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  1. I was on YouTube looking for GQ Germany stuff and saw an old interview of GB in a very tight shirt and he was feigning an American accent, thud, I don't smoke and I think I need a cigarette. [it reminded me of a very adorable English guy I met in Australia who would imitate my Canadian accent, he had me in stitches, he was bang on, shoot his name might have Gerard too, have to check my trip journal, and now my mind is mush, I have to compose myself, so I thought I'd try to do something constructive, bwah.]
  2. I like this headline reporting on the news about this film Leonidas vs. Voldemort Basically sums it up.
  3. At the GQ Germany site A video with a small excerpt on GB getting his award, GQ Men of the Year: the Gala http://www.gq-magazin.de/gq-tv/0/402188/hi/0 1:98 - 2:13 mark Larger photos of GB in the the GQ photo galleries Award Show http://www.gq-magazin.de/galerien/maenner-...jpg/6074/401385 Red Carpet http://www.gq-magazin.de/galerien/gq-maenn...jpg/6082/402246 Also a You Tube video of Gerry accepting his award has just shown up on You Tube not the best quality but it's something for those that missed the live action
  4. while we are on the subject, I have no problem with You Tube videos etc but I wish I had been able to pick up the live stream on that GQ award show, the reason why GB is a movie star is because he is just one of those people the camera loves and one could have gotten HQ screen caps. I know live streaming so you capture both the video and audio is a more difficult trick, if anyone can recommend an easy to use cheap or reliable software program, be good to be ready if such another occasion arises. I suppose if you could hook up your computer to your TV and use your TV like a computuer monitor you could DVR it, but I don't have a clue on that operation either.
  5. I had set my DVR to record all Craig's show it better have worked.
  6. Sampler I have to walk up all those stairs, are you kidding me? It's a wee nippy tonight. The girl in the back: Mmmm Gerard, das ist ein sexy mann. The female reporter: I don't understand a word he is saying but I don't care, sigh. I just like the way this came out
  7. They didn't show this on the live stream, great photos.
  8. I sent a couple earlier on just to start with something, I am editing through now. One could have great fun coming up with captions for some of these, bwah.
  9. well you know the agent and manager get their cut, the tax man gets his cut, not much left unless you are making $20 million a film like Mel Gibson or Jim Carrey, ha ha.
  10. Yes he did. And he didn't get the reference to breaking up fights in pubs [probably because he started them] and said that was normal in Scotland wasn't it in Germany? He was fired as a lawyer but wasn't sure he was proud of that. I think Bob Geldof was on the other side of Gerry and he pointed that out.........quite excited to see Bob there, so was I. Yep I called it purple suit is a rocker
  11. Did anyone capture the video, I don't know how myself.
  12. Hey they did say his name right, right? More bizarre to see Gerry dubbed in German. I don't know why they do that..... He must get giggly when he is nervous - he mentioned Til Swieger he is actor/writer/director - wow so not only good looking but a triple threat.......he won for Film Nationale
  13. Here is comes methinks film international, he gets 2 hot chicks to announce it action films, romantic films
  14. He has not received his award yet, it will be last, best for last......
  15. Sport category now, football which is soccer? soccer player? Olympican? ah swimmer
  16. yes we saw him arriving and we can see his head in the front row, being so tall natch think Gerry will attempt some German Dank U is easy, Danke Schon Herr Kaufman is cute for an opera singer- is that a Mozart aria?
  17. He looked like a member of A Flock of Seagulls ... Maybe trying to do a Rob Pattison thang?Classic Music now. Stream is fine by me, got high speed cable
  18. Jah das ist very nice, Mr. GQ Model, ooh wild hair, nice jacket Shooting Star award, young man on scene Ah that is Gerry twitching in the front row, second from the aisle?
  19. I have no idea what she is talking about but her punchline is das ist niet normal, that is not normal ah film nationale that German actor is cute, ah that woman walked in with him Germans do make some funny movies, good senses of humour believe it or not
  20. If GB thinks Americans butcher his name - he is going to love the hard G, I have an uncle Gerd and I had an Aunt Ger, she has passed away.....
  21. I know a very little German, more Dutch and some words are similar but not really. I believe the first award goes to someone named Kuntzler no that was a plug to all the sponsors Nicky Lauda, race car driver
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