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  1. Hello - gosh I haven't visited this thread in a long time! I was a looking for a link to Gerry singing "Love You til The End" - I cannot remember the gals name who posted it but she had edited Hilary's dialogue out of the scene so it was just him singing, then saying "Quit, stay here with me" and "That's okay luv, your plans never work out anyway" - she mentioned that it was the alarm she used on her cell phone. If anyone knows of the link would you mind sharing? I had it on my phone but as luck would have it my Blackberry died and I had to have a new one. That was one of the ring tones that would not transfer over. I had used it as an alarm and let me tell - nothing compares. Thanks
  2. Girls night out was dinner, drinks and BH. Theater was packed by the time the previews ran and lots of clapping at the end of the movie. I enjoyed it and know I'll be seeing it a couple more times with the friends who couldn't make it tonight!!!
  3. Ditto that Abandon! HF was my first crush - I remember wearing an Indy button on my uniform - I was in 6th grade and my classmates made fun of me, they said he was so "old" - wished I could have rubbed it in their faces about 5 years down the road when People named him a SMA! This is a pic to treasure! Now, if only Gabriel Byrne happened to be walking by and jumped in the pic!!!
  4. Thank you to everyone who posted pics and links - living vicariously through all of you!!!
  5. Thank you Stuart for getting this video up so quickly!!! GB's b-day and we get the present!!!
  6. Happy Birthday!!!! May all your birthday wishes be satisfied!! I would like to thank you for following your dreams and sharing your gift with the world! Thanks to you it's a much happier place.
  7. Very nice! I emailed the entertainment reporter for my newspaper to add GB's date for her celebrity b-days.
  8. Thanks for the links. Certainly hope the order of the pics is no indication as to ranking - since RP's pic was the last one shown!
  9. I like the second alternate ending (I'm happy they didn't use it though - agree with another's comment about it being "too happy" an ending"). Course I think they should have left in the extended scene of him walking around his new studio. The short scene that's in the movie left me thinking it wasn't hard for him to walk away from Abby. (I always felt like the movie wrapped too quickly.) I can hardly wait for the day when technology affords the viewer the opportunity to edit our movies to include a cut using the alternate endings or sprinkle in a few deleted scenes!!!
  10. Thanks for sharing. I find it hilarious that he doesn't want to share his birthday. I'm exactly the same way. When Disney started their promotion to celebrate your birthday there and be admitted into the parks for free my sister went for her birthday. She talked about how everywhere she went there was someone wearing a button that said today's my birthday. I said there is no way I would be happy to meet lots of people who share the same birthday!! Ha ha!
  11. Craig had Jena Malone on tonight and discussing her new movie "Sucker Punch" she mentioned it's a Zack Snyder movie - Craig joked oh I've seen all his films. Jena pointed out he did "300" which caused Craig to get excited and say his friend Gerry was in that movie - he then proceeded to tell the audience that he's know GB for a long time and those were not his abs, that GB hates doing sit-ups!"
  12. Thanks for sharing the link to the video. I was happy to see Simon LeBon right before Gerry! I loved Duran Duran growing up!!!
  13. Funny story - worked a masquerade ball last night - cleaning off the tables as the jazz band was packing up their stuff and overhead the lead singer telling the other members about this "hilarious SLN skit" from the Oct 17th episode. Judging by what I heard she viewed it youtube or another site - didn't actually watch the show - she found the "What Up With That" skit so funny and everyone who watched it with her at work agreed. I don't think she knew GB was in the skit because she never mentioned him by name. She knew all the lines and re-enacted the majority of skit by herself. I was laughing listening to her and hoped she knew I wasn't laughing AT her.
  14. Last week (Thursday the 22nd) Bonnie had another one of my favorite actors on (Tim Roth) but I wasn't going to be home so I taped it. I'm really late sitting down to watch it (today) & in her monologue from last Thurs. she informs her audience that she and GB are now dating and that since other publications and shows are discussing it she might as well!!! Go Bonnie!!!! Ha ha! She also mentions it during her interview with Kevin McKidd (who mentioned he hasn't met GB yet).
  15. In my opinion, I think everyone has an opinion on the topic of threesomes - someone should have started a thread on them and then each and every one who wanted to post their opinion could do so without being judged or snarked at.
  16. The imd boards don't have much listed yet. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1372686/
  17. Thanks for the link and the info. Hmm, a period piece, eh? Hmm, wonder if there might be a role in it Matthew Macfadyen would be interested in playing? (A girl can dream, can't she?)
  18. I guess I should consider myself lucky - I haven't read anything bad about the show or his answers.
  19. I think it was her accent. I'm wondering if that answer was for effect - by the end of the interview he appeared a bit more relaxed and seemed to be playing to his section.
  20. Hmm, did anyone (who's watching the show) catch that last look he gave her? I'm getting the feeling he might not have been prepped for this type of show.
  21. All this talk of SNL reminds me of Mike Meyers. Does anyone else remember his skit "If it's not Scottish it's crap?" I believe he was a shop owner - will have to look it up on youtube. I loved that one and anytime the word Scottish would be used in my presence I would utter "if it's not Scottish...."
  22. Thanks for the link - left my comments as well.
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