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  1. I am seeing that Gerry and Jamie will be on 35mm talking about LAC. It says in the info ''Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx on locking horns in Law Abiding Citizen'' Its on tonight on Sky Premiere(ch 301) at 7.30pm and I think repeated quite a few times on different channels. I will record...
  2. I think when you are talking about the football team its pronounced 'Seltic'. But the word 'Celtic' can also be pronounced 'Keltic' when saying something like 'Celtic traditions'. I probably haven't explained that very well but ye get what I mean! Jo
  3. Thanks for the link. Just listen to that accent, especially when he says 'I miss going to the Celtic games, but I don't miss hearing the Scotland results' Love it!!
  4. Just a quick little interview but some nice answers: orange.co.uk There is the trailer and then another vid where he answers questions. I love the bit in between where he is reading to himself...
  5. Short but sweet as they say. Inspector Gadget comment was quite funny . That wince on his face when she said something like 'ok, so tell me the truth...' He must have been thinking to himself 'Here we go again...'
  6. I agree, I don't think TUT needs a sequel. There isn't really anywhere else to go with that story. I really love Dear Frankie and am a bit undecided if I would like sequel for that one. I'm not sure if, for me, the magic could be captured again... JMO
  7. Hmmm, I was beginning to think that. They haven't mentioned him being on tonights show which I'm sure they would do if it was on tonight... I'll keep watching anyway - just in case
  8. Here's a good one. Maybe this has been posted already but here you go: people.co.uk 22 November 2009 Law Abiding Citizen Films Conor Nolan This taut, tense and exhilarating thriller is quite possibly the ultimate Saturday night at the movies. A tale of justice and revenge, it has so many exciting twists and turns you'll be gripped from start to finish. Gerard Butler plays devoted family man Clyde Shelton whose world is shattered by the brutal murder of his wife and young daughter during a robbery. He thinks justice will be served when ambitious lawyer Nick Rice (played by Jamie Foxx) is assigned to prosecute the two murderers. But Rice goes against Shelton's wishes by cutting a plea-bargaining deal with one of the killers, meaning the brute gets a jail term instead of the death penalty. Deeply embittered, the once law-abiding Shelton exacts his own revenge by bumping off the murderer on his prison release. Moreover, Shelton coolly admits the deed to Rice - and warns him he'll target everyone else linked to the case unless the justice system that failed his family is cleaned up. From then on, the lawyer finds himself in a desperate race against time as a series of elaborate assassinations rock the criminal world and the legal establishment. I admit I was cheering and whooping throughout this fantastic slice of cinematic entertainment which clips along at a breathtaking pace. The action set-pieces are brilliantly exciting and both Butler and Foxx (an Oscar-winner in Ray) are excellent in the lead roles, as is Colm Meaney as a top detective. Butler, who also produced the movie, demonstrates just how far up the Hollywood ladder he has climbed since first coming to prominence in the historical epic 300. The Scots-born hunk, who does a fantastic job both in front of the camera and behind it, told me his reason for doubling up on the job front: "Law Abiding Citizen has a story that turns everything you think you know on its head," he said. "It sneaks up and grabs you when you least expect". Load up on popcorn, a soft drink and sit back and enjoy the ride. Just hold on tight!
  9. Thanks Moira for the info. I will be watching...
  10. Found this link - A-Z of GB It made me smile
  11. ladies for clearing that up. I was beginning to think I was losing it. Oh and how cute... I do like to think Gerry has kept that as a little memento.
  12. OK everyone, stick with me on this one. I think I might be going a bit loopy, must be all the excitement from Glasgow!! I just received my copy of TUT in post today and am sitting watching it now. I noticed the security/ID pass that Gerry (as Mike) is wearing in a few of the scenes. Don't ask me why I noticed that of all things. Looking at it closely, there is a picture on it, which is probably supposed to be a picture of the person wearing it... I think on the one that Gerry is wearing is a picture of a Pug... Could this be a little nod to Lolita? I don't know. Just thought I would post to see if anyone else had noticed
  13. Oh Maria thank you for uploading the video you took. Watching it, for me, it was just like I was back there again. I didn't realise that he said 'sweet' when he signed my book. Bless him... You are correct, it was just CRAZY but a brilliant atmosphere.
  14. I just loved the introduction he gave for the movie. It was so nice to see happy, relaxed and just Gerry It was funny to see all the little manerisims that he has which you see in interviews etc.
  15. So everyone here is my story Where to start. I am still a bit speechless about it all really. It was the most amazing experience... I arrived in Glasgow on Saturday afternoon. I stood outside and looked at the cinema, its really huge isn't it?! I thought to myself ' wow, Gerry will be here tomorrow, I can't believe I'm here'. On Saturday evening, eight of us all met up for a meal . It was a lovely meal in a restaurant called Darcys. It was so much fun meeting everyone. They were all such nice people. We had a great time getting to know each other and of course, talking about Gerry. So Sunday was a very early start. Four of us were there from about 6.15 -6.45am. It was still dark. We didn't know what time people would start arriving. Moira has a funny story about meeting some *lovely* guys. Its not really my story to tell, so go for it Moira. So we put out seats out to claim our spot. We were getting some funny looks from people passing by. A few asked what we were doing. A man, Paul, who I think must have been a manager at the cinema, came out to check on us a few times. At about 10.30am, he came out and says ' How much do you girls love me?' 'A lot' we all scream... He said that we could go up to the bar in the cinema... It was very nice of him to do this. I think he wanted us off the pavement, as it was starting to get busy. Whatever, it was nice to get a bit of warmth for a while. At 11am, we were asked to leave because there was a meeting in there and they wanted us out. So back out into the cold we went...Jump forward a few hours, not a lot happening. Then at about 2pm, they started to put up the barriers. We had been worried that we were sitting in the wrong place. We were trying to get as much info as possible about how hings were going to work. As it turns out, we were in the perfect spot. Another two hours pass, we were starting to get really cold. It wasn't raining though, it had been dry all day thankfully. By 4pm, there were a few people starting to queue. The atmosphere was starting to build... At about 4.30pm(i don't know if I've got exactly the correct times, its all a blut at the moment) we had to fold up our chairs. They were moving the barriers about a bit, so we had to stand up. We still had the best spot. The staff were starting to tell us what was going to happen - where the red carpet would be, where the press would be, where Gerry would stop in his car, where he would stand for the press. We were just across from the press pen, you can probably tell from the photos on GALS. BTW, I hope you don't mind me writing so much. Its nice to think about it all again. Then it happened. We knew Gerry was due to arrive at about 6.45pm. The premiere film was due to start at 7.15. At 6.35, a silver Mercedes came around the corner. IT WAS HIM... He was sitting in the back along with his mother, Margaret. He was dropped of at the end of the red carpet. The screaming when he got out of the car was just unbelievable. So loud. From where we were, we couldn't quite see him. There were security guards in the way holding up the barriers. He was making his way down the line and then suddenly there he was, in full view. It was amazing to see him. Lots of people were taking photos with him, getting autographs with him etc. Marg (AKA Dragon Slayer on GALS) was standing next to me. She is the lady who gives Gerry his gum. Again, thats her story to tell, so I won't go into it. Then it was my turn. I had decided I wanted him to autograph my copy of PSILY book. He turned to me, and I was speechless. He was staring at me (probably waiting for me to say something) but I couldn't. I was just staring right into his eyes. I couldn't speak. We just looked at each other for about 3 or 4 seconds. In those seconds, all the people, the noise, the shouting, the craziness disappeared. It was, for me, just like it was me and him there alone. He has the most intense stare that just took my breath away. He looks right into you. I now bitterly regret not saying anything, even if it was just Happy Birthday, but at the time, I couldn't. I just held out my book for him to sign, which he did. He is so much more handsome in person. Very tall as we know. I was surprised actually at how slender he is. I expected him to look quite muscular and well built, but he didn't. Just the perfect shape. I think maybe the outfit had something to do with that. The jacket was very tailored. The kilt, oh the kilt. He looked amazing wearing it. He carried the whole outfit very well. Then Margaret stops to speak to us, she was very lovely. He went over to the other side of the road to greet the fans over there. There were crowds. His mum said 'this is where it can get dangerous' awwww. He was pulled away, because there were so many people not behind the barriers just crowding him. He comes back over, and shouts 'its crazy over there'. He was laughing a lot, very relaxed and in a very good mood. It was so nice to see him like that. He stood to have his photos taken for the press as you have seen and then he was taken inside, for the interviews I think. Then we had to wait to get in for the screening at 8. At about 7.45 they let us in. How exciting we were going to see Gerry again. Both Gerry and Alan were introduced and they came in. The screaming again was deafening. Then everyone started to sing Happy Birthday. He was laughing and joking. He talked about Alan, how he became his manager. Talked to some people in the crowd. Talked a little about LAC, all the time laughing and joking. He was relaxed and natural. Just perfect. He was there for 5 mins and then was gone. HE WAS GONE. Then the movie started, but I will be honest, I found it very hard to concentrate. With all the great things that had happened, I couldn't think of anything else. I was in heaven. It was the perfect day and I would do it all again tomorrow if I had the chance... Jo P.S I can't believe I've written that much, its almost a novel.
  16. Yes its true. She is a member on GALS. I was standing right next to her when she gave him the gum.
  17. ''Ohhhh, Shiny!!!'' Nice suit. Thanks Moira for the link. Can't wait to see the interview tonight..
  18. I love it when Gerry shows his deeper, thoughtful side. Interesting to hear his opinions on the movie busiess etc. Great interview.
  19. We got tickets to an advanced screening of LAC in Edinburgh. I think there was a few being held up and down the country (am I correct Moira?) It was quite a good turnout, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Can't wait until the 27th to see it again. Yes Mirin, we are still in Scotland. Hope you can make it to the premiere. Will be there. 1 week to go, yipeee!!!
  20. I like this review. I was lucky enough to see the film last week and I really loved it. I was speechless after (wasn't I Moira? ). It is one of the best films I have seen in a very long time. IMO, def Gerrys best performance. For me, he really became Clyde. I love how this review talks about 'that' moment. The one where EVERYONE leaps out of their seat with fright. Its a great moment. I can't wait to see the film again, to see everyones reaction to that part.
  21. Oh, I have got to watch the film now. I just love the music store scene. That piercing look in his eyes... *melts*
  22. Thats a lovely article. Thanks for the link Moira. The Scottish press were actually nice!! I love articles like this that show how grounded he still is. I hope there is a big crowd at Glasgow to support him. He deserves it. I'm sure one day he will find that 'magic'
  23. Where did he say that? I missed it. Theresa He says it at the end of the six pack(as I have decided to call it) interview. He says its fun to play the more psychotic roles and scare the beheebejasas out of people.
  24. OK I've decided - 'beheebiejesas' (don't think thats spelt right lol) is my new favourite saying. That made me laugh.
  25. Soooo funny!! 'I'm an artist man, you can't just cut me off...' Brilliant. I love the look on Gerrys face around the 1.10mark. Cute!! Thanks for the link
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