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  1. Something tells me Gerry would not have had a problem with him being on the poster or certainly his PR and management team wouldn't The producers and director of the movie are going to do whatever they have to do to sell a movie, that is why they hire certain actors in the first place. Not just talent but potential box office draw of course. Maybe when the film was finished they realized Gerry's performance stood out like a lead or the film was edited that way. Part of the business I believe. You do what you gotta do and all actors understand they are commodities in the end. Following a dispute Gary Oldman was having with the producers of the movie Contender, I was amazed how stuff like that is often negotiated in the initial contract, like billing, like poster content and the size of your photo on the poster etc. Oldman was upset about a few things - I was a bit disappointed in him at that point and he did damage his career a bit - he had rebounded to a degree but most of his indy stuff has gone straight to DVD if and the successful roles are supporting roles in blockbusters like Harry Potter and Batman, he's going to be in Jim Carrey's Christmas Carol - in other words he had to forgo the artistry for the paycheque in large measure. Hope he is able to get the opportunity to do something artistic again that actually makes it to a theatre. I think there might be one coming, I just remembered, it sounded promising. But not enough to stick in my head. Guy's approach has been a bit formulaic admittedly though no more or less than Oceans 11 - 13, Batman, Harry Potter and all the others, just a bit hipper. I rather enjoy it because whilst he has a formula it is different than 95% of the other movies out there. However I would say if there is any serious consideration to do RocknRolla the sequel, and GB is interested, I would hope that some new writing blood be brought in to give it a fresh take or twist. Be interesting to see how Sherlock Holmes turns out - could be a turning point for Guy.
  2. we prefer blood, explosions and Wild Things of the hot Scottish kind
  3. I definitely will scan and send you the article and any photos, turns out the issue is not quite out yet, I read their website wrong, it's November 2 issue, right now Oct 26th is on the stand with Tom Cruise and Suri on the cover, I was already out and back from 2 places that carry Hello! should be a few more days.
  4. I am probably posting this in wrong place. Hello! Canada is just annoucing they are going to have an exclusive interview with GB which hopefully will include some photos we've never seen. Hello! is known for their gorgeous photos. I'll be looking for this magazine later today, will scan if I find. Gerard Butler: Scotland's hottest export talks about the father he never knew and the love-life rumour that won't go away. Clooney is on the cover with his latest girlfriend.
  5. Yes it appears, after reviewing the plot line GB is really one of the main characters. Lots of screen time. Yay. I found this interesting, at the end of Wikipedia but it is referenced Coriolanus has the distinction of being among the few Shakespeare plays banned in a democracy in modern times.[6] It was briefly suppressed in France in the late 1930s because of its use by the fascist element.[7] Interesting - wonder how that happened given it seems to me Shakespeare is indicting fascism. Was this incident the inspiration in respect to the possible modern setting of the play. Apparently it is also considered one of Shakespeare's most serious plays, almost none of the humour or comedic relief that occurs in the rest of the tragedies. I am betting William Hurt is a sleazy Senator.
  6. Yes the Shakespearean hero always turns out to be flawed, King Lear, MacBeth,and of course death seems rather mandatory in the tragedies if you are the lead hero. Do I take it Big C uses Gerry's character to seek his revenge on Rome and then backstabs him - ah figuratively and then Tullus gets his revenge........so GB doesn't die in this one. Actually most actors I believe love the opportunity to have a great death scene, so long as it is at the end or near the end of the movie or you are a ghost that comes back natch.
  7. Regarding the interview, actors must love technology so they don't have to tear around to all these studios, just sit in a room with a satellite feed which apparently one can pick up and watch Gerard change shirts and make jokes about housewives.
  8. Rome and now the Tudors is very popular. What is interesting too is the number of great UK actors with TV series in North America. Think Gerry would fancy a weekly TV series. Hugh Laurie - "House"; Tim Roth - "Lie to Me"; Jonathan Rhys Meyers "The Tudors" and now Joseph Fiennes "Fast Forward" So does Hollywood have to go overseas to find interesting actors now? Yes apparently so and I'm thrilled. PS And I forgot there are a few Aussies too. Alex O Louglin, Simon Baker......
  9. I cannot see Ralph messing with the Bard's words so hopefully that is going to be the same words only in a modern setting - they already have poster concepts? the thing for me is that I find the modern setting can be distracting and if you don't choose the right modern setting, you can lose the essence of the original Shakespearian play. These plays are still popular for a reason. However knowing Mr. Fiennes is in charge means one can expect great things. I love RocknRolla but then I am a fan of Guy Ritchie's style of British gangster film, I am a fan of the genre, loved The Krays and Gangster One, the latter with Paul Bettany and David Thewlis and Malcolm McDowell. My only complaint is that this movie seemed slow to start compared to the others. I think because so many people complained about being confused with the other movies, because it was so fast paced and complex I think Guy tried to take more time to set up and so fans of his earlier movies were thinking let's get this party started. However when I watched the movie the second time, I was fine with it. That is what I like about these movies, you can watch them several times and see different things each time you watch it. For example I have seen Snatch so many times I know what Brad Pitt is saying. I do bet that Guy wishes he had GB in his earlier films because GB just nailed it IMO. Very good playing a shady character. Also one of the coolest performances I have ever seen from Thandie Newton, very very different than anything she has done. Good chemistry, bwah. I wonder how the DVD sales are or if this is out yet because I would think this DVD should sell well, I am definitely getting this DVD, actually be nice if you could get Snatch, Lock Stock and RocknRolla in one set. I'm looking forward to Guy's Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.
  10. I am very excited about this project and I certainly hope they keep to the Roman time frame, for selfish reasons, togas, Roman military garb, male legs exposed, also a fan of Roman history, I have the I Claudius series in my video library, as well as the fact I hate monkeying around with Shakespeare in terms of putting into a modern context. Yuk. They do it at Stratford Festival in terms of the setting only, thank goodness and that is bad enough. I went to see MacBeth and did not like the fact they put it into post WWII Africa. I wanted to see Colm Feore being MacBeth as written. Now on stage you have limitations, filming you do not. Well GB going to be very cold filming in Serbia in the winter time. Will he need an official warmer? Well not as cold as Iceland. Bwah. I remember Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead was filmed in Croatia or somewhere in the neck of the woods and you could see the frosty breath on the actors during the outdoor scenes, ha! I digress but that is one of my all time favourite movies, a play within a play within a play. I would see Ralph Fiennes as being a purist, did I not read that he is also directing, this is his baby? I have to review the thread, in a rush. It might be interesting to cast GB not as a military commander which would be a repeat for him but against type, perhaps as a Senator or such. I am not familiar with the play. What role is the next most important one in the play Shakespeare experts? The key to doing Shakespeare on film is in my opinion a judicious editing of the Shakespearean play/manuscript. Like Franco Zefferilli's Hamlet with Mel Gibson, I thought was rather well done - they didn't do the play verbatim, they rearranged scenes a little bitand left out dialogue but did not mess with the dialogue they did use, THAT IS KEY, and great actors can make the language believable. When the words are delivered right, more people can understand the gist of the play.
  11. Everyone hope for a cold rainy weekend, what else to do but get some heat from a movie screen, hee hee.
  12. No surprise that Donatella's daughter is battling anorexia. She is a beautiful girl when she is normal weight. Hopefully she won't ruin her face. I think Donatella has never really been a beautiful woman so with or without the plastic surgery wasn't going to matter, her brother was always a nice looking man. I think the people who work for someone like Donatella wouldn't dare tell her you look awful. You know she might look striking with brunette hair. She should try it once. AND TOO MUCH SUN. My teenage neice got a part time job at a tanning salon so both my neices are all doing the tanning thing and my sister and I were trying to tell them, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you will ruin your skin or at least cover your face - don't think we got through though - just look at your grandmothers who smoke and sat out in the sun without sun blocks, women used baby oil back then, that is your destiny. Maybe I need to keep emailing photos of Cate Blanchett to them. I miss the era of the curvy supermodels, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, etc. Sigh. I am sure many men do too.
  13. Funny you should mention this! My son feels it incumbent upon him to share much of his with me, whether I want to listen or not. I'm use to the "shock factor". Just the kind of relationship we have I guess. But if I feel it's crossing some line in to TMI, I can always or him if I want to. Delene That is so wonderful Delene, I realize there is a TMI but we could never do that with our parents - but I mean my siblings and I are only finally telling our parents now [we in our forties] what we got up to as teenagers - on the overall scale we were good kids, but we all did very stupid things and first of all our parents knew more than we realized, but never said anything, oops, like stealing booze from home, and what they didn't know they said they were glad not to know at that time.
  14. If she needs any assistance in meting out any corporal punishment, you know, just call. Bwah.
  15. And in today's day and age, paternity suits are barely blips on the radar screen as well - unless you are a Disney "product" aimed at Disney audience. See Mick Jagger and several rappers. The only effects on Mick was that Jerry had it with his indiscretions and gave him the boot and he had to open up his wallet twice. He is known for being cheap. So that was painful for him. No one cares or even remembers now.
  16. Excerpts from Women's Wear Daily report on the Gala Whitney Museum Rolls Out Red Carpet for Annual Gala by WWD Staff Posted Tuesday October 20, 2009 From WWD Issue 10/21/2009 ART AND ABOUT: Sparks flew when the worlds of art, fashion and film mixed together at the Whitney Museum’s annual gala on Monday night. The parade of celebrities walking the red carpet in Versace gowns slit up-to-there left the usual museum patrons a bit bewildered. “Is that Lady Gaga?” said one matron to her escort. “No, it’s Lindsay Lohan,” came the reply. Several woman swooned over Gerard Butler, while other guests ogled Mischa Barton, Lake Bell, Taylor Momsen and Donatella Versace, who sponsored the evening. ................' They may not be art collectors like co-host Liz Swig, Melva Bucksbaum and Beth DeWoody, but many of the celebs have found their own way around that. “I have ‘paint parties,’” said Barton. “I put up blank canvases on the wall and everyone comes over and paints on them.” Shakira also indulges her creative side. “I make sculpture,” said the pint-sized singer. “I used to paint fried eggs—I was in a phase.” “I draw, but only cartoon figures, so I would never make it into a museum like this,” said Jennifer Hudson, who luckily has another talent that got her in the door: her mid-dinner performance received a standing ovation. After dinner on the museum’s fourth floor (which Bronson Van Wyck transformed into a veritable jungle), guests headed downstairs for the Studio Party. While PYTs tried in vain to get Butler’s number, Lohan, Alexa Chung, Chanel Iman, Charlotte Ronson and Leigh Lezark hung out with friends. http://www.wwd.com/lifestyle-news/eye/whit...justin=2349368# Slideshow http://www.wwd.com/lifestyle-news/eye/whit...2349368/2349369 Hey David Byrnes from Talking Head was there #8, only he could look cool in a yellow suit with a black shirt and silver hair....#22 is GB, looks like a photo already posted in the Gallery but check out #24 Looks like GB is checking out Lake Bell's assets.
  17. Will his Mum be whipping up a big pot of Haggis then? I've had it once.
  18. If he was a married man there would be scandal, he is a single man and most people expect single actors, particularly good looking famous ones, to behave in a certain manner, so it is no big whoop.
  19. I would just point out that no one publicly knew the full story of the lifestyle that Michael Hutchence was leading, beyond people close to him and band insiders who kept their mouths shut, this band was very good at keeping things under wraps actually, until he admitted it all in that Playboy interview in the mid 1990s and then people started writing bios including his brother and the band after he died. People knew he was not interested in marriage and he had girlfriends and that he was not faithful to them, the fans thought he was faithful to Paula, though, but that was the full range of the knowledge of most of the public and fans - for whatever reason, women did not go running to the press to talk about their exploits with him while he was alive. Then again it was the era before the internet. Michael also suffered a serious head injury in 1992 which most of the public never knew about until after he died either, that injury did effect a lot of his behaviour thereafter. To me those revelations just put a lot of things into perspective, and didn't detract from the brilliance he has as a songwriter/singer and otherwise fascinating and sexy man. Having said all that, I do think Gerry is the kind who like to shock and exaggerate. He also changes what he says all the time - I had to laugh - he said he was actually boring in one interview last week and all the media outlets picked it up and in an interview just posted they asked him so you say you are actually quite boring and he said "well it depends on the day you ask me, today I think I'm quite exciting." Ah that boy slays me. Very effective methinks, keep contradicting yourself so then no one is exactly sure what is the truth. Sounds just like a politician.
  20. Try this link for the Vogue photo http://www.vogue.co.uk/celebrity-photos/09...ery.aspx?Page=1 and Click on Image 6 Well he's the only man Vogue bothered to photograph, interesting huh Like I said I love the magnify option, go Vogue. Oh yeah Texas Gramma, nice detail on the cuff of the suits, the buttons as well and dontcha just want to touch that fabric!
  21. well you know what they say, the most successful lead actors, the women and gay men want him and the straight men want to be like him.......I am shocked at how many articles there are about the 300 workout - there are men obsessed about looking like that all over North America? So where are they hiding? Bwah. And where is the ladies edition? What Paul Young song was that? It didn't sound like Everytime you Go Away, which is one of my all time favourite songs. Love soulful voices. ETA Never mind I see the whole song is posted above, I know that one too, where is my Paul Young album, I just got the CD to replace the cassette recently, my bad.
  22. The sad thing though is I wouldn't be surprised if some of those kids had already been in threesomes and were wondering why some people were even shocked.
  23. Impersonal sex with one woman or with two woman, it's all impersonal if you look at it that way. The one thing that is a concern though - a friend of mine knows the guy who used to be Michael Hutchence's security guy prior to his death. And he said the problem with these rockstars and he also has worked with other bands and artists, so he has seen it all, he's been the "herder" is these guys keep upping the ante on the sexual thrill side so that staying at home with the little woman and being monogamous doesn't cut it even for the guys that are married or it's very tough to go back to normal after living like that for many. Michael had steady public girlfriends, though uh some of them overlapped, but he also slept with groupies and fans, he had f**k buddies, long time female friends with benefits. He had one girlfriend we know was in on the threesomes. They would pick fans out of the crowd at concerts. When he died, he was in a relationship with Paula Yates the mother of his child but also having an affair with one of the back singer on the tour the band was on at the time and a 21 year old college student from LA. However when he died all his ex girlfriends, the main ones, were devastated - they all seemed to have forgiven him his transgressions, it was as if no one could get mad at him, he had stayed very good friends with his first girlfriend, Michelle Bennett [the one he should have hung onto] in fact she was one that found him dead, poor thing, and he has fans that are still in love with him, which is spooky since he is very dead. That would be my only caveat there - what is the line from the song, how are you going to keep them down on the farm after they've seen Par-ee [Paris]. Perhaps the converse argument is men that beautiful and sexy just shouldn't be exclusive property of just one woman. Who knows. It is what it is. Was it GBPhanatic who referred to Wild Stallions? Bwah.
  24. I used the term bad boy only in reference to the story that Gerard got into trouble with one of the studios and he was sent to PR school. I am not sure what incident or what he said at that time to warrant being sent "back to class". I have to say that PR wise the PR team has certainly got GB represented far and wide in all areas of the media and frankly I think that is a good approach over all. I doubt many actors over a certain age ever get asked onto MTV. Like I said I was pleasantly surprised that young females had enough taste to appreciate a good looking male over 21 and who shaved regularly. Ie. Not a Jonas Brother.
  25. I saw the TMZ piece and I am sorry I thought it was hilarious. Basically it was a rehash of parts of the interview. The first part of the segment shows GB signing autographs before the show and there are two guys with traffic cones on their heads in the crowd. I was as perplexed as TMZ about that. I loved the part about Flirtation 101 and "you've been Butlered" and I am sorry but I like the TMZ song for Gerry. Very popular on Twitter.
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