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  1. Well I have to hope that there is a Twitter etiquette just like there is netiquette or just plain old etiquette and courtesy - beyond the odd stupid remark that you can find anywhere on the internet or even uttered on the street - I never understood why people feel the need to insult or make fun of strangers, but it happens - never seen a tweet remotely like the one feared, thank goodness. Besides most men might be intimidated standing too close to King Leonidas, bwah.
  2. Someone sounds a little "jealous" perhaps! Delene Well the guy is also a bit of a standup comedian so I think [i hope] he was actually paying a compliment, as he notes he is a fan of the movie 300 in another tweet and he would say after doing it, PS I Love You. I think many men have fantasies of being a Spartan Warrior and get excited in the presence of King Leonidas, bwah. Well about 2 people reported simultaneously on Gerry in line at Starbucks I believe still in LA. Haven't seen Beowulf/300, so not sure it's Gerard Butler in line next to me at Starbucks. Wait... Screaming girls he waved at just sealed it joshzepps Dec 21, 2009 18:49 EST one of the screaming girls methinks my friends said i have to tweet about how gerard butler waved to us angelaattended Dec. 21, 2009 18:43 EST
  3. Well I think I was trying to say that if you are going to release a rom com do it on Xmas day not before which is the mistake of the Hugh Grant movie and with Meryl Streep you can't lose. It's going to be the adult non Xmas movie non action movie that will haul people in - in fact I could even be enticed to see that one. I think as well the stress is more on COMEDY than ROM bwah and you can tell by the trailer that the writing is going to be sharp and witty. And what also makes this movie stand out is we finally get another movie about the love lives of people over 40 years old. We don't all die and shrivel up after 40. That is why I loved the movie with Emma Thomspon and Dustin Hoffman, Last Chance Harvey. You are correct that unfortunately JA has attracted a lot of negative perception from fans, from movie goers in general and more importantly critics. And what happens is and I can see it already that the critics will not give the movie a chance, they will go in thinking they will hate it. They will probably have the review written before they go in. I truly believe this happens. I have seen fill in the blank cookie cutter reviews on a number of movies and concerts. I wonder if some of the critics even attended. It would take some pretty positive critical reviews coming from respected critics for JA's performance or the movie overall to overcome some of that. I suspect they got Gerry because they knew his fanbase will come out and Jennifer still has a loyal fanbase but given she's not been able to have a hit in her last few outings that fanbase is not enough to carry a movie. Will the two fanbases together be enough? I mean this happens to Gerry to some degree. There are some people out there that have decided they don't like him no matter what he does. But if the more respected critics laud one of his performances and/or there is just so much positive buzz it can't be ignored and/or the box office is great then they either jump on the bandwagon or begrudgingly have to concur with the tide of sentiment or look like fools. ETA Hmmm terezoulini raises a good point - for some people it is because they do think he is capable of better. But I still think some people have decided they don't like him and it doesn't matter what he does.
  4. There are just so many factors involved. One is timing and I am not sure if pairing Hugh with SJP works for a lot of people. I love Hugh Grant but the first trailer I saw for that movie, I was like yikes that looks like it is going to suck. [i compare that to the folks not us whining about the trailer for The Bounty Hunter. But Bounty Hunter looks funnier to me comparing the trailers Yet I see a lot of people on Twitter, the common folk saying they love the BH trailer and can't wait to see the movie] The second trailer/commercial for Hugh's movie was more compellingly funny. I'll watch it when it comes on The Movie Network, ie. free on cable. Bottomline is that it takes a lot to get my butt into a theatre and few movies make the grade for me and most of my peer group is the same. When I was younger, a teenager and then a university student, we probably saw a movie almost once a week, esp since we had an awesome and cheap theatre that showed older classic movies and we also had cheap film nights on campus. We all went to movies on Boxing Day since that's a holiday in Canada. I read somewhere that LAC was originally going to be released in April 2010 but it got moved up and I have to say I think the timing on the release was a very important part of its success in North America on SO many levels. Also Gerry and Jamie were hot stars/names in 2009. Gerry with TUT for sure and Jamie with his singing Blame it On the Alcohol. Hugh has been rather low profile of late, I was wondering where he was hiding, and SJP, much as I loved her in the TV show Sex in the City and she has done some really good turns in the movies, usually in supporting roles, I am not feeling her lately as a lead in a movie - can't put my finger on it. I have not even seen the Sex in the City movie esp since all my friends blabbed the ending anyway. I would argue that first half of December is not a good time to release a romcom unless you do it on Xmas day but then the competition is stiff. You are going to have the kiddy movies that the parents are going to be compelled to take the kids to, the Xmas themed movies and then a few non Xmas adult movies for the rest of the population. If I were inclined to go to a movie this Xmas, it would be Sherlock Holmes. What is the rating on that I wonder - could end up being a family movie if the kids are a bit older and fans of RDJ from Ironman. I don't think many people have time for movies in the few weeks leading up to Xmas. Once the kids are on break and Xmas is done, then there is plenty of time to go to the movies and I remember our parents sending us to the movies to get us out of the house over holiday breaks for their own sanity, bwah.
  5. While of course most of us are biased and hope Gerry wins the race, it will be a squeaker......Gerry has put Scotland on the map over a long career which has reached new popular heights in 2009 - bringing a film premiere to Glasgow etc. But I am just gobsmacked at how many albums Susan has sold already - I am sure this year's crop of American Idols are quite green with envy. Even my mother knows who Susan Boyle is and she's not quite with it these days.
  6. Seems that party was Adam Sandler's Xmas party, lots of people raving about it on Twitter.
  7. Okay I love Hal Sparks, he is a very funny guy, he is the actor that played Michael in Queer as Folk, one of my all time favourite shows, well turns out he was at what sounded like one fun Xmas party last night and he clearly loves to Twitter: Watching Adam Sandler Sing the Sex Pistols at a Christmas Party with a full band... Yes really 3:11 am EST That alone would be priceless but... Gerard Butler here too. Nice Guy. Still wanna kick him in the chest and yell "..Sparta!!" and when he asks Y say "p.s. I love you"..That's y 3:37 am EST
  8. Nooooooooooooo.....Gerbear has been spotted getting a haircut. Surprisingly sunny here in L.A. even though it's Winter. Gerard Butler's in a barber getting a haircut. Michael Keaton is across the street. Demon Dog Dec. 19/09 13:55 pm EST
  9. Well I have to say I am now compelled to try and get a copy of this movie Krull.
  10. The action element might be the key element in the end. The beauty of the Ugly Truth is that is the one rom com that men enjoyed. Hence its success. I have to say I think there is a palpable on screen chemistry between GB and JA, others at other sites are saying no but I think there is and that too could be another key element in the success of the movie. That scene on the bed with the gun OMG.
  11. The National Interview Great big photo too. http://www.thenational.ae/apps/pbcsi.dll/b...mp;Profile=1284
  12. Bwah, you and me both Rubee815. Of course those are short haul flights anyhoo. After flying to Australia once, I consider an 8 hour flight shorthaul. That and being on a bus for 30 hours. And this pertains to Gerry, with those long legs, let's face it, steerage does not accomodate tall men at all. I was on a flight when the then Yugoslavian junior basketball team boarded, this was just as the troubles were starting back in 1990, 1991. And they were gorgeous too, ehem and yay they are all going to sit in my area, at the back of the plane, lovely, but then I thought those poor boys, I have barely room for my legs and I am 5'7 how are these guys going to cope. The one fellow sat beside me and he was almost in a fetal positon as were most of the guys and if they put their legs out in the aisle the attendants kept barking at them. I felt so bad for them. So I told the fellow beside me, put your legs over on my side, it's OK by me, and he was like thank you thank you and he was able to sit fairly normally for the 8 hour flight.
  13. I was waiting to watch the trailer because after seeing the poster I was afraid, very afraid. I have to be honest when assessing these things no matter how much I love the artist, whether actor or rock band or whatever. However I found the trailer funny, even though the plot line is a bit formulaic, but such are most rom coms, but Gerry's lines and scenes were hilarious, he has great comedic timing.
  14. What makes you think he dies? I'm sure he doesn't./ I hope he doesn't... Re-reading the article, it seemed to me that the blogger was only making assumptions and nothing more... Pfiiiiii... I'm relieved... I believe the blogger was being sarcastic about the rather formulaic nature of rom coms.......people don't die in Rom coms. Well as a rule. Oops except Gerry in PS I Love You but then we got his ghost.
  15. Lolita is a superstar and I bet she knows it. Yes travelling the globe makes for some cool time tricks - like in 1988, I celebrated my birthday twice. I went out on the town in Sydney Australia on my birthday on the 8th, flew out of Sydney early in the morning on the 9th, and arrived in Hawaii on the 8th, in time to go out for my birthday again.
  16. How far one goes in altering one's appearance for a role is also in part up to the director and his vision, some directors leave it up to the actor. Some actors are sticklers for details in the case of biopics, esp if they are still living and many actors really feel that the change in physical appearance helps them get into character, as Gerry said happened with Phantom and 300. You look like a Spartan King much easier to get into the character of a Spartan king. Some actors don't feel that need but when you are looked upon as eye candy as some actors and actresses are, you sometimes almost need to ugly it up for people to finally respect you as for your acting talent. Sad but true. It was the bane of Marilyn Monroe's life and the fact of the matter is she was such a skilled comedienne that people believed she was as ditzy as the characters she portrayed. Besides I think GB would make one hot biker turned machine gun preacher no matter what.
  17. Looks like our jetsetting actor is back in LA Spotted: Gerard Butler looking stupid HOT in his black beemer cruising with the top down on Franklin Ave. with his pug. ApplegateKTLA Wed. Dec. 16 19:02 Gerard Butler just walked pass me at Runyon. Beyond sexy! I feel like accidentally on purpose letting our dogs meet. Ebony 715 Wed Dec. 16 19:38 Ahhh Lolita is getting quality time with her man, bwah.
  18. I agree that some sequels and prequels do work but the problem with 300 as Gerry has said it is dealt with one specific battle in a specific period of history and the death of Leonidas pretty much precludes a sequel with that character unless in flashbacks. I would submit that you need to start with a broader story or context in the first place to ensure a better shot at a successful sequel or prequel. Like the Underworld series which had a sequel a prequel and I hope No. 4 coming because I absolutely love the story line, more exciting than Twilight to me but I don't think the 3rd movie, which I think was a great prequel as a fan of the series did that well in the box office. Prequels are even harder than sequels I'd gather. I never cared for the Star Wars prequels. They don't compare to the original trilogy. As an aside, I find it hilarious that this current ad for Desperate Housewives has them dressed like the strong women of Sparta, they are even wearing Butler blue, bwah. Yes I think I will call that shade of blue Butler blue. I have to admit that was the nicest surprise of that movie, that the Spartan women were just as tough. But of course.
  19. This is interesting, another article on the Childers projects suggests they are now looking at a May timeline to start filming. It has to be recent, it is by the same person who took that picture of Gerry and the Rev fom over the weekend that I was able to grab. The article mentions that Gerry may play the title role so this is clearly still in the consideration stage. Minister’s life to become movie
  20. love the siggy cybrsal, poor Gerbear. "Stay over there and maybe we can shout to each other" Or learn sign language? Bwah.
  21. It amazes me how Christian Bale does it as well. It's one of my beefs about the Biggest Loser show, I don't care how many doctors and trainers are on staff - a 400 lb person working out on treadmills etc and going from 0 exercise to 4- 6 hours a day in such a short span of time, has got to be doing damage to ligaments and knees and joints - now yes so is being 400 lbs but normally, people with a conscientious trainer ease into that kind of work schedule and in real life, usually only bodybuilders, Olympic level athletes and would be Spartans work out for 6 hours a day and usually only pre competition, not 365 days a week and guys like Bale and Gerry are in pretty good shape to start with, but I digress.
  22. Sadly when I think of Bounty Hunter I think of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I was expecting Gerry's character to look like that. The sleeveless shirts showing off very muscular arms and leather pants would have been interesting.
  23. Video from the red carpet at the Avatar premiere GB is on from about :52 to 1:04
  24. Video from the red carpet of Avatar premiere Gerry is on around :52 - 1:04 [the actress that is interviewed after Gerry's bit is stunning]
  25. This link shows some different photos as well as Gerry is attending the Avatar premiere at DIFF later in the evening. Gerry is rocking his blue gray suit and pale blue shirt. http://www.life.com/search/?q0=gerard+butler&x=0&y=0 Oh yeah Mr. James Cameron is the creator of Avatar and isn't he now attached to one of Gerry's development projects..........wonder if Mr. Cameron is also in attendance?
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