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  1. That was lovely. You should write more Steph. Thanks for sharing. JoJo
  2. He he thats cheered me up no end I can tell you...
  3. Blimey!! - The eyes, oh the eyes. He's got such an intense stare. And I love that shirt. He looks a lot like One Two these pics, I know, that sounds odd. But he looks like the character... I know what I mean. Its ok, I'm in my own little world and they know me here
  4. Woooooooo. So happy that he gets to bring his movie home. That will be an amazing night for him and his family
  5. So just watching his interviews again (i'm glad I actually have a proper excuse to ) i've noticed some more things that he says a lot. 'Ye know...' - He says this A LOT. In the Conan interview from this year, he says it at least 30 times. Yes, yes its true I counted. Or he says 'ye know what...' 'pretty much... and 'literally' are common too. Your right. Never say this in the UK - it means something completley different. When I first heard it used in an interview ( I forget which one), I nearly fell off my chair laughing but then realiseed it must not mean what I'm thinking!!!
  6. Hehe I say this all the time. 'Up the road' or 'Down the road'. Even 'up the way' or 'down the way'In Gerrys first interview with C Ferguson he answered something(a remark about being young and having fun...) with 'absolutley'. I love the way he says it, and for no apparent reason I started saying it too.
  7. jojo23

    We Want YOU!

    How about (going with the Scottish theme) a traditional Scottish Ceilidh. They really are sooo much fun. The music is great, cheerful & uplifting. Great in a big group. You could learn a few dances - The Gay Gordons, Canadian Barndance, Strip the Willow etc... Theres a huge amount of info on the web. Just a thought...
  8. Awww glad he is getting to come back home. He really deserves a rest. Just to know that I am in the same country as him for a short while makes me all giddy:yay:
  9. I didn't really like this interview very much but glad I have finally seen it (thanks Stuart for putting up the link). I was wishing that she would just stop asking silly questions and let the man speak. I think Gerry didn't take it seriously at all so just went with it.
  10. Goodness, what a mental image thats just created!!!!!!!!. What I would give to see that
  11. Just watching the weekend update skit again. Just after Gerry says ''its what folks here call a New York moment'', and then the guy translates '' I may or may not have slept with a prostitute last night'' - Look at Gerrys mouth, it looks like he is saying that sentence to himeslf. Can anyone else see that or am I just seeing things? This is my favourite skit. It made me laugh soooo much!!!
  12. Brilliant! Didn't he do well?! Loved 'Weekend Update' and 'Daveheart'. Couldn't stop laughing!! And all the siging and the white suit and... well, I just loved all of it!!!
  13. Yes, the Glawegian accent is very different from any other Scottish accent. I have to say, I don't particularly like a very strong Glaswegian accent but on Gerry it sounds wonderful!! Where I live, there is a local dialect called Doric. When I first moved here I couldn't understand a word but find it a bit easier now!! I find it very difficult to tell the difference between Canadian and American accents. I like the American accent.
  14. The first movie I saw with Gerry in was PSILY. I didn't really connect who it was. Then I saw trailers for TUT and thought 'hey thats the guy from PSILY'. I had to find out more!!
  15. Love it. Love it. Love it. I had to laugh when Jimmy Fallon said ''you're Scottish...right...no?'' Gerry:''Erm...YES!!'' Pretty obvious with the accent. And loved the whole 'mur-der' thing. Murder is a great word to say with a Scottish accent.
  16. There goes another one - shes hooked I've never seen this show but it looks like fun!!
  17. I agree. I don't for a second believe he dresses Lolita up. This was just a lovely photo of a nice, thoughtful gift.
  18. AWWWWWWWW she looks very cute. Looks like shes thinking to herself 'ugh, what I have to do to keep this man happy!!'. I don't really like to see dogs dressed up in silly outfits either. But as others have said coats are needed sometimes. My little dog(Millie) wears a coat most of the time here in the winter. We rescued her from Spaina couple of years back and she hasn't quite got used to the freezing Scottish winters yet!!
  19. Funny. Does everyone go 'awww' when he says 'The Notebook' makes him cry? I did.
  20. Wow. These are great. You have drawn his eyes particularly well. What a talented person you are. Thanks for sharing
  21. I love it when he sings!!! He looks happy and relaxed. Great interview.
  22. This is exciting. I have ben hoping he would be appearing on Wossy. Thanks for the info
  23. Love the vidoes with fans. he is so gracious. Brilliant cockeny accent impression - so funny!!!
  24. Haha funny pics. I'm loving all these pics and Gerrylicious news everywhere. PSILY & RnR on tv here tonight. I dont know where to look next!!!!
  25. Great pics - thanks for sharing!! Gerry looks happy(and of course gorgeous ).
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