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  1. I love the hat, and Gerry obviously does too. If he likes it so much, there probably is a personal reason. He's just like the rest of us...he has his own quirks. That hat is WAY more appropriate than many caps and shirts I've seen on other people in other less appropriate places. I say let him have his fun. As far as aging. Men in the film business have many, many more opportunities at any age than women do. Look at Clint Eastwood. He never has had plastic surgery and still the man is a gorgeous man. Paul Newman looked completely and utterly handsome right up to the day he died. Sometimes Gerry looks better than others...so do I. I think he strives to find a balance between having to maintain a certain "look" for a film or event, and then relaxing and doing what he wants for a bit. Geez, I can't imagine how tiring it would be to try to look "perfect" knowing every time you poke your head out in public someone is waiting to take your photo. That has got to be just about the worst aspect of celebrity. I've never seen Gerry at any period in time when he didn't have good days and bad in the photos we get on Gals. Hmmm...he's just like the rest of us. He just wants to be a regular person and live as regular a life as he can. He isn't fussy. That's great. The "regular guy" part of Gerry is part of what makes him a notch higher than many celebrities in my book. He keeps entertaining us, that's the best thing. Leslie
  2. Lisa...I think that story of yours is charming. It IS great that someone out there brings such smiles and happiness to us. It is ironic that you said what you did...but Gerry's all about irony...just another reason he's so enchanting, huh? I am a bit of a late-comer Butler fan. I didn't "discover" him until I finally saw POTO just short of two years ago. I can't necessarily say I "fell" for him at that time I guess. I was just astonished by his performance as Erik and how totally engrossed he was in the role. Then, like so many others, I googled him to learn more about his career. I assumed he had an impressive history of theatre performance since he was so talented. That's when I rented PSILY, which I cried through from beginning to end the first time I saw it. I still cry in several parts every time I watch it. It was after PSILY that I "fell" for Gerry during one of his interviews. It was because of something he said, I won't share what, but he touched a personal place for me. I had never seen him in anything prior to POTO. I think his acting is amazing and that he immerses himself in the parts he plays...that's why people don't recognize him from film to film...BECAUSE HE IS A BRILLIANT ACTOR!!! He plays the character, the character doesn't play him. Nice...talented...humble...funny...gracious...eloquent...elegant...smart...generous... ...so many reasons to love Gerry! Leslie
  3. Playing Bond would be way too limiting for Gerry...he's such a magnificent chameleon. I would like to see him play the charismatic gentleman in the suit...I'm sure that will come along at some point. In the meantime, as you said, Lisa, we have this commercial to replay, and replay, and replay, and replay... And, although he looks great no matter how he wears his beard or hair, I am and will remain a "scruff" lady. That scruff is beautiful! Ohhh...sweet Gerry dreams... Leslie
  4. Happy Birthday, Gerry! What a legacy you've created already at 41! In an interview I watched a while back you used the word "enthralling" to describe a scene you'd filmed. How many people can describe their work as enthralling? Hearing that overwhelmed me. You're not only smart, talented, eloquent and generous, but doing what you love brings pleasure and happiness, literally, to the world. Well done, you! Who knows what causes life to unfold the way it does. But somehow the stars aligned and 41 years ago the possibility that so many would one day benefit from your love and artistry was born. Lucky us. "How far your candle throws its beam." Enjoy and treasure each day... Love, Leslie
  5. Well, okay. I've never really chimed in on Gerry's "hair" or its length or its color, or his beard, or his weight. So I guess I'll jump in briefly. For me, one of the most intriguing and refreshing things about Gerry is his chameleon-like ability to change and evolve constantly...not only in the characters he potrays, but in life. The other thing that always strikes me is his ability to appear relaxed and comfortable in his attire, no matter what it is...one sign of confidence that is quite attractive. That being said...I don't like to see him in a tie, ever. That man's neck is masculine and strong and striking and is meant to be seen, not hidden. He doesn't wear a tie very often from what i've seen, and I'm glad. As far as his hair, he's lucky. He has fabulous hair whether it's short or long, or in between. I can remember only several photos over time where I didn't care for how his hair looked. Maybe I don't pay close attention to it. And I trust Gerry knows how to handle his weight. I actually am amazed at how well he seems to manage it and how disciplined he is. He jokes about his cupcakes, I've heard, but he appears to be very in tune with his body and has said he works closely with his trainer/nutritionist. Whatever he does, he does well...a perfectionist I suspect. Leslie
  6. This is a very interesting and very good thread. I'm enjoying all the comments and insight. I, too, consider myself openminded and selected "quite a bit." To truly learn and to truly understand people in all situations, from all places, and to understand the world itself I think we have to be openminded. To open your mind and consider that there are unlimited possibilities for all things is to allow yourself to think, imagine and grow. To have the choice to be openminded is a privelege. Leslie
  7. MOIRA...I LOVE how you think!!! That seems perfect...love it...love it...love it!
  8. I have every confidence in you, Steph. Your writing is fabulous. Sending constant mental acceptance vibes... Leslie
  9. Both LA and NYC are great places...but New York City is my love. There is no other city like it in the world. It's fabulous in so many ways. Lucky Gerry to get to experience the things he's experiencing. Living the dream, good for him! Leslie
  10. I wanna' be at a Dreamworks DVD party in NYC tonight for HTTYD!!! I'm guessing "Memphis" was fantastic. The last time I was in NYC I was at the Shubert Theatre to see "Chicago" and it was incredible. It's a lovely, intimate theatre. No Gerard Butlers were there when I saw "Chicago"...I have such poor timing! I just cannot understand how this man keeps functioning with as many places as he has to be from one day to the next. I get tired just hearing about it. Leslie
  11. Tee hee, Steph!!! Hope tomorrow is better...my day was a mess, too!
  12. I couldn't have expressed my feelings any better...extremely well put. I have the utmost faith in Gerry...he's brilliant, talented, determined and knows what he wants. Everyone should guide themselves with such finesse! Leslie
  13. I have just three things to add... First...Gerard Butler is a VERY lucky man to have all of us care about, support and believe in him! Second...good thoughts to share and discuss, everyone. Third...Fabulous siggy, Steph! Have a great day, Ladies... Leslie
  14. Let's, above all, not forget part of what you said, Sandy. Gerry loves to act. That's why he joined the profession. He's absolutely one of, if not THE, most talented and versatile actors in the film business today. It's obvious that he loves to immerse himself in a character. I don't see him ever abandoning that aspect that he enjoys as much as he does. I DO agree that his star is still on the rise and has some way to go. And I'm sure Gerry, and Alan, know that better than anyone. Gerry is more than a pretty face...we know that from his achievements in law school and since. He's very, very wise. More so than many "big name" actors in the business. There is a world of opportunity out there for him. And he's only 40. In film men have acting opportunities much longer than females do. In this case, I don't mind that!!! What I find frustrating right now is that so many people admire his work, but they don't know his name. I'll tell someone about him and they'll say, "Well what has he been in?" And when I name few of his films they say, "That's him? I saw that," about several of his films. This partly is because he is a chameleon and such a great actor that immerses himself in the character. But still, the name/face recognition has yet to come. Frustrating. Sandy, you said you've been in the business for a long time...what do you do? Well, we all hope Gerry gets the fulfillment he desires, don't we? Beyond his acting he also is a fine, considerate, compassionate humble and elegant man. A bit of a rare specimen these days unfortunately. Hope you all are having a fine Saturday! Leslie
  15. How on Earth did I ever miss this? This artist's work is incredible. It has to take months to create one of these sculpture portraits.
  16. What a fabulous experience this will be for Gerry and all those involved. I was mezmerized by Africa and everything I experienced there. I was in Kenya, but a fellow traveler told me South Africa was much like the area where I live in physical terms. I am looking so forward to this film. There has to be so much heart and soul to it. I wish everyone involved the absolute best. Let's hope we do get some glimpses of what they're up to while filming!
  17. Ten sexiest MEN? Really? I saw one "man" definately. Maaaaaybe two. But the rest of the list? Not even similar or close to being men. Reminds me of, "that's a man's business." Those "boys" most likely never will even reach the status of "men." No chance any of them will be even close to what we consider a man. Gerry sets the bar so high that verrrrrry few males are even in the neighborhood with Gerry...no matter what age they are. If you do look at Glamour today, you will notice that it now is geared far more toward the "Tiger Beat" crowd...remember that magazine? It surprised me recently when I took a look at Glamour at the spa/salon I go to. Gerry's pr people may mention it to him. And as gracious as he is he will accept this with humility and genuine gratitude. Just a couple of more things that make a true man a gentleman as well. Leslie
  18. Polar Bear... What a wonderful experience for all of you. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I have a feeling you will see Gerry again...maybe at the premier? These are the things we look back at and treasure. Take care and, again, thank you for sharing. Leslie
  19. To begin with, The Bounty Hunter is one of my favorite Gerry movies now...much more so than The Ugly Truth. And a very, very large number of non-Gerry fanatics that I know who have seen both much preferred TBH by a long shot. This serves to remind us that WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN OPINIONS -- no one is absolutely right or wrong here. And...TBH has done very well at the box office. More people have discovered who Gerry is because he was paired with Jennifer Aniston than did when he was paired with Heigl...JA is a much, much bigger draw...that didn't hurt Gerry at all. And in several of his interviews he mentioned that he and JA looked at numerous scripts before they chose TBH. Milo Boyd is a vulnerable, strong, sweet, cheeky character. I loved that movie. As far as making good choices...seriously, is there any GJB movie out there that any of us GALS hates? I am certainly not at all a fan of Angelina Jolie, yet I love Gerry in Cradle of Life. I can't think of a character he's played that I don't have many reasons to like. His star continues to rise indicating that he IS making good choices. As far as products...no need for me to think about that right now as he doesn't have any endorsements here in the US at this time. I say to those of you who do get to see the beautiful ads, ENJOY! Leslie PS, just an FYI...the correct spelling is "hyped" not "hiped."
  20. I'm thinkin' we can and should trust Gerry and his people to do what he/they feel is best and what he wants to do. He seems to make pretty good decisions in and for his life. SGDs...Leslie
  21. Polar Bear... Fabulous photo of you and Gerry! So happy all of you have had a great time together. This is what life is all about, the people and the experiences. Stay cool! Leslie
  22. Polar Bear, one important note I forgot...Gerry likely will always remember the experience he's had with YOU...I am sure he's shared his gratitude for your hospitality and "good humor." Thanks a bunch for "putting up with the guy" while he's working! Leslie
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