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  1. Is it just me or does gerry and jennifer look so cute togather and have great chemistry. They were flirting and being all cute with each other. They would make a cute couple (if they aint already)
  2. The big 40. You know 40 is the new 20 and You are only going to get more sexier with time Happy Birthday Gerry. You are a great actor and great person and I wish you everything you want for your birthday.
  3. You took my thought right out of my head. I just submitted.
  4. I like his hair short kinda medium. Like the way it is right now. I dont really like him with long hair because then we cant really see that beautiful face and it covers it.
  5. CassieGz

    Zodiac Sign

    Go sag. I am a Sagittarius (dec.1)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsTr7kSiol8 I just watched this video and Oh my god. He can wear a pair of jeans, cant he. I cant wait to see this movie.
  7. I havent seen LAC yet but everyone on tv and online are talking about gerry's nude sceen. So ladies who have seen the movie, is he fully nude or what? Give details
  8. The first time I saw beautiful gerry was in 300. After that I was hooked. I saw PSILY and cried like a baby. It was like he was my husband and he died. Then I saw the ugly truth and I am dying to see LAS. I watch every talk show he is on. 300 is what made me get GALS
  9. Mine is the very bottom aviator pic here on the side. I love love love this pic of him.
  10. He said he likes to be naked He is so gorgeous. You hear people in the crowd going crazy over him
  11. I am so excited to see gerry tonight on jay leno. I Love jay leno's new show and I am so glad he still does headlines. I love them. I will be glued to the tv tonight.
  12. Joanna, god has blessed you with great talent. The statue is fantastic. Cant wait to see the finished product.
  13. I have been a victome of rumors as well. I think when someone spreads rumors about someone else it is very childish and immature. That stuff happens in middle and high school. As you become an adult you are suppose to act like one. Not to long ago I had rumors flying around about me. I am a very loud mouth open person so when I would run into people and they would say something about the rumor, I would say, WE ARE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE. GROW THE F%^&* UP!!!!!! It really makes me mad. Dont let rumors upset you. They are very childish and immature and you are a better person then they are.
  14. I would have to say the thing I love about gerry is his personality and spirit. Plus his good looks
  15. I am so sorry for your lose. That was extremely nice of gerry's staff to send that stuff to you. I see you are from san antonio. I love it there. It is so pretty. My mom and family live in houston. I also have some family in Katy and Livingston. I grew up in houston. Was there 15 years. I miss it so much. Good bless.
  16. I watched this movie a few weeks ago TWICE and I loved it. I love him in this movie. My favorit part is when they are at the resturaunt for the meeting (THE UNDERWARE) LMAO. I laughed so hard i was crying.
  17. I first saw the beautiful Gerry in 300. So that would have to be my #1. Then would have to be the ugly truth and P.S. I love you. That was such a sad movie. i can only watch it if I am really sad. Those are the only movies I have seen with him so far. I am trying to get all his other movies and watch them.
  18. I know some of you ladies have met gerry at the 2006 convention. I wanted to know what it was like when you met him. I never met him and I am sure that if I ever do, I would kill over right there. LOL. Share your gerry experience
  19. WOW. You are only about an hour away from me. I have a friend that live in Berea (I think that is how it is spelled).
  20. Thanks. She is very pretty. I live far from philli. I am more close to pittsburg. That is about an hour away from me.
  21. Well hello BaileyS. I live up by Boardman.
  22. Hello Ladies. My Name is Cassie and I was wondering if there are any gerard butler GALS in OHio or PA or close by. I live on the very edge of OHio about 15 min from PA boarder. Drop a line if you are crazy about gerard just like I am.
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