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  1. Supply and demand. If there wasn't a demand for the photos, there would not be paparazzi. Since I suspect we all enjoy those pap photos as much as if not more than the photos from scheduled shoots or promotional events we all fuel the demand. Aspen is known to be chock full of celebs most of the time but esp Xmas so pretty good guess a few paps will be around. Bet there are thousands of ski resorts in Western United States and Canada where one would have 100 per cent privacy. Well except maybe not pre Olympic Whistler in BC.
  2. Probably a good thing he doesn't have ski tan, needs to be protecting that "asset" with good sunblock and/or covering that face totally to avoid frost bite/wind burn.
  3. This is a You Tube video made up by a German TV show, with bits of footage of different Hollywood actors attempting German including Gerry [he looks so cute in his frustration] at around the .50 mark
  4. Well my guess is he might have just been trying to get all the dyed hair cut off, there was still some bits left in Dubai so then he can just leave it alone for the next few months until whatever they decide to do with the hair for Coriolanus, if they haven't already decided, however if they are going to set it in 1930s Nazis Germany the tendency is of course to short hair, remembering Ralph in Schindler's list, he had the longish on top with the shaved sides thang going on, also prominent in Germany at the time. And yes you don't want to get lost in the snow or in the mountains with a white ski jacket in Aspen but at least the ski pants are navy.
  5. And I see the Paps finally caught up to Gerry in Aspen confirming what we already knew. Great photos I see already in the gallery.
  6. Love the jacket too and that was some haircut he got before Xmas, chop chop.
  7. Just found the retail clerk's story referred to on Twitter What a hoot. Someone is certainly in the holiday spirit. What is even funnier is the story is posted on a blog for struggling actors recounting their work and other adventures in LA - and I was just watching the Regis & Kelly rerun with Gerry on it, speaking of dancing and crap work experiences. Mind you we've all had them - try packaging McDonald stir sticks in a plastics factory or inspecting golf balls. Keeps you humble. The two guys who spotted Gerry earlier, Clay Pigeon and Sponge PMC are now comparing notes, and Sponge has decided he is determined to get a photo, he's the 18 year old from Northern Ireland, good luck on that. Ah I love the Northern Irish accent esp Belfast almost as much as the Scottish ones. @ClayPigeon I seen him yesterday at the base of Snowmass, where did you see him? Spongy PMC @SpongyPMC Base of AJAX at that resturant. We were both at the hostes stand together. Funny, she didn't know he's famous. Clay Pigeon One more day in Aspen. I'm making it my mission to find Gerard Butler again and get a picture. He was spotted today again by @ClayPigeon Spongy PMC I'm waiting for someone to post the link to Gerry speaking German on some German TV Show, probably something taped from when he was there or was it just a dub?
  8. #Aspen celeb spottings for today: Gerard Butler and Melanie Griffith. Clay Pidgeon Dec. 28/09 18:08 EST I didn't know Aspen merited its own twitter status. So if Melanie is in Aspen that must mean Antonio Banderas is too - and if Goldie is there Kurt Russell is there too - lots of snowcovered hunkage.
  9. Amusing, this guy is from Northern Ireland, going to school in the US, enjoying his Xmas at Aspen I met and spoke to GERARD BUTLER today. He asked me where the restrooms were! I could not help him. SpongyPMC Dec. 27/09 19:44 EST
  10. Another confirmed Aspen sighting from someone who works there: got to have a chat with gerard butler yesterday at work: http://chatter.com/a/qxv6 lil_blakman Dec. 27/09 11:56 EST
  11. Well if you ever heard of Tweet Deck you don't have to be on twitter 24-7, just takes 5 minutes a day tops. Great way to monitor your own twitter, other twitter accounts of friends and the like and your frequent search topics quickly. Highly recommend it. And to posters in general, far be it for me to take the role of a mod but I believe the debate about twitter was already allowed ad nausuem and considered off topic and closed by the mods. I think the mods indicated if you don't like this thread, avoid it.
  12. The Dutch celebrate St. Nicklaus Day on Dec. 5, 6th, that was the official Xmas when my parents grew up and you could literally get a lump of coal if you were bad. I think the Dutch celebrate both days now.
  13. No worries, phoenixgirl, happy to see anyone post anything they think is interesting on twitter. Yes that last twitter is odd. One could surmise a few different things from it and I will refrain from surmising beyond guessing that this twitterer, a female, might have been too excited to type correctly - I am lousy at texting myself since I don't have one of those new phones with a QWERTY keyboard. Give me a QWERTY and I'm good to go.
  14. I see you beat me to it phoenixgirl and that woman seems to work in the entertainment business so presumably she knows her actors. Aspen for Xmas so very Hollywood ain't it. Saw photos of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and kids are there, they usually do go every year. Wonder if Kurt is there, he's another manly man actor. Well we know the skiing would be great since Colorado got hit with a mass of snow just before Xmas. I can hear the shush shush of the skis on the crisp white powder. This is odd I have just d Gerard Butler\'s Mummy as she would like me to send her a couple of her sons\'s calendars! Made my day! Woo hoo! Xx !brocyqeo Dec 26 2009 21:05 EST Person appears to be from Arizona.
  15. The Movie Network is having a James Bond marathon and I just happened to tune into Tomorrow Never Dies for Gerry's brief appearance. You can barely see his face or hear what he says. I noticed Robert Carlyle was in the next Brosnan film, playing the villain, and he was doing a Russian accent but alas his Scottish accent kept slipping through.
  16. Just be careful if you got clever kids using the Three Kings only brought 3 gift argument. Baby Jesus got only 3 gifts, but for their day they were expensive, for they were gifts "for a king" given by kings.... Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Closing price for an ounce of gold on Thursday Dec. 24th $1,104.50 US However the last two can be purchased today quite cheaply now, even at a kingly quality.
  17. The incident on the plane flying to Detroit is going to mean security tightened up yet again for all air travellers including Europe since that plane had a stopover in Amsterdam. Going to be more full body searches - sorry Mr. Butler just doing my job. Not every airport has that full body scanner, the one that apparenly can see exactly what you look like under all your clothes.
  18. We're having a wet, green and rainy Xmas here in Southern Ontario but the sun is actually peeking out today.
  19. Well it just seems there are more GB look alikes than we suspect if you believe everyone who says their boyfriend looks like Gerry - I didn't know they were cloning him - where do I put in my order? Of course once I took a good look at the guy in the Dollar Store he was tall and had very similar features and build to GB, same short haircut, but clean shaven and of Polynesian descent. Attractive guy holding his just as cute 3-4 year old daughter in his arms. bwah. Oh the mind places tricks on ye, eh?
  20. So is Gerry saying it is better to receive than give? LOL. He could always hire a professional shopper or get a wife, that's what a lot of men do, leave it all up to the wife. Bwah. Come on you know its true. Or your daughters once they are old enough. I remember my dad had me buy my mom's gifts starting when I was like 11 until I left for school. There are some interesting ways to make Xmas more meaningful and I probably need to explore them. I left it too late for this year but I like the one idea of adopting animals for family in places like Africa or India instead of buying things for people here who really don't need anything - you could get one goat for a family for x amount of money and adopt them in someone's name. I am just always dubious and need to check it out to make sure this charity does what it says it does. My brother and his wife and my nieces adopted a needy family in town through a program in their high school and so they explained to others they spent less money on our own family, as we are a very blessed family financially and really can buy anything we need for ourselves and they provided for that family. My sister in law took the time to meet the family and ask what they might need and the mother said winter coats which really took her aback - we live in Canada, that's an essential. She got snow suits for the smaller kids - we lived in snow suits when we were kids, between skating and tobaganning and snowmobiling and just plain playing in the snow, making snow angels or snowman or snowforts. They have an older child with a learning disability and the school uses Netbooks which her family could not afford, both parents are working but struggling, and had been saving up for 2 years but not quite enough yet, so my brother and sister inlaw bought them a Netbook for their daughter, even confirmed with the school the proper version of the book and the parents cried when they received all their gifts.
  21. Not getting a clear read on whether GB is in US for Xmas or not. Someone twittered to a friend this: Aku sruh my baby nyamperin km Cia td RT @GraciaMaryulis: Someone said "Bless You" when I was sneezing.. And guess who it is? Gerard Butler! HarumiS Dec. 24/09 12:40 EST/9:40 PST While her profile says LA, she is from Jakarta, but her twitter is private so can't tell if she was in an airport by chance or in LA. If it was him, such a polite boy eh? Now then someone else thinks they spot him in NYC several hours later but she doesn't sound 100% confident, I mean I saw a guy who looked a lot like GB in the Dollar Store in my hometown yesterday, I had to do a doubletake, but duh it wasn't eh? Imagine GB in a Dollar Store. Where does Gerard Butler live? If it's NYC, I'm pretty sure he just stared at me as I'm walking up 8th Ave... Be still my heart! jamieleefinch Dec 24/09 19:26 EST Last twitterer claiming to have bumped into GB Met and spoke to gerard butler today..such a gorgeous guy...with a gorgeous smile...love um....kanye on the other hand ehhh can't stand um supadupafly105 Dec. 24/09 No clue as to when on the 24th or where. Person seems to be based in LA.
  22. I hear the weather has been causing chaos for travellers in Europe and the UK. Like the trains in the Chunnel getting stuck on Friday. Yikes. Doesn't someone have a habit of missing flights? You don't want to do that this time of year. Or it will be like a scene from Home Alone where it takes 10 flights to get home if you are lucky. That or maybe hitch a ride on a private jet going out that way.
  23. Well someone was last minute shopping - it is just such a guy thing - oh wait I was out Xmas shopping yesterday afternoon too and reminded myself why I usually try to get my stuff done at least the week before Xmas - just wasn't working out this year plus ha my dad had me buying his present to my mom, see that's my excuse! At Fred Segal's in LA. What are the chances of running into Keanue Reeves Jeff Goldblum and Gerard Butler all in less then 30 minutes. Flores_Eduardo Dec. 23/09 19:58 EST [so 16:58 PST] A lot of male twitterers call GB a bad arse [well bad bass without the second b] and sometimes it takes me a moment to realize in the whole context of what they are posting that it's a huge compliment coming from guys and he must get called that a few times times a day on twitter, esp after people have seen Law Abiding Citizen. Lot of people cosying up with the Ugly Truth DVD over the holidays. Oh and a girl who said she prefers women just said she thought Gerry was hotter than Angelina. That's major, that's charisma, that's hot. Bwah. Just musings - I am going into holiday mode. Break out the egg nog and rum.
  24. GB spotted a few times in Hollywood around lunch time today, 2 people just saw GB and another person listed several celebrities they sighted this afternoon, GB, Michael Rappaport, James Caan, and a few others, so I thought this was funny Michael Rappaport in starbucks. Doesnt he know this is Gerard Butler's starbucks? Ha ha. Seriously GB should own shares if he doesn't already.
  25. What do you mean? What is the one feared ? And what does "bwah" mean? I keep seeing it but cannot figure it out. Theresa feared is what GB Phanatic suggested bwah is short for bwahahahahahaha, a perhaps more sinister laugh than ha or hee hee or LOL, shortened to bwah, the other is mwahahahahaha, think Count Dracula...... this was an interesting twitter but if I were GB I might not be happy unless of course these cufflinks were not made for him especially, he just happened to buy one of the only two pair existing from Che Chamille, a unique store in Glasgow Only 2 pairs made, Gerard Butler has the other pair... about 1 hour ago from web The List mag is giving away a pair of Barrowlinks Cufflinks frm Che Camille, designed by Bronwen Deane, win them! http://tinyurl.com/y9vlp5e
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