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  1. Hi there, hope your having a Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Thanks so much for posting the interview........he's still very polite with the media.. I always love when he acknowledges the Tarts and voices his appreciation of our attention. Great interview - thank you again! Pat
  3. I'm so glad for you! Your state of euphoria will last for quite a while, if memory serves from the first time I saw him, met him in person. You are absolutely right about those eyes -they have to invent a new word in the English language to describe them and the way they "zone" in on you when he's talking or listening. I got such a charge out of reading your entire account of the evening. Congratulations on being able to keep your cool! Pat
  4. Holly: You guys must have just been in heaven! How great that he just stopped by like that. Isn't he just yummy?! I swear, he is just gonna get better looking the older he gets. And could he be nicer? A puppy! You gotta love a guy who loves his Mum and his dog. (As if we needed another reason to like him.) I'm so happy for everyone who got to see him. I remember the first time I saw him in person I couldn't believe he was really flesh and blood and not just a figment of the silver screen. One of the defining moments in my life! Thanks so much for the quick pictures..........
  5. Cootie: You have now revealed publicly that the St. Louis Tarts are extremely SICK!!! But now that it is Global Knowledge, we'll admit to having more fun than any Tart group has a right to have!! And thanks to Miss Lisa, we have our very own "Flat Gerry" - sadly, she will not share him 4 weeks at a time like the ladies with the diamond necklace, but at least we'll get to see him monthly(or more often) and that will be a big treat! As far the rest - absolutely "over 18 stuff" !! Some of our Tarts have revealed hitherto hidden depths of perversion that make a Tart proud to hold the name.
  6. I so agree with you! Or maybe it's just the feeling I get when I "think" his name - warm, cuddly, romantic, sweet - and HOT!!! Pat
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