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  1. If you go, get an airline that will allow Milo in the plane cabin not in cargo. Gerry has taken Lolita to Scotland for a visit. He is not there long enough for Lolita to be quarantined so there must be a way around that. Ask a Vet. I was on a plane and a man had his dog sitting next to him in First Class. He bought the dog a ticket and the dog didn't have to stay in a crate. Where there is a will, there is a way. ~HUGS~ Kathy Actually, Gerry mentioned in an interview once that he has a passport for Lolita so she doesn't have to be quarantined. I'm sure there are weight limits, etc. about which dogs can go in the cabin vs. cargo. The best thing to do is call the airlines and see which all the limits, etc. are when flying with an animal, and how long the quarantine is for. Keep us informed! Lisa Have a look on the DEFRA website. It has all the info for bringing dogs into the UK. Once they have the passport there is no need for quarantine. I've travelled with my two dogs many times and it works perfectly.
  2. Great story Delene. I can't stop laughing... Ye gotta love dogs - can't live with them, can't live without them Jo
  3. Theresa, you already know what I think of this article, but I just wanted to say it again. I love it. This man's sense of humour gets me every time . Going to read the un-cut version again
  4. I remember hearing this too. I thought he said he was gardening when he was young, and he put a garden fork or trowel 'through' his foot, which resulted in the drop foot. I may be wrong Can't remember if I read it or it was a TV interview. Jo
  5. I watched the movie before I read the book, which for me, was a better way round to do it. I love both the book and the movie even though they are quite different. I much preferred the character of Holly in the book than to the movie, she seemed a lot more relaxed. I suppose sometimes its easier to develop a character fully in a novel than in a 2hr movie.
  6. Awww nice little interview. Good find Theresa. I remember I used to watch Dumbo all the time. I used to get upset. I felt so sorry for poor little Dumbo. One of my favs though, was Robin Hood - with the foxes. I always wanted to be Maid Marian...
  7. Wait, this is the novelist Stephen King... wow. I used to read a lot of his novels when I was younger. High praise indeed, great!!
  8. I haven't seen a couple of these yet, so I will vote for what I have seen. I had to go for D2K. I just didn't get that movie at all. I didn't like any of the characters in it, and Gerry was so under used. It was showing on TV here late one night, and I couldn't see it through to the end. I had to switch off. By the by, I actually quite liked Gamer although I really didn't expect to. Granted, it's not the type of movie I could watch over and over. I couldn't stand POTO at first (shock horror!). I first saw it long before Gerry fandom and couldn't sit through more than 10mins. Now, it is one of my favourite Gerry movies, and favourite movie in general.
  9. This one required a lot of thought To me, all of the characters are sexy in different ways. In the end though, I had to go for The Stranger. Such an air or mystery around him. I just love The Stanger
  10. I'm really looking forward to this. They have got to be some of the cutest dragons I've seen...(not that I've seen many lol!) Thanks for the link Jo
  11. Wow, I never knew there was such a big Hogmanay event in Glasgow!! It looks like great fun. I went to the Flambeaux event they have in Comrie a few years back. It is great fun. There is a similar event in a town called Stonehaven (on the East cost) that I used to go to every year. They have huge cages with burning embers inside which the locals swing around their heads. Quite a sight. They progress along the main street, eventually ending up at the harbour where they throw the balls into the sea. Its a huge event. Jo
  12. This really made me giggle. I spotted this Christmas card in a shop window and thought what an excellent card for Mr Butler!!! I had to take a photo to share with everyone Jo
  13. Great pics. He looks genuinely happy. 2009 seems to have been a good year for him, I hope 2010 is just a successful.
  14. jojo23

    Winter Pics

    Glad you all like them. Its just a very heavy frost that hasn't melted for 3 or 4 days. We haven't had much snow yet. This area doesn't get nearly as much snow as it used. According to some people, it used to start in October and snow right through until March. That's climate change for you. Suzie, I know what you mean. I can't stand snow either. It can be pretty to look at, but after the first five minutes, I get sick of it. It's so disruptive. I live very close to two big ski centres. I'm sure they wish we had more snow. There are maybe 3/4 weeks of good skiing snow a year. I don't know how the keep going. Some places in the UK (not everywhere) can't handle even a little flurry of snow. Schools close, business shut, public transport stops running, traffic on the roads grinds to a halt. Theresa, a GAL can only dream right?
  15. jojo23

    Winter Pics

    I took these this morning. The dogs were enjoying their morning walk so I took the opportunity to get some pictures. The temperature last night got down to about -12c... Balmoral Castle Garden Cottage Gardens West View Looking West Hope you like Jo
  16. Great find Theresa, thanks. He does look good in that coat... I have a question, who is the man Gerry turns to talk to at around 1.14 mark? I recognise him from other things, the Glasgow premiere, a publicist... Jo
  17. Well, Moira, I won't even contemplate living without chocolate(that thought really scares me ha ha), so I guess I won't be living without this man any time soon. I going with the flow
  18. Just when I think I am starting to get a handle on this ''obsession'' (that's the wrong word but I can't think of a better way to put it at the moment)... THIS or THIS happens and I'm right back where I started. I'm powerless
  19. Aww good for you Moira. It's a really great article. Great story. I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard...
  20. So true. Its one of the things that amazes me most about him and his acting ability. All the characters he has played are all so different. Not like other actors, who IMO, are 'pinned' to one genre. Good decisions on Gerry's part. I would love to know which, of all the characters, has the most of him in them. Not as in 'how much work' he put in, but more how much of himself there is, if any, in a character. I didn't explain that very well... hohum
  21. Thats nice Dorthe. Shame you can't go. I wish they would have a screening near where I live. I would love to see The Phantom on the big screen... BTW, I just LOVE your siggy. What a great pic.
  22. I love reading everyone's story. I'll add mine even though I am still pretty much a newbie. BTW Theresa, I love your story. I had a funny one a while back. My boss is called Garry. Garry/Gerry - pretty close isn't it! I was at work last week, had to go into bosses office to ask a question. I walk in and say ''Gerry, can you tell me if...'' ooops!! I try to avoid saying his name now, I just know it will come out Gerry. I don't mind that but I think he might get a bit upset at being called Gerry all the time, lol. (Theresa, Garry, the boss, comes from Chelmsford too hehe) Anyway, back to GALS. It hit me about 4 months ago. I didn't have a clue who this man was. Even though I live in Scotland, he hasn't had that much recognition here. I saw PSILY last year. The first time I saw it, I came in about half way through and really liked it. Watched it every time it was on TV. Each time I found myself thinking 'hmm, that Gerry Kennedy is kinda nice' I didn't take it any further than that. It was only this year, when I saw the trailers for TUT that something clicked. Realising it was the same person, I had to know more. Looked him up on google, spent hours and hours on you tube watching interviews, fan vids, anything with him in it. I was hooked. Then when I fond this site, and read the 'symptoms' of GALS, I knew I was a gonner. And I just love it. Of course, meeting the man himself has just multiplied my 'symptoms' to another level... Jo
  23. Just a quick clip on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQQqX_oGcK0 Gerry's clip at 10 seconds. I like the surprised look on her face...
  24. Thanks ladies for both of these links I love this interview - he sounds so happy and relaxed. Gerry at his best again...
  25. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/film/The-Ho...-his.5864554.jp The Hollywood actor directing his own career From a pre-teen Oliver Twist to the producer and star of his latest big screen thriller, Gerard Butler has done it all. He tells film critic Tony Earnshaw about living life in the Tinseltown fast lane. GERARD Butler claims he's never had much of a plan. Instead things have just happened to him. These things include leading ladies such as Hilary Swank, Rachel Weisz and Yorkshire's Lena Headey. The movies, many of them in the last five years, have been ever bigger, ever louder and, in Law Abiding Citizen, ever more controversial. Butler is absurdly proud of this outlandish new flick, an OTT vigilante thriller in which he pursued the role of a lawyer before becoming fixated on his nemesis, a chill-to-the-bone hero/villain who seeks revenge from his prison cell. Hollywood has long enjoyed that staple of the movies, the cold tale of vengeance. Butler appears to have bought into the idea utterly, so completely has he immersed himself in the making of this slick, fanciful and nasty whodunit. "I play your typical husband, but his family are killed and brutally murdered at the opening of the movie and I'm not given any justice when I go and see the District Attorney," explains Butler. "I come back and seek my revenge on the DA and everybody who was involved in the original case. "There's definitely a lot of violence in the film, but there's also a lot of perceived or potential violence. It's incredibly tense and suspenseful, especially because whatever happens comes out of the blue. You never know where this movie's going to go." It's kind of sweet that Butler is so caught up in his own project. He's always been passionate about acting. Early days with the Scottish Youth Theatre, playing the title role in Oliver! aged 12, are ever-present in his mind. He possesses the same gung-ho attitude today – this despite a seven-year hiatus in which he trained as a lawyer. He made his film debut in 1997, opposite Billy Connolly in Mrs Brown. Three years ago, he was propelled to stardom as ultimate warrior Leonidas in 300, a blood-spattered comic-book version of the story of the 300 Spartans. Looking back to those long-ago days at Glasgow's King's Theatre, Butler recalls a craving to act that took him by surprise. Two decades later he confesses to being content in his position in the movie star firmament. "When I was younger I had such a powerful and persistent yearning to be an actor, which was like a pain in my chest. It would ebb, then come back and then go away. Most of the time I thought it was just a dream. "When I was at the Scottish Youth Theatre, I'd think I'd have a nice role in a play but that someone else should be the star. And then somewhere along the line, that changed." In Los Angeles, that industry town that masquerades as the artistic centre of the film universe, Butler hired an expensive acting coach who tapped into the actor's inner psyche in full-on Method fashion. Says Butler: "He made me delve into myself so much, my passion and my pride, my patriotism… it was such a powerful experience. And I thought 'Why shouldn't that be me up there?' Then I got my first Hollywood lead, which was Dracula, and stopped worrying!" Butler appears to have accepted his status as one of the new breed of Hollywood leading men. This year alone he's topped the bill in Gamer, The Ugly Truth and now Law Abiding Citizen. He lends his voice to How to Train Your Dragon, out in 2010, and has been working on The Bounty, in which he plays a hitman hired to assassinate his ex-wife, played by Jennifer Aniston. He calls the cramped release of his three films "a quirk of the schedule" but believes the scattergun nature of the parts showcases his versatility, albeit in accidental fashion. "I think it must have been a conscious decision, because I don't think I'd like to do three romantic comedies back-to-back," he says. "I do try and bounce from one to the other. It's more fun for me to go from a romantic comedy to a thriller to a kids' movie to a musical. I'd rather not have the three movies come out so close together, but it does manage to show my range." That's a pragmatic businesslike man talking. Butler is one of several producers on Law Abiding Citizen, so he's hardly likely to talk down his own work. Instead, he opts for a full-on charm offensive, that buoys up his own reputation while simultaneously plugging the film. You have to hand it to him. I ask if he's more comfortable in some genres than others. "It's tough, because I'd always wanted to do more comedy but then was worried because there's a difference between wanting to do a comedy and being a funny person," he replies with casual grace. "Stepping into a high-level Hollywood comedy is not always easy, although I do think I've taken to that like a duck to water. Also I feel I've proved myself in action movies. "But then again, maybe thrillers are my thing. Law Abiding Citizen might turn out to be my best performance." Law Abiding Citizen (18) is on nationwide release. Gerard Butler Factfile Born in Scotland on November 13, 1969, he won a place at Glasgow University to study law. After graduating he worked briefly at an Edinburgh legal firm before pursuing his dream to become an actor. His first roles were in Shakespeare's Coriolanus and the stage version of Trainspotting. In 1997 he starred in Mrs Brown alongside Judi Dench. His big break came when he got the lead in Dracula 2000. He is returning to where it all started in Coriolanus which will be Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut. While he now lives in America, splitting his time between New York and Los Angeles, he remains a huge Celtic fan. He is also patron of the charity Kids Kicking Cancer.
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