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  1. Article Focus appears to be more on Xerxes, character played by that gorgeous Rodgrigo Santoro
  2. Jenn and Ger look fine but the poster is a bit blah when you compare it to just about every other movie poster for every movie Gerry has ever done........not good if that is the advance poster that is supposed to build up interest in the movie though do Jenn and Gerr seem almost life size? It is also not a good sign if it would appear they are skimping on the promo budget, just saying? ETA I was going to mention photoshopping but thought perhaps I shouldn't it. Do you think Gerry did burn that shirt at the wrap party?
  3. May I say Official Spanker is a very kinky name, so apropos for this site. A few twitterers attended the DIFF Conversation and as we would expect everyone is reporting back being thoroughly entertained. In fact this twitterer, DubaiWriter is giving a play by play of the interview http://twitter.com/DubaiWriter, look for the posts marked #DIFF Gerbear in full form
  4. You mean literally sitting on top of your laptop, bwah, just kidding.
  5. Not a fan of moustaches in general myself but actors do what they gotta do and for whatever reason, Oscar loves it when good looking actors and actresses ugly up, oops I mean downplay their good looks. See Halle Berry in a couple of critically acclaimed roles. Being a Gary Oldman fan, pretty doesn't happen much - that boy has run the gammut- ever seen his character Mason Verger in Hannibal, it would give you nightmares, which was the point. Bwah.
  6. That and apparently the idea for the movie come out in October 2009. Not to say though that discussions did not arise during the filming of LAC. There is apparently a script and a director and the claim they are going into preproduction and hope to make this film in 2010. They had not gotten their lead actor however as of the time of this interview, they were just starting to cast the movie then. Sam Childers Interview The discussion about the movie itself starts at 21: 10 mark
  7. Nice photo from Ahlan Live.com http://www.ahlanlive.com/images/tmp/full/1...diff_1_full.jpg ETA looks like one of the Getty photos, he looks fabulous, he should own the copyright on that colour blue, bwah. According to the DIFF Twitter, the press conference and photocall was first, clearly since the photos are already online, amazing and at 9:00 am EST, or 6.00 pm Dubai time the Conversation with Gerry just started.......
  8. According to IMDb: "These STARmeterâ„¢ rankings were not based upon critical assessments or box-office performance but the actual search behavior of over 57 million users of IMDb.com. The results are an aggregate of weekly STARmeter rankings from IMDbPro.com" Apparently, they monitor the search traffic of those who subscribe to the IMDb PRO. I guess those of us who use PRO need to up the number of times we search G. LOL Or more Gerry fans need to subscribe to IMDB pro. It keeps tempting me. There is a 14 day trial period, I believe it is $12.95 US a month to subscribe, cheaper than Billboard.
  9. Best not to get TOO excited though. I do agree that this potential movie depending where it is at scriptwise etc sounds perhaps more intriguing than some of the others under development, especially since the situation in Sudan has been quite topical. Bottomline this would be really biting off a politically important story as well as what seems like a very interesting human story in terms of the life of Mr. Childers. But Gerry has got a lot of projects under development right now. And when you are juggling a lot of balls, what invariably happens is some of those balls are going to drop and roll away or get thrown over to someone else. It took what 2 years to bring LAC together. If this was someone else's project, and director and money are already coming into place, and they want Gerry for the lead role and it gets listed on Imdb shortly, then I'd be more excited now. I have read so many stories about great scripts, bought by production companies and studios, merely gathering dust for years - so sad really. Every once a while the odd great script is remembered and fished out of the dust or bought by someone else who turns into a great film. I tend not to feel a film is definite until Day 1 of filming and look what happened on the set of Beowulf and Grendel, they got that film in the can with sheer will and deterimination. Makes for more exciting backstories though eh? You follow the career of any one actor or a few actors long enough you get used to their names being attached to projects which they have never heard of - apparently directors and producers like to name drop for whatever reason or they do their wishful thinking out loud and a lot of projects never get to Day 1 of filming, sometimes very close but no cigar, and other projects get on film but then can't get distribution and go straight to DVD.
  10. Per GB's reference to Water Buffalo just saw this and cannot resist Modern Water Buffalo
  11. This was totally new news to me, I think there is a book or bio out on this guy, could be what a script is or will be based on?
  12. Following a report of GB being seen in the Philly Airport, we have the reason for his visit Actor Gerard Butler in Central City Sunday December 13th, 2009 10:21 PM EST http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b291/can...tralCityjpg.jpg Actor Gerard Butler is shown with the Rev. Sam Childers at the Shekinah Fellowship Church in the Central City area Sunday morning. Butler is supposed to play Childers in a movie about the preacher's life. (Photo by Sandy Wojcik) [i got photo from the E edition, gotta love free trials!] Newspaper Link Looking up Childers, quite an interesting character.
  13. Back to Twitter, seems that a Dubai radio station is having a contest for a listener and a friend to meet Gerry tomorrow, I guess I forget how very modern and Westernized Dubai is. A cute young man attending DIFF and whose profile says he is a filmmaker looking for money and a script says he had spotted Gerry lurking around his hotel, lurking? I think that was posted in the wee hours of this morning here so mid day Monday in Dubai. Also according to the filmmaker it was raining in Dubai, it rains in Dubai? He posted a picture as proof. But it's stopped now apparently.
  14. I would put money on it that the guys were professional autograph seekers as in people who then sell the stuff on Ebay, probably listed the same day, and I'll bet as well that Gerry can smell them a mile away. Not to say that GB doesn't have a good number of male fans. Plus the second crowd got noisier as soon as he came around the bend there. I will never understand the market for an autographed picture when it was not a personal autograph - if the photo itself was very rare I could understand it or maybe commemorates some special event, otherwise I wouldn't want the autograph ruining the photo, if I were inclined to buy photos on Ebay, and I confess I don't really understand the need for autographs in general. The only celebrity autographs I own were 4 or 5 Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey players back in the 1970s and I earned those, a radio station had a daily segment called Ask the Sabres and listeners would submitt questions and if your question was read on air, you got an autograph of that Sabre so I got 4 or 5 questions on air. I think I lost those though, they were fading anyway, guess the markers those days were not so permanent, I was 11 at the time, bwah. And I have INXS, the five original guys, in the front cover of their biography that was released in 2005. I didn't not get that in person but one of my good friends was able to go to the book signing, took my copy of the book with her to get the autographs and that alone makes it special, that she did that for me. And I have 2 guitar picks that I will always cherish but that is it.
  15. The reasons many people don't phone people directly is the same reasons email has become so popular, not just as replacement of snail mail. The email is here to stay and so is the text message. They work especially well for business and for just busy lives. Just ask Gerry who has his Blackberry almost glued to his hand. If you want to see panic, watch someone who has lost their Crackberry. I am not a big texter because I am a big emailer, I send emails to other people's Blackberries, though. I text when travelling or on the road to an event - coordinating logistics, getting directions when you get lost, letting others know you are late, because you are stuck in a traffic jam etc and even before cellphone use whilst driving was made against the law where I live, I will text someone if I know they are in their car, so a ringing phone is not an interruption or temptation. Or I know someone is in a job situation where personal calls are not appreciated. Text and they can pick those messages up on a break.
  16. Great video find indeed - I figured someone was able to catch the whole live feed. A bunch of us GALS were watching the live feed and taking screen caps. I found a program where I could have done that after the fact - I hate that when that happens. Because I also love the section where Gerry is running the press gauntlet inside - not sure if anyone has posted that on You Tube either. Of course the ceremony itself has already been posted online. Cool to have some notion of what attending that kind of event is like - like being the proverbial fly on the wall. Love you GQ Germany for sharing. Wish more events would do that! I suspect more will as they figure out the technology. Too bad they didn't keep a copy of the whole live feed online somewhere. I think Europeans as a rule are more laid back about celebrities, well post Beatles, though Michael Jackson perhaps excluded when he was alive, and on the whole there were not a lot of people waiting outside at that event, it looked like it was at some rather out of the way place and very very cold, not like a theatre in a downtown location.
  17. I was just over at the DIFF site, I was there just 2 days and I don't recall seeing this and how could you misss it.. and I was excited to see a bright red Gerard Butler button on the main page, to get tickets to Variety Conversation with Gerard Butler Tuesday December 15, 2009 First Group Theatre at 17:00 pm their time. When you click on the buy Tickets button, it says 45 minutes long - Adult tickets are 25 dhs, students 10 dhs- how much is that? And according to the DIFF 2009 Twitter there will be a press conference and photocall as well, not sure if that will be before or after the "Conversation" so we definitely have photos and perhaps some video to look forward to, likely the last for a while.
  18. A lot of people do tweet about very mundane things, just as people converse about the mundance. Or what is mundane to one might be germane to another. Another man's trash is another man's treasure, etc etc add your cliche. People also post about the mundane at Facebook and MySpace and Live Journal and at blogs and message boards and via email and via instant messaging. It is called social networking. In the old days we used to do that by way of handwritten letters. And don't knock handwritten letters. They are the backbone of history - how we would learned so much about life in a past time because people were prolific letter writers, about the important and the political and the mundane. Archaelogists love the mundane, to them it is treasure. Because the mundane tells more about day to day life and human culture. I am not sure if archaelogists of the future are going to be able to piece it all together from our Twitters and emails etc all of which are far more disposal. An an aside, the other thing I find cool about Twittering up Gerry - all the women with hijabs on stating how hot Gerry is, ha! International Star indeed.
  19. You have to love his expression when I think he was as confused as I was for a few seconds when she asked if he was Gerhard or Gersoft, like you cheeky monkey are you asking what I think you are asking OH characters, facial expressions phew. Or I just have a dirtier mind. Hmm, I doubt that.
  20. You wouldn't want a water buffalo traipsing around your loft in NYC eh? Aren't there water buffalo in India? Had some encounters perhaps in his trips to India? They have 'em in Australia - got to see herds of them from an small airplane over Kakadu National Park in Northern Territories.
  21. Kate Winslet is our new hero. She sued the U.K.'s Daily Mail when they said she was lying about not working out before the Academy Awards, and she just won a $40,000 payout from the newspaper. She actually wants people to think she doesn't exercise! She looks good, doesn't go to the gym, and is a badass. Amazing http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20317160,00.html
  22. There is one thing that is curious I have noted on Twitter - how is it that people are watching the whole movie Law Abiding Citizen at home - I am quite sure it is not out officially on DVD yet even to rent? Maybe pay for view in the US??? Certainly not here in my neck of the Canadian woods. Don't tell me it's posted up at You Tube - that's not good, that's cutting into GB's livelihood, esp. now he is a producer. It's already clear that pirated versions of Gamer abound. Older movies, out of print, made for TV movies I think are OK because they just aren't widely available if at all. But brand new movies, tsk tsk.
  23. Fascinating how Twitterers however did not catch onto Tiger Woods earlier given the alleged scope of his transgressions over a number of years. It was the girlfriend of so called Girlfriend #1 that started that snowball rolling by talking to a tabloid it seems. The old fashioned way. Of course forgive me if I don't have much sympathy for Tiger.
  24. She's a ballsy interviewer, good for her and it paid off - highly amusing interview, both parts. What is it with all these young kids with interviewing gigs in the UK and being so good so young.
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