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  1. I take it this is a British magazine - I don't know why but I have found British interviewers to be more original in their line of questioning of celebrities, perhaps not all but overall. I particularly like the interviews where the interviewer and interviewee go out and do something, whether TV or print, they are not just sitting there having a Q & A session, because the situations themselves tend to bring out a different side of the person being interviewed. I remember another UK writer going out and playing pool/billiards with a UK actor, meeting up with the actor's friends at a pub, like the writer was just another mate tagging along, and that interview was so much more revealing. If I were an interviewer I'd be too embarrassed to ask the same questions everyone else asks - do your homework, people, bwah.
  2. Great interview. So true about people who cannot have any fun without alcohol. I went a bit wild in university but got a hold of myself/grew up by the time I got to law school - practicing moderation, I didn't have time for hangovers and such. Yes I went to law school and qualified, ha, but I understand part of what Gerry was talking about, I always felt like like an alien in that world and no longer practice. I remember some friends and I going dead sober to a law faculty pub We were just not in the mood, we were in the mood to dance and for whatever reason we brought bubble wands and soap along with us. Everyone was quite drunk by the time we arrived and everyone thought we were hammered, was it our dancing or the bubbles - not as impressive as the donuts in the arse trick I will admit. Everyone else was drunk but we were still having the most fun. And it was surreal being the only sober people in the place. PS Shortlist is a very interesting men's magazine - a woman could read it and enjoy even without GB on the cover, bwah but the photo in the blue suit poof and thud
  3. Could do what Canadian men do, carry it all in stinky hockey bag or gym bag - I think the man purse is an improvement - you might see them on a university or college campus around here - it is always amazing the various ways people find to carry their books. Now GerBear looks like an avid reader, looks like the type that always has a book on the go if not having scripts to read, probably has a little black book the size of the Oxford Dictionary so what is the man to do? Besides Scottish men are used to wearing a purse like object with their kilt - the sporran -
  4. I believe I saw this on Canadian TV, we have a public TV station that plays more British series and movies and mini series than Canadian which is fine by me. But it was a while ago. I think the way most movies and novels go, if Gus had any redeeming qualities we would have seen him "evolve" in the story arch as they say and get the girl in the end but he didn't. Which isn't to say a horndog might not evolve at a later point of his life. Even Warren Beatty settled down eventually, bwah.
  5. Didn't know if you have a You Tube section and sorry if it is a old news. This is again hysterical. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7pb7SpjlY4
  6. Not a Twittering - I saw the photo of GB with Jon Bovi - some lucky photographer from the Dublin Herald got to hang out with Bono and U2 including the NYC concert and he teases http://www.herald.ie/lifestyle/my-day-behi...ng-1898394.html More fainting and ovulating to be in that room, Clive Owen is one of the few other manly men actors and Jon Bon Jovi would have looked tiny standing beside GB, bwah. I love that photo. Jon is not too hard on the eyes either. And Helena Christensen is my favourite supermodel from the era when models had curves - Michael Hutchence was a fool to lose her but Hutch was not one for fidelity.
  7. I second that emotion, all that was missing was an Irishman of equal "hunk"itude. I love both the Belfast and Republic of Ireland accents too. I also love the East Coast accents here in Canada because they are all Scottish, Irish and British accents that have evolved over time - especially in Newfoundland, definitely Scottish/Irish roots in that cadence and you get beautiful Celtic music coming out of the region. If they saw Mr. Butler they might exclaim "lord tunderin jesus"!
  8. PS It is easy to get around the problem with videos not being allowed to be shown out of country. I am Canadian and that drives me crazy. I have a free simple software program that hides your IP Address and you can also select an IP Address from the appropriate country if that does not work. I was watching a video on Hula.com yesterday. Not GB related but still.
  9. Thanks The Blonde. With so much happening with GB career wise right now and he's clearly a social butterfly on top of all that, very hard to keep up his Royal Hotness . I'll get the hang of this board, I promise.
  10. I am a newbie so I don't know if I should be posting this elsewhere...... I am aware some twitters can be suspect, but most sightings are usually kosher and I had to love this recent twitter cangarola: Great night in NYC last night: Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig (onstage,) Gerard Butler (in the house,) and me (ovulating!) about 7 hours ago from web I agree with cangarola, I'd be ovulating fainting with all that manly manliness in one venue.... he was also spotted at a restaurant called Barbounia on Park Avenue NYC.
  11. What a pleasant surprise to see Mr. Butler on this show. Holy hunkiness. And introducing a UK Band too. I only watched the show because Russell Brand was hosting it. I find Mr. Brand hysterically funny in interviews but as a host, he was funnier last year - the skits with Britney were funny and the jokes about the Jonas Brothers and virginity rings and such. Except for a few good jokes he was on the whole unfunny and I see MTV wisely had him on as little as possible. He is another intriguing guy - another lover of the ladies as it were. Russell you have to concentrate more on the funny and less on the vulgar or it don't work luv. However I doubt MTV will be asking him back next year. Might just as well book Neil Patrick Harris for all the award shows now, ha.
  12. Brilliant that GB is hosting SNL -too bad that SNL is not what it once was, sadly. Unless they got lucky and recruited some good new talent for this year. Not holding my breath on that. Though when they have a multitalented host, like Justin Timberlake, they can hit it pretty good and Mr. Butler has a lot of material to work with in terms of all the films he has done alone. Mel Gibson who hosted SNL in his saner prime was hysterically good. Many of us will never forget the Dream Gynecologist sketch.
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