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  1. You mean, in the immortal words of John Cougar Mellancamp. "Hurts so Good"?
  2. When I was trolling Twitter, looking more for reaction on LAC and SNL which has been mostly positive, the reaction to the remark about the threesomes has been ha ha isn't Gerry funny which he is but I have not looked lately. It's not like Gerry's demographics is the Disney crowd or even a family audience. LAC is rated R. Michael Hutchence of INXS gave a Playboy interview that he preferred threesomes as a rule and other revelations, very interesting interview, he was very frank about a lot of things. Not damaging to a rockstar whatsoever. Records that don't sell, songs that don't get radioplay, concerts that don't sell out, that's damaging to a career. He was another guy the media loved to interview. [Aussies are also just more forthright about stuff in general.]
  3. Thanks Sandy, have to catch it on a later airing.
  4. My two cents. I like to study media and the way it works, I may be totally wrong but just my thoughts. My educated guess is that most of the media loves Gerard [even the ones who claim to not like him because when it comes to entertainment news, if you aren't news, they aren't bothering to talk about you] because everyone else is so boring in Hollywood right now. The only other people that seem to get attention are strung on some substance and act like looney birds and they are never good interviews. Reference Joaquin Phoenix. The exception is some people in the music field. And that is because they tend to speak their minds. See P Diddy, see Kanye. Well now I guess Kanye is a good example of where you can go wrong so Gerard, just don't show up to any award show drinking out of a bottle on the red carpet, and drunkenly interrupt an award presentation. Well he doesn't drink so we're good there bwah. And even Kanye will survive this brain fart on his part. Only Taylor Swift fans will never forgive him. I know people who are in the media field and I'm aspiring to move into it myself and everyone loves someone who is a good interview, someone who doesn't say the same canned crap to promote their film at every single interview and appearance either because they hate that part of the job or they are so afraid they will say something wrong the PR people got em on a leash. The same type who reveal absolutely nothing about themselves. For people working in the media that is BORING............BORING...........BORING. You give, as I like to say, good interview to the media, they can sell more copies of their magazines, they get more hits at their websites and blogs, more people tune into their shows, like TMZ, etc. Gerard on the other hand gets sent to PR school for being a bad boy and goes out and does what he isn't supposed to again. I love it. Why do we see so much of GB in the media- because they WANT to talk to him. Let me give you another example. David Bowie. David Bowie is one of the best guys to interview in the music field. He doesn't tend to say shocking things but he is charming, articulate, he does not take himself too seriously, always has something different to say and if he gets a good interviewer, well the sky's the limit. Secondly, there are no real powerful movie critics really anymore because the entertainment media is too large and dispersed these days and the only thing Hollywood ever cares about is box office. That is the very very cold reality. And these days it seems you can go to jail and your career can actually benefit. Even Robert Downey Jr. has made a comeback. He always had the talent, he got clean, hopefully is still clean, and delivered the right kind of numbers with Ironman. That is not to say that you don't strive for work that is going to get critically acclaimed as well as being a commerical success. As we have seen, what the critics might love often the average movie goer does not and vice versa. There are actors and actresses who are behind the facade and some don't even bother with the facade, that are vile horrible creatures and as long as they deliver the box office the studios will put up with just about anything. Now those vile horrible creatures however will do themselves no favours when the beauty and/or talent fades. People like GB who is known to get along casts and crews, behaves professionally on set, works so very hard to promote any film he is involved in, are going to last longer in this business. Most of the people in power in Hollywood behave as badly or worse than the actors etc, or maybe I watch too much Entourage, bwah but bottomline as long as you keep yourself out of trouble in the very few areas where a scandal could kill your career, and being a ladies man is not one of them, it is quite the opposite, long as that is ladies and not girls, right Roman? I mean I remember when a DUI charge could almost kill a career. Now it's no big whoop. As far as MTV goes, given what teenagers are up to in this day and age, glad I don't have teenage girls right now, I'd have white hair by now, a line about threesomes is either tame or went over the head of the few innocents still left out there - Daddy what's a threesome is that like a foursome in golf and someone didn't show up? Lastly the people on the internet who feed the gossip for the most part still only reach a small part of the large moviegoing audience. No one I know watches TMZ for example. More and more people are coming to the internet for news about artists and movies and such, but even fans are not necessarily bothering with the gossip sites. I mean I didn't know or hear about any of the stuff about GB until I decided to search the internet more specifically. There are a ton of other actors I love but I've never bothered to give em a google nor do I care to. I think it was just that everywhere I was turning, it's that Gerard Butler again, the guy who loves TIFF. PS I see Rubee already covered this in more precise fashion.
  5. Thanks Rendita that movie had a lot going on didn't it, one of my favourites, with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson.........yes Nighy plays an old rocker trying to get back on the charts but I still think he did some kind of movie or mockumentary Spinal Tap style but I could be quite wrong, yep I found it on IMDB. Still Crazy, another fab cast - Billy Conolly, Stephen Rea, Jimmy Nail, Timothy Spall
  6. Most recently he has been the character Rufus in Harry Potter, he played Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, that was a great performance by him, oh he was in Underworld, I love those movies with Kate Beckinsdale, he was the leader of the Lichens I think I can't remember the movie but he plays one of the guys in a British rock band that was once very famous and the band broke up and they are much older and damaged has-beens and they get back together for some reason Oh and Alan Rickman fans, the movie Blowdry which I love, fluffy British comedy starring Natasha Richardson, sniff sniff, Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy played one of the other hairdressers in the big hairdressing competition, Ray - he was trying to cheat to win. And he has apparently also played a role in a much older movie version of Phantom of the Opera.
  7. Apparently Alexa [not so skinny that someone wasn't eyeing her legs, ehem] has changed the format of the show - I was just reading comments from many fans of her old format were not very happy with her either - like noticing she barely gave GB time to answer her own questions. She used to have a one hour show that was more laid back shown at noon and now it is a half hour standard talk show format set up at 3:30. Likely MTV aiming for the after school crowd with the short attention spans now. Impressed that the audience of such young females could appreciate the hotness of a male over 21. I just lament the fact that there are no real music video channels anymore. MTV and Much Music are just all talk shows and reality shows with maybe a chart countdown once a week or Much Music plays videos at 4:00 am.
  8. Bill Nighy is a very very funny older British actor, I have seen him in a lot of things - we get a lot of British programming and movies on TV here in Canada, thank goodness.
  9. Vogue.com has a great full length photo of Gerard, from outside, as he was arriving, and they have a magnifying option, nice. Apparently he was in his Versace suit, apropos since Donatella was one of the hosts of the Gala this year.... http://www.vogue.co.uk/celebrity-photos/09...aspx#/imageno/6
  10. It was posted here, one of the interviews before the premiere, a male and female host, I'll have to remember which one there were so many - also I just got the sense GB was not thrilled about being asked, it seems to depend on his mood and who is asking, he sounded dead tired giving the interview. In case anyone is interested, here is the Ted C video report Oct. 15, http://www.eonline.com/videos/v46044_truth...s-ted-oct-.html First story is on Brangelina, second on GB, of course Ted has to get a testy dig in at the end How long before Alexa posts her show from yesterday I wonder...... PS What kills me is the hole in the jeans probably came with the jeans, I was looking at Details Magazine, I missed the naked girl with Adam Lambert photos, darn, but they were showing fall clothes for men and the jeans were already ripped and holey, I don't get that, paying probably over $250 for jeans with holes already in them. in my day we just wore the jeans so long they got the holes naturally, bwah.
  11. Isn't 20 million total box office for Gamer where as this is just opening weekend box office? Apparently 22 million is a good opening for this genre of movie and better than the opening numbers for the same time last year. Also depends how much a movie cost to judge the success of the box office. If LAC has a good month, they should at least recoup their budget, though I think one of the trade papers were saying they did spend a lot of money of promotion.
  12. There was another interview, a radio interview, where the personal questions made me cringe, wanted to slap the radio host, a female, BUT to a degree because Gerry is so open and talks about this stuff often without prompting, you set yourself up for the questions to a degree. He apparently volunteered the information to Ted Casablanca as to why he wasn't getting much sleep lately, for example. Some celebrities are very private and won't answer those questions from the start so the press know not to ask. It is harder when you've been so open and yes very cheeky and flirty and then say oh I am not answering those kind of questions today without people thinking you are now a jerk or arrogant etc . And when you are a sex symbol and unattached I think this also comes with the territory. Besides this is MTV, threesomes are an integral part of being a rockstar apparently. PS. Well you know with a threesome he may not have to work as hard. Bwah.
  13. People were twittering about the one question in respect to threesomes.
  14. Oh my goodness. yes I was trying to remember what Wanda was always saying, "rock your world". I wonder if Jamie was doing that character on set at all whilst they were filming LAC. I remember Gerry saying they were always singing Jamie's hit Blame it on the Alcohol, is that Kanye West's new theme song? [Anybody see that Ted Casablanca covered Gerry in his daily video report - I had to admit he was funny. He said Gerry told him he wasn't getting enough sleep these days for a few reasons, ehem, and I think Ted said too much fornication not enough masturbation so he can focus on his occupation and his sleep deprivation or words to that effect- I'm in a silly mood it's post SNL hangover]
  15. Just teasing ya Delene, your post was hilarious. [ I actually do hear ya on the structural deteoriation front]. Probes, I got probes on the brain now
  16. Well, I'm thinkin' that they needed to SAVE some stuff for his next appearance on the show! I really think they should let Gerry do the very opening where he would say, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" I have an excellent idea for that opening skit. Gerry is being interviewed as himself. He takes a seat across from the interviewer who is a woman. She's this uptight, plain looking, lady. As the woman starts to interview him, he keeps interrupting her with compliments, "you have great eyes" or "I love your blouse", etc. As he keeps flattering her and flirting with her, as we know Gerry does, getting her all discombulated and then he starts unbuttoning his shirt, his cuffs, one button at a time, takes off his shoes, undoing his pants, she gets more distracted, he takes off his shirt, he gets down to his boxers, all very slowly, one thing at a time as this woman is trying to keep her cool and continue the interview then just when she can't take it any more, she demands the camera's be cut off, she loosens her own clothes, throws off her glasses, lets down her hair and just before she takes off her own clothes and jumps Gerry, he shouts, "wait a minute!" and she says "why?" he then says, "Because we're LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!" Shall I "pitch it"? Delene Actually, this would be more for me then the general population. Okay I am Lorne Michaels and you are hired ......I wish. Can we throw in some cupcakes too? Hey I bet we could come up with some great ideas. I was hoping Jamie Foxx would show up as his In Living Colour character Wanda and stalk Gerry, just seeing Jamie dolled up as Wanda, would make me howl and then seeing Gerry's reaction and they could take that in a few directions........take it to a whole 'notha level
  17. Thanks Mo that is hilarious, hey it's about as good as some rap gets, I was reading the lyrics to one of 3rd Bass's songs and I'm like huh?. This song is called Oval Office and you better believe Oval Office is a double entendre, as in a sexual reference to a female, bwah - was it a homage to Bill Clinton? http://www.ohhla.com/anonymous/3rd_bass/ca.../office.3rd.txt
  18. I love all that sneaky stuff. I realize now, a couple of decades too late, I might have liked to pursue that field, not literally out in the field, but maybe an analyst in an office somewhere, collating intel. Clearly Clyde crossed several lines even for a CIA black ops guy. There are civil and nonviolent options to getting his message across, especially for a man that bright and with connections to the government machinery already - in the end not sure a violent response of that magnitude would bring any change because they would chalk it all to a mad man. Though apparently even GB was surprised how long the audience was sticking with Clyde even after crossing some lines. Many families of victims of crime have channelled their anger vs the criminal, vs the crime committed vs their loved one, vs the justice system, vs police incompetence or perceived error, into other positive areas like John Walsh and the show "America's Most Wanted" being his response to the kidnapping of his child. Other people have lobbied for legislation and programs, like minimum sentences for certain crimes so plea bargaining to an extent is taken out of the hands of the prosecution and judges have to follow those minimums. Of course the common wisdom is that justice and fairness are two separate concepts - what is fair for the greater good is not always fair for the individual. However the normal channels would not a good cinematic movie make, we have seen that version played out in real life and in TV documentaries and in TV biopics. I think what does appeal to the action fans is the various ways of killing someone without even being there. The cleverness is cool and the concept is terrifying.
  19. oh dear Kryiem, why don't they just use subtitles, I love watching foreign movies with English subtitles, in fact we never dub foreign movies here, we just slap on subtitles so you can actually learn a little of a language as you watch the movie and you don't lose a big part of the essence of the movie Glad to hear the Greeks are sensible and don't dub.
  20. I believe Shakira is trained in the art of belly dancing, that is obvious, I'd have a hernia if I tried that - friend of mine takes belly dancing classes, great ab workout and you can always take the sexy outfits and entertain your man at home, hee hee, same concept as the pole dancing I imagine.......the rest of the choreography was unique. I like the belly dancing part of it, wish I could do that and the Caribbean booty shake, I can sort of do it but not a full on booty shake and only after several drinks.
  21. Old school rap, a-taking me back, I see the influence, indeed, the walking stick, the cigar and suit on Pete Nice, must have been the seed. I know don't quit my day job. Wonder if GB was a fan of 3rd Bass. If someone can transcribe what Gerry was rapping that would be cool. Maybe Seth Meyers could do that for us, bwah.
  22. This was a cute twitter from the weekend from someone in the lineup to get into SNL kmcaulley: Gerard Butler played a joke on everyone waiting tonight. He snuck up behind the fans and went "WHERES GERARD BULTER" and it was awesome!
  23. Well I thought the walking stick was odd and it would make sense since he is white rap artist, hmmm, maybe those of us less familiar have to You Tube this dude.
  24. Thanks Hazel Eyes for the inside scoop. What a shame they didn't have an opportunity to utilize Mr. Franco more fully but yes I forgot that a lot of stuff gets cut at the last minute on SNL. Hey Dutchie [Hoe gaat het? Mijn ouders zijn van Nederland. Ik ben Canadees. Ik spreek een weinig Nederlands.] Yes I was trolling twitter on the Weekend and a lot of people knew GB from his actions films but were flabbergasted that he could sing and he was in Phantom of the Opera, the movie. Hopefully he's gained a few million more fans, ha, over the weekend and some of them go see his new movie, bwah.
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