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  1. Amazing that we get this one-of-a-kind opportunity with Sam at the convention. I cannot wait!
  2. I'm a bit excited about some of the things I'm gathering and/or creating for the auctions, but I'm not quite ready to tip my hat yet. This IS going to be a great convention. It really is. Boy would I love some of the things listed at the top of this thread! But at least I have Gerry's pants from Gamer that I got at last year's convention! It just keeps getting better and better... Leslie
  3. This is exiciting news for the people down In Louisiana, indeed! I have to say I feel a bit compelled to say a word or two in support and defense of Mathew M. In the past he has been bit of a nut and a player, but he's truly turned into a good father and is rumored to be a very nice person. ALSO...from a performance perspective if you have not seen him as the lead in the film "A Time to Kill" then you have not witnessed without question the finest performance of his career. He's magnificent in that film, and it is a wonderful, wonderful film. In fact, it actually is on my list of top 10 best films. See it if you haven't, you'll love it. It has a fine cast. I think these guys will have a great time filming together, and I look forward to seeing the result down the road. That's all, just had to pop in. Gerry will always be the absolute best, of course. I'm just glad to see him continue to make new and different films...always keeps us on our toes! Leslie
  4. I think his place in Chelsea looks absolutely fabulous. And it is too bad he doesn't get to spend more time there...at least I guess I'm supposing he doesn't get to spend a great deal of time there. It really is warm and masculine, also elegant and romantic. Hadn't looked at these photos in a bit, was a nice reminder of one of his beautiful homes. Thanks! Leslie
  5. Hi, Jon. I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's loss. There is no way to explain why these things happen. If you get the chance, please let her know she is in all of our thoughts and prayers. And she is blessed to have you as a friend. Take care... Leslie
  6. Hi, Jon! Welcome!!! You'll find a great group of people here...and we do love Gerry. He's a brilliant, talented, compassionate, sweet, fun, adventurous man. Did I leave anything out? I just wanted to let you know you are in good company...300 is my favorite film of Gerry's. And, as you said, not because of his physique in the film. For me, I feel it's his most brilliant performance. His strength, emotion and demeanor as Leonidas is fabulous, beautiful and proud. Leonidas himself would be proud of how Gerry portrayed him in the film. There is a great deal to navigate around here. But one of the most helpful things for me is going to "View New Content" just after you sign in each time. It's in the upper right hand quarter section of your screen. This shows you what posts are new in each thread since the last time you logged in. I find that helps me keep up with most things here. This is a great place for Gerry's fans. We come from all over the world, as you well know, and from all walks of life. I cannot tell you how many wonderful people I've met as a result of my admiration for this amazing man. So welcome, welcome, welcome and don't hesitate to share your thoughts, stories, questions. We're definitely here to support Gerry, but each other as well! Leslie
  7. You are amazing for pulling all this together! I just cannot wait for the convention. Thanks for all you do...
  8. Very moving and inspirational article, the best I've yet to see on the story and those involved. I'm really looking forward to this film. Thanks! Leslie
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. But as you well know you all were so blessed to have each other. Hugs to you, Sweetie... Love, Leslie
  10. I have at least two baskets going. I will most likely be doing some other things as well...can't wait 'til June!!! Leslie
  11. Lisa and Kathy...that was the first thing I thought as well...looks like G. now, but I don't think he would have looked anything like that (older) back then. He was just a young lad!!! Leslie
  12. Finally got to see this interview and it's lovely. He's always great in interviews. But I sense he especially enjoyed conversing with a fellow Scot. It's truly lovely. Leslie
  13. "testosterone rich presence" Um, yes please!!!
  14. I agree, I don't think it is Gerry. Is there any way for any one to authenticate it, though? Seems like there should be some way to do that???
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