingle...and his hotness is absolutley redankulous!
  4. Hook ups generally aren't romantic, LOL....
  5. There is such a thing as hiding in plain sight! D
  6. He's mentioned before in interviews that he's been in relationships that nobody has ever found out about. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. He's also said that it's better to keep things under the radar because once the press finds out, it changes the whole dynamic of the relationship. I appreciate that he's discreet about it... it makes it that much easier for me to fantasize about him! It's never the same when I know the guy is taken. Steph
  7. That makes me giggle! Hey he was nice about it. It's amazing that he's out at all these parties, and he chit chats, but there is never any reports of him being a complete and total freak show and trying to pick up everyone that comes onto him. Discretion is an extremely sexy quality in a man! It makes me wonder if he's actually got someone at home, someone that prefers to stay out of the spotlight like a smart girl! Hmmm....but that's just me talking out loud! D
  8. Hey ladies! I would so love to download this! If anyone has any way that we can get that downloaded it would be fantabulous! D
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