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  1. I love how this movie manages to get such a passionate respose. But I guess its that type of movie that you can reaaly enjoy, analyze and watch over again. There is just so much happening all the time. I watched it again and there were many more things I picked up on. I eally like the beginning actually, when at the opera house, the chandeleir is the next lot in the auction and then suddenly it starts to change from black & white to colour, and everything comes back to life, dramatic music playing... love it. I watched the 'No one would Listen' scene. What a shame it was cut from the movie. Gerrys voice sounds so lovely. The words are so sad too. It shows a very tender side of the Phantom IMO. Yes I think you are all correct, this was an Oscar worthy movie no doubt and yes, a classic of the future.
  2. LOL that is so true - my friends and I have seen P&P soo many times now we know most of the dialogue off by heart. I am so glad that TUT did well everywhere.
  3. I would really love to see this but I.O.W is at completlely different end of the country to where I am!! no fair. I like the look of the Matthew Cammelle guy as the Phantom(but maybe thats only becasue he looks ever so slightly like GJB as Phantom we all love )
  4. What a lovely guy and doing this for a great cause. Yet another woman left tongue tied and blushing - add her to the list lol.
  5. Its true, there are so many excellent parts in this movie. I just love Gerry as the the Phantom. He plays it so well you could almost watch the movie without sound(not that we would want to miss the siging!) and understand what he is going through just by looking at the emotion on his face, eyes... I agree Tracy, about Raoul & Christine. I think they are very will suited and their love is strong. Christine feels for the Pahntom in a completely different way. She will be forever tied to him as he is her 'angel of music' and she is curious. Eriks love for Christine, as you say, is almost obsession. Even at the very end, with the ring and the rose, Erik is still there, he never really left Christine throughout her life. OHHH, I think I'm gonna have to watch it again now, just to check if I missed anything lol:cunning:
  6. I have just finished watching this movie for the first time and I just had to post something about it. What just happened?? This has got to be one of the most AMAZING movies I have ever seen!!! Why, WHY has it taken me sooo long to see it?! Every actor plays such a brilliant part - they all captured the feel, the passion, the(can I say) strangeness of it all so well. The music - wow the music. Andew L Webber is truly a genius. Listening to the words of the songs you can just lose yourself in another world and get swept away in the emotion of it all. THE PHANTOM - OMFGJB!! My favourite role that I have seen Gerry in so far. The range of emotions that he shows in each and every scene he is in, is... is... - well he is an amazingly talented actor. After Christine & Raoul sing 'All I Ask' and Phantom picks up the rose, starts singing - his voice shaking with emotion, then crying and looks completely devestated (I was crying by this point), then crushes the rose, turns to anger - wow, Gerry played that perfectly IMO. My fav scene from it all has to 'Point of No Return'. So so so so sexy it almost hurts to watch it. When Phantom sings '' in your mind you've already succumbed to me. Dropped all defences, completley succumbed to me'', it send shivers right through me!! I could go on forever talikng about this scene - just brilliant. I would love to know what everyones fav scene in the movie is? I am sure this has been discussed many times before but I'm a newbie and I really would love to know peoples thoughts
  7. I agree too. This is a excellent book. Its so well written and the story is so well developed. Cecelia Ahern tells this sad story in such a lovely way. I was surprised when reading it how different the book and the film actually are. (don't get me wrong, I adore the movie - it was the first role I saw GJB in). The book just has so much depth to it. My favourite part towards the end of the book had me in tears. Chapter 47. Gerry is trying to be strong but they both know. Holly is so frightened to leave him. p464 That got really got me!
  8. Nice! I find parking meters confusinf at the best of times without having to worry about people taking pictures of me and talking on my phone at the same time!! LOL
  9. My fav pic has got to be the on with the shadow!! That look, those eyes, the lips - WOW!!! And no Gerry, we will NEVER be sick of the sight of you!!!!
  10. OK I need some advice... Can anyone help? I am desperate to see this documentary but have noticed there are two versions. Is there any difference between them? I can't seem to find Wrath of Gods on amazon uk so wheres the best place to buy it from? I have seen clips of the documentary and Gerrys interview and I really would love to see all of it in full Any advice fellow GALS?
  11. Of course you can add them to your collection. I am so glad you like them. Looking at these photos reminds me how beautiful the Highlands are. I live and work in this environment but don't take much notice off it all. I really should pay more attention!!!! Here are some more for your viewing pleasure! The first one was taken on the Balmoral Estate. The big mountain at the back is called Lochnagar. In that small group of trees in a small cottage. Thats all that is up there. Very remote. The others were taken when I went on a safari on the Balmoral Estate. I hope you like them
  12. I'm watching PSILY right now. And crying. That karaoke scene when Holly is singing to Gerry. Wow sooo much amotion on his face, in all his looks!!
  13. OK So TR2 was on TV a few weeks back here in the UK. I was very excited to watch it, being new to the fanworld of GJB. It was on quite late but I was determined to watch it all. BUT I fell asleep at the best bit IMO. THAT scene I couldn't believe it. I woke up towards then end of the film so I know what happens. NNNOOOOOOOOOOO The reason I was watching it was THAT scene. :tantrum: I now have to get a copy to see what everyone is talking about!!!
  14. Glad you like them... The one of the distillery was taken from the driveway of my house. Its on Royal Deeside(about 50miles west of Aberdeen)very near to Balmoral Castle. It snows A LOT in the winter. The two of Loch Tay were taken last year. Loch Tay is in Perthsire. I went out on a speedboat just after the first one was taken and completley shattered the peace and quiet. But it was great fun!!!
  15. OK I am pretty new to this so lets see if it works(I hope so!)
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