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  1. Dear Polar Bear... ...as all the Gals here have said, welcome, and thanks for sharing with us. Your bit about the photo and Gerry insisting you join in speaks to the great, friendly and "regular" kinda guy Gerry is. He truly enjoys people and is one of the most gracious individuals on the planet. What do your neighbors think about all the commotion? I imagine you're all having a great time...one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Good for you! Again, welcome. This is an amazing group of women AND men around the world joined together through admiration, respect and celebration of a very talented, dedicated, generous and humble man. Enjoy! Leslie
  2. GREAT NEWS, APRIL!!! Positive vibes are coming from Colorado as well... You need a Milo fix? I haven't yet taken a Milo break. I tried to watch another of Gerry's movies the other night but couldn't do it. Maybe Leonidas or Terry can pull me away later tonight! Good Luck, April. We're all in your corner, you know? Leslie
  3. Okay... Maybe I'm confused or dreaming or something, but I truly sense that this film is going to be a big, BIG film. Not only for Gerry, but overall. I'm not really even sure why I sense this for MGP, but I do. Sam Childers has had amazing and important life experiences. I know it's silly, but I don't like to jinx things by saying too much. But, after MGP premiers, if I'm wrong about this movie being VERY BIG, someone please remind me later of this post. I'll print it out...and eat my words! I promise. And even if it does mean big bucks for those involved, I still think GB primarily is motivated by the project itself. I am pretty sure that even if he weren't "internationally known" or a "big name," he'd be living a perfectly happy life working in some kind of production from day to day and enjoying his love of acting and performing. I am sure the money is nice and of course it opens doors, but Gerry left the law profession knowing that he could have made money there. Instead he followed his heart. I admire that and I am thrilled whenever someone follows their heart and meets with happiness and success. But it takes hard work, sacrifice, taking risks, and patience. And even after all that, it still doesn't happen for everyone who tries. So good for you, Gerard Butler, "to thine ownself be true," and keep working from your heart! Leslie
  4. This speaks beautifully to the fact that Gerry loves what he does. It seems to me he chooses subjects of substance, and issues and people he sees as important and interesting to portray. He's a fine, chameleon-like actor, and a good person. He sets the bar high in today's film world. Leslie
  5. It was one line out of one article by one writer. Gerard Butler is a great actor, but he also is extremely handsome, smart and SINGLE. Until he isn't he probably will still have a variety of similar phrases used about him. But again...it was ONE line out of ONE article by ONE writer.
  6. Christine...you aren't being singled out, sweetie! We all are especially sensitive to how "our man" gets treated out there in the big, bad world. We want Gerry to get the respect WE know he deserves. Realistically, that doesn't happen much. But still we hope!
  7. As a veteran of the public relations and marketing world I leave you with probably the oldest phrase as far as "getting there" goes... "There is no such thing as bad publicity." If they're talking about you, your name is out there. And, really, the line about Gerry is only one line of a very long article. It's good that his name was mentioned. None of the other "hot" tickets, save Johnny Depp, were mentioned. The more his name is out there, the more recognition he's getting. And really, if we think about it, how many times have you ever heard truly talented actors mentioned as "multi-faceted, talented" actors rather than hotties. Gerry's not being singled out, he's being recognized. Good for him. His star continues to rise...
  8. This is the great thing...if you get tired of accounting, AND you're a bit of a thrill seeker, why not become a stunt double for Gerry? The resemblance is definately there, especially if you have the same build, and Gerry's characters seem to be increasingly more daring. Regardless, who you really look like is YOU (shades of Dear Frankie) and that's what matters. Just watch out for the paparazzi...if they follow your every move then you'll know they've mistaken you for GB! Welcome to the realm of Gerry...
  9. Hi...how exciting this is! Please enter me in the drawings for: The Bounty Hunter T-shirt All Posters King Leonidas Figure Men's Health 2007 (I have the other magazines) Thanks...Leslie
  10. I love seeing these older Gerry pictures, many I've never seen. That being said I absolutely have to add that he only gets better with age... Keep those picture coming! Leslie
  11. FUN! This is a tough one...so many fine possible combinations...but let me see... Well, you all know Leonidas is my number one guy. But I don't see combining him with anyone...he stands alone! So, for me, a great combination would be The Stranger and Andre Marek. The result being a adventurous, romantic, scholarly and passionate man (like Marek) combined with the mysterious, intelligent, sensitive and intuitive Stranger. Yes, I think that combination works for me. Nice to think about... Leslie My favorite emoticon...
  12. Mine came today and is PAIRFECT!!! Thanks to everyone and especially Barbara!
  13. Hey Deb... I have a couple extra copies of AD...I picked them up one night at the Denver Art Museum. It was almost time for the next issue to come out and a couple of copies were left. I couldn't stand to leave Gerry sitting there alone...so I bought what was left. How much do I support that man...there is no end!!! Anyway, could I offer you a copy? Leslie
  14. I can't pick just one favorite... ...though those with Lolita are heartwarming and show the sweet, gentle and loving man Gerry is... I haven't spoken up much here lately...and these photos merit greater words my mere human brain can put together. But they all are far more than lovely...I don't know what else to say. FRANNIE...YOU ARE MY HERO FOR CLEANING THEM UP...YOU'RE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! AND I KNOW ALL TOO WELL WE WILL BE SEEING MANY AMAZING, BREATHTAKING SIGGIES COMING OUT OF THESE SHOOTS! See what comes to all of us patient Gals when we are good girls and go so long without much GJB...we are rewarded 10 fold!!! Leslie
  15. I won a Gerry...I won a Gerry... Thanks to everyone involved in bringing the virtual convention to the rest of us...I know it was a great amount of work. This makes me feel like I got to share in at least a bit of the excitement. Hope I can make it next year! Thanks, again... Leslie
  16. Hi, Barb (and all the lucky attendees) -- I have the RNR DVD and the issue of 'W' but please enter me for the other drawings! Bet you're all having a great time...wish I could be there with you. Maybe next year... Thanks! Leslie
  17. To Jackson and Gerry: One of the best interviews I've ever seen...great questions and great answers! And I agree with everything that you all have said. I will add only that Jackson's (the interviewer) parents are lucky as well. What a great young guy, huh?
  18. FYI...believe it or not I have NEVER gone into the gallery on Gals. But I have seen paparazzi photos when opening Gals at the left side of the main screen...the photos of Gerry on the beach when he was being ridiculed for being out of shape is one example. And I did not post this to be "mean" or criticize any individuals, as I have mentioned three times now. But if Gerry were to open the site on one of those days and the first thing he saw were those pictures of him on the beach, don't you think it would have come as a surprise to him? I'm not saying Gerry would hate us...he doesn't have that kind of nature. But I still believe he would wonder why those photos were on the site.Furthermore...I did not mention any errors in judgement...you used the word "horrific." Not me. Finally...you do realize that everytime a paparazzi photo is "picked up" and posted somewhere else that serves as reinforcement for them to continue to take those photos because they see it as a "niche in the market" that they feel they can fill...for money. So they continue. Perhaps, and we have no definitive way of knowing this, but just perhaps part of the reason Gerry is so generous to his fans where photos and public appearances are concerned is part of an effort to render the market for paparazzi photos unneeded. If I am not allowed to express my hopes and opinions on paparazzi photos on Gals, then please excuse my confusion. This is a concern I have not just for Gals but for all fan sites for all celebrities. If no one makes an effort to change this, it surely never will. Maybe I'm unrealistic, but I find it discouraging. And I RARELY voice my opinion on Gals. I enjoy those on the site very much. It is a great group and I have made friends here. But my chief purpose as a member of Gals is to recognize and thank Gerry for his fine work in films, and to learn more about him and share his accomplishments with others in support of Gerry.
  19. Dear, Dear Frannie...my words were NOT aimed at your siggy AT ALL ...I am on my iPhone so I can't see your siggy anyway. I had my reaction when I saw the photos this morning. I may be overly sensitive about paparazzi photos...for me it is unforgiveable for someone to make a living as a member of the paparazzi. It's one of the lowest forms of earning a dollar in my book. My professional background is in magazine writing, editing and production. I would do pretty much any other legal job before I would begin to consider to make a living in that manner. I realize others may find my sensitivity extreme. I just try to put myself in a celebrity's place. And I definately do not prescribe to the theory that it's "part of being a celebrity." Anyway, again, these are my beliefs in general and not aimed at any individuals. And Frannie...you KNOW I love, love, love your siggies!!! Leslie
  20. I agree with you, Steph. My first thought was that he looked unhappy. I am so tired of pictures of his everyday life -- that should be PRIVATE -- being photographed and spread around... ...here he is on the beach -- private ...here he is getting a coffee -- not news ...here he is walking out a door -- so what ...here he is walking his dog -- private ...here he is looking angry because he can barely breath! The poor guy is more than generous with interviews, planned public appearances, photoshoots, premieres, charity events...the list goes on forever. Why can't he have the little luxury of walking out a door without ducking from a camera? I love pictures of Gerry as much as anyone. But I loathe the pictures where Gerry obviously is looking angry being followed. The man is overly gracious and kind all the time. But we know he resents the paps, he's been clear about that! This is definately NOT aimed at any Gals. But I feel -- and this is just my opinion, but very important to me -- that we should not support, in any way, pictures that Gerry himself would be disappointed, surprised or offended to see on a site that is meant to be a respectful tribute to him. He's brought all of us, and countless others, so much pleasure. We owe him our consideration, don't we? Okay, there's my vent for the month of April... Thanks for listening...back to your regular programming... Leslie
  21. How about including a sleepover at Gerry's place in NYC? We could make him cupcakes... I love NYC and would love to go back...last show I saw on Broadway was Chicago...amazing... There is no place like it on earth!
  22. All of this is humbling. I am so thankful for people, like these celebrities, who don't hesitate a moment to help the less fortunate. Not only because they themselves are donating their time and generous financial support, but also because their visibility reminds all of us that we need to help in any way we can, and that the progress for many types of improvement is still quite far down the road. I have to add that Susan Sarandon is one of my role models. She not only is talented, she is extremely smart, humorous, generous and inspiring. We are fortunate to have all these individuals represent our countries and the entertainment profession in such a compassionate and generous manner. I bow to them all. Leslie
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